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£ 25 .00

Use over the door OR mount directly to the wall for coats, jackets and bags. Available in walnut or lightwood.

£ 16 .00

Use over the door or mount directly to the wall for storing jackets, bags, accessories etc. Available in black and white.

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£ 11 .00

Quality bronze-finished steel over the door hook rack with 4 double hooks.

£ 20 .00

White metal over the door OR wall mountable organiser with 14 wooden hooks.

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£ 7 .00

Vertical over-the-door towel holder with 3 loops to roll or hang towels through.

£ 29 .00

Chromed expandable towel rail which can be used either over a bathroom door or shower door to store towels, dressing gowns etc... A handy near instant storage solution for your towels

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£ 20 .00

Sturdy chromed over door hook with 12 x hooks that'll never rust...unlike some! Ideal for a hallway, cloakroom or bedroom door.


£ 7 .00

Sturdy chromed over-door hook with 5 loops great for storing scarves and pashminas.

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£ 10 .00

Over door storage hook with 5 double hooks. Ideal for jackets, bags, dressing gowns etc.

£ 32 .00

High quality brushed stainless steel over door hook rack from Germany.

£ 12 .00

Top quality brushed stainless steel over door hook with padded back to protect your door and add stability.

£ 15 .00

Double sided over door hook, perfect for towels and robes in an en-suite bathroom etc. Another genius idea from our smart designer friends in the Oxo Tower.

£ 5 .00

Sturdy over door hook with 10 multi coloured hooks. Great for using the hallway, bedroom, bathroom etc.

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£ 10 .00

Over door storage hook with 4 hooks for instant storage to the back of any door.

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£ 4 .00

Clip this handy hook over a kitchen cupboard door or drawer to hold tea-towels, oven gloves etc.

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£ 9 .00

Vertical over door hook with 8 multi-coloured hooks.

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£ 8 .00

Towel rail for use over an interior door or shower door.