Walnut Wooden Shoe Rack - Stacking

Stackable wooden shoe rack in walnut has a great look and when used stacked, is a real clutter buster when it comes to shoe storage.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack - Large

We love this trendy brushed stainless steel designer shoe rack. By popular demand we've made this longer version for storage of up to 8 pairs of shoes.

Stackable Mesh Shoe Shelf

Folding and stackable mesh shelves at a great price. Perfect for added shoe storage, plus more can be added as your shoe collection grows.

Extendable 3 Tier Shoe Rack

3-tier expandable shoe rack, perfect for that growing shoe collection. Can also be stacked for those with BIG shoe storage problems.

Elfa Decor - Shoe Storage Solution

Store up to 72 pairs of heeled shoes on our elfa décor shoe storage solution within a width of just 62cm. Just great for those Imelda Marcos types with limited space.

Stacking & Extending Shoe Rack

Extending chromed shoe rack that's also stackable. A neat shoe storage solution for a hallway, cloakroom or inside a wardrobe.

Ashwood Shoe Bench by Conran

Simple and stylish Ashwood shoe bench designed by Sebastian Conran Holds 6 pairs of shoes whilst offering a place to sit.

Underbed Shoe Storage Rack

Low profile 2-tier shoe rack on castors, great for sliding under a bed, hallway cabinet etc.

3 Tier Wooden Shoe Shelf

Rubber wood shoe storage shelf with three tiers to store up to twelve pairs of shoes.

6-Tier Shoe Console - Tower

Slimline Scandi style 6-tier shoe storage unit with wooden top and hooks to store bags and brollies. Ideal for locations where space is at a premium.

Nest Shoe Rack - Freestanding

Uber cool take on the traditional shoe rack in brushed stainless steel. Functional and cool from the designers at J-ME

Tosca Single Stacking Shoe Rack

Scandi inspired white and wood shoe rack. A neat and compact shoe storage solution for a hallway, cloakroom or inside a wardrobe.

Over door Shoe Rack - Large

New Low Price

Store up to 30 pairs of shoes including heels on our over door shoe storage rack which is designed to make the most of the unused space on the back of a door.

2 x Imelda Shoe Shelves

Set of 2 stacking metal shoe shelves designed by STORE favourite Jordan Murphy. Each shelf is finished in a powder coated black metal with vinyl mesh shelves.

4-Tier Slimline Shoe Rack


4-tier powder coated shoe rack in white or black with storage space for up to 12 pairs of shoes. Ideal for use in narrow or restricted spaces at only 17.5cm deep.

4 Tier Walnut Wooden Shoe Rack

Store up to 20 pairs of shoes on this stylish addition to our walnut shoe family.

Tower Shoe Rack


Vertical shoe rack with five slanted shelves. Great for use where space is at a premium and a traditional shoe rack will not fit

In-Cupboard Extending Shoe Rack

Handy extending shoe rack to pop inside a hallway cupboard or wardrobe to declutter and organise that messy pile of shoes

Shoe Storage Wheel

Rotating shoe wheel to neatly store up to 30 pairs of shoes in a compact and novel way. Choose from black or white

Wooden Ladder Shoe Rack - Tall

Simple yet stylish space saving shoe rack crafted from untreated ash wood. Great for use where space is at a premium and a traditional shoe rack won't fit.

Abilio Shoe Rack & Shelf


German designed, top quality contemporary stainless-steel and glass hallway shoe rack

Revolving Shoe Tree

Chromed steel shoe carousel for easy access and storage to 18 pairs of shoes. Weighted base stops toppling unlike some models we've tested...Shoe storage at its best!

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack - Small

A smaller version of our trendy brushed stainless steel designer shoe rack! Same uber cool styling but in a compact size for stylish shoe storage. Available in silver and white

Hallway Bench - Boots and Shoe Rack

Slimline metal hallway shoe bench, great for small hallways and available in either a black or white finish. Great shoe and boot storage.

Coat & Shoe Storage Rack - Leanera

Scandi hallway storage rack with 6 coat hooks and space to store 6 pairs of shoes. A fab. 'no drilling required' neat instant storage solution.

5 Tier Shoe Rack - Black

5 tier shoe rack finished in a black coated metal. Can hold up to 15 pairs of shoes

Stackable Neatfreak Wooden Shoe Rack - Greystone


Great quality wooden stackable shoe rack from Neatfreak with an easy-clean fabric surface to store up to 8 pairs of shoes. Stack-em up vertically and clear that shoe clutter!

Nest Shoe Rack - Wall Mounted

Uber cool take on the traditional shoe rack from the designers at J-ME. This wall mounted shoe rack will elegantly hold up to 6 pairs of shoes

Elfa Hallway Storage Solution - 45cm Wide

Organise your hallway shoe storage with our neat 45cm wide elfa shelving and shoe rack solution.

Wooden Ladder Shoe Rack - Wide

Simple yet stylish shoe rack crafted from untreated ash wood. Can store up to nine pairs for a tidy hallway.