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Trifold Wall Organiser by Umbra
Umbra Trifold Wall Organiser
New from our friends at Umbra, the Trifold Wall Organiser is a brilliant way of utilising any unused wall space and cleaning clutter.

Crafted from tough rigid canvas and finished in cool grey, the Trifold Wall Organiser provides plenty of storage space for books, notepads, headphones, remotes, stationary etc etc. the list is endless!
Umbra Trifold Wall Organiser
With it’s style and versatility, we think the Trifold looks great hanging in any room of the home, but it also makes a great addition to the office, where space is at a premium and desktop clutter reigns.

A quality storage solution at a low STORE sale price!
Dimensions (Total) - 18cm wide x 55cm tall x 16cm deep
Dimensions (Pockets) - 17cm high x 16cm deep
Price : £7.00
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