Full Range

£ 120 .00

Giant-sized quality rattan log basket with carry handles. Makes for a long-lasting log or linen basket, that's sure to stand the test of time

£ 40 .00

Space saving corner unit, ideal laundry basket for smaller bathrooms

£ 19 .00

Seagrass basket with detachable wooden handle to store and dispense toilet roll.

£ 35 .00

Stylish and generously sized round quality rattan log basket with carry handles.

£ 35 .00

Stylish and sturdy buff rattan umbrella / walking stick stand with carry handles.

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£ 7 .00

Sturdy handled seagrass cutlery storage basket with 6 compartments for your kitchen, dining table, or taking outside at a summer BBQ etc.

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£ 14 .00

Set of 2 handy lidded hessian storage boxes.

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£ 7 .00

Quality seagrass storage basket with handles. Available in oval and rectangular designs. Great for toy storage, folded towels in the bathroom or hats and gloves in the hallway.

£ 34 .00

Sturdy willow potato storage hopper to keep your spuds airy and in the dark...just how they should be for a longer life.

£ 85 .00

High quality 3-tier wicker vegetable basket on a robust power-coated iron frame and with a big load capacity. Made by our favourite UK basket maker.

£ 10 .00

Well made bin at a great price that's got a useful application for any room in the house.

£ 5 .50

Beautiful sturdy seagrass construction. This four-compartment organiser will complement any surface or drawer.