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Sunday Mail – Home Office Storage Solutions

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

No need to mow!

The Sunday Mail really liked our range of office storage solutions this July, featuring our Grassy Organiser as a must for “better desktop organisation”.

We’ve also a great selection of file storage boxes and trays too online and in our STORE’s including glossy white file storage boxes, leather and a really nice looking weave and pandan range for a more homely look which is a real favourite in STORE with our Chester customers.


Top Storage Tips – Decluttering the Lounge

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Giant lidded cubes make great side table lamp; have plenty of storage inside to hide away toys or newspapers etc.

The lounge is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house and a focal point for family activity – but it can also be a magnet for clutter. Here are my six top tips to bring order back to your chaotic living room:

1. Decluttering your lounge can be a daunting task, so focus on one small space at a time.

2. Each item in your lounge is another object to clean, so if you’re not using it, get rid of it. Items such as old books, out of date magazines and old videos or DVDs should be the first to go.

3. Give everything in your lounge a suitable home. For example, use deep storage spaces for bulky items, and group items by association.

4. Start to containerise, finding space-saving storage solutions for living room items, such as magazine racks, media units, remote control tidies and baskets.

5.  When buying new furniture, consider items that encompass storage capabilities, such as coffee tables that incorporate shelving or storage cubes that can be used as side-tables. (Check out our range of shelving including elfa)

6.  Once you have turned your lounge into a clutter-free oasis, it is important to keep it that way. Take a few minutes each day to clear any clutter, and schedule larger clear-outs a few times a year to throw out any unwanted CDs, books or DVDs.


Top Storage Tips – Organising the Family Wash

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

-When it comes to wash day, organisation is the key. Make your life simpler and start separating your darks from lights on a daily basis by investing in a laundry sorter. Our Triple Laundry Sorter at £35.00 is back in stock and makes for a really good storage solution.

Organising Wash Day

-Avoid getting to the washing machine and finding out that you’ve got no detergent left by using a simple clear plastic container so you’ll always remember when you need to shop for more. Our Washing Powder Storage Jar costs just £5.00 but is real life saver.

-Britain has on average 180 days of rain every year so remember to have a PRACTICAL in-door clothes dryer at hand. We’ve several clothes airers and clothes horses online so take your pick!

-If you’re lucky enough to have a utility room, organising your space with a modular wall mounted solution is a great idea.  Our elfa Utility Room storage solution costs £337 but we’re always happy to adapt our elfa designs for your specific storage space

-After the washings done it’s time for the dreaded ironing and if you hate the ironing, there are a number of handy storage gadgets on the market to make storing all those freshly pressed clothes a little more manageable. Consider our Hangover Valet Rail which is a great over door storage solution available in the Hooks section of our website or our space saving fold down valet hook. Our range of ironing board and iron storage hooks are also worth a look.


What is the Oldest Storage Solution in the world?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I was watching art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford’s BBC4 documentary exploring the pre-colonial history of some of Africa’s more impressive kingdoms this week.  There was a remarkable snippet on the magnificent 16th-century bronze casts that were discovered in the kingdom of Benin in 1897 which many at the time could not believe had been made by Africans! In the same show Gus touched upon a group of sophisticated West African cave dwellers who had constructed and decorated sizable food stores within their caves to store and preserve grains and pulses. These early storage solutions represent an important turning point in history both in terms of the constructor’s abilities to secure and store their food for future use and also the fact that their sophisticated lifestyle allowed time to decorate the exteriors of these giant food storage boxes.

So are these the oldest known examples of kitchen or rather food storage solutions in the world? Apparently not…

The oldest food storage boxes used to store, preserve and cook food in are around 14,000 years old (that’s the Stone Age to you and me) and come from Japan. Known as Jomon storage pots, and heralded (by me) as the world’s first kitchen storage solution, they were crafted from coiled wet clay which was baked and then had strands of wicker or seagrass added to the outside to give a basket-like look.

Joman Pot in the British Museum

I believe that Jomon literally means  ‘wicker-like storage basket’ or ‘cord pattern basket’ in Japanese but these storage pots represent much more than the slightly misleading translation suggests and in my opinion are a remarkable leap in technology. Unlike the contemporaneous crude wicker storage baskets or even large leaves and foliage used to store or eat food off, the Jomon storage pots where both watertight and allowed food to be cooked inside without the risk of burning meat etc or destroying the container in a fire. Further, they also allowed easy and secure transport of whatever was stored inside from one place to another.

It could be postulated that the ability to safely transport stored items was important to the Jomon people who were hunter-gatherers, however they lived in a particularly food rich area which allowed the Jomon to settle in one place for years at a time and (it is thought) thus encouraged the invention of what is in my opinion the world’s first storage solution.

Remarkably some Jomon storage pots still contain burnt food deposits and gas chromatography –mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis has revealed the residue of what could also be the world’s first fish stew and remarkable over 65 different mammal species!

So you heard it here first…the world’s first kitchen storage solution was invented by the Japanese 14,000 years ago!
Any other contenders for the oldest storage solution in the world, please let me know!