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Toto Storage Box by Umbra
Toto Storage Box by Umbra Stock Level
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Toto Storage Box by Umbra Stock Level
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Toto Storage Box in Wood & White from umbra
Thanks to the power of happy customers, we've sourced this neat new organiser from our popular Toto range.

The compact-sized Toto storage box is finished in wood & white and makes for the ideal space-saving dressing table storage solution for make-up and jewellery.

Though compact, the Toto still manages to squeeze in plenty of storage space and compartments, and features a removable metal tray for use in or out of the box (as shown both above and below)
Toto Storage Box in Wood & White by umbra
Our Chester STORE customer also suggest that the Toto organiser is also ideal for desktop organisation for storing your phone, keys and stationary etc.
Toto Storage Box in Wood & White by umbra
A quality item at a great low STORE sale price. Hurry, when they've gone, they've gone!

Dimensions - 10cm high x 13cm wide x 13cm deep