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Ideal Home Votes STORE No.1. for Children’s Bedrooms

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The August issue of Ideal Home Magazine voted our website Number 1 for ideas for kids bedrooms above big names like Next in 8th position and Marks and Spencer down in 6th.

Thanks Ideal Home we really are trying hard and it’s nice to be recognised!

clear the clutter with our range of toy storage boxes


Grand Designs Magazine

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Flicking through the August edition of Grand Designs we noticed that their Style section “loved” our range outdoor storage products.

Thank you Grand Designs, we’ve added some nifty garden and garage storage solutions to our collection this year and it’s nice that someone has spotted this.

Think vertically in small gardens with our "ladder garden"


We’ve some lovely new Jewellery Storage ideas…

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Working with 19 women and only 3 blokes is tough sometimes, especially when it comes to selecting products for our jewellery storage ranges (i.e. jewellery trees andjewellery storage boxes etc).
Everyone at STORE wants a say and everyone inevitably has a good jewellery storage idea or tip meaning that we now carry an enormous range of jewellery trees, jewellery storage boxes, earring stores, bracelet and necklace trees etc. etc.

New in this week are our fab sculptural Danish Jewellery trees in polished aluminium and matching stud earring holders/ stores. Whilst much of our jewellery storage is based around functional acrylic boxes and trees, these jewellery trees are simply exquisite. Take a look:


Professional Decluttering with APDO UK

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

There’s only so much storage and organisational advice we can give to our customers in our shops and when the going gets tough and our range of storage boxes & decluttering products simply won’t do, there’s one place to go, that’s the Association of Professional Declutters & Organisers (APDO-UK).

   In their own words, they:
“…realised how difficult it was to find an organiser, particularly outside London; and also that there was, at that time, little or no support or advertising for members of this industry in the United Kingdom & Ireland. Colleagues in the USA and Canada had been providing decluttering services for many years; in recent times, the television presence of Ann Maurice (House Doctor) and Dawna Walter (Life Laundry), among others, has awoken an interest among the British public in the liberating possibilities of taking control of their environment.”

APDO-UK aims to provide a combination of decluttering resources for the public and networking for their members. So if STORE’s range of storage solutions and helpful advise isn’t enough and you need a professional declutterer to come and assist with a total life laundry moment they’re a great place to start.

For a local declutterer in your area visit the APDO-UK declutterers directory

For other general (and hopefully helpful!) advise why not spend some time looking at our storage and organisational advice in our online articles within our “Storage Tips” section:


Some Ideas for Better Bedroom Storage

Monday, August 17th, 2009

make the most of storage space under the bed

Your bedroom should be the one place in the home you can go to rest and unwind – a haven away from the chaos and stress that life has to throw at us. However, a cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind so here’s a few more handy storage hints hints of how to make the most of your bedroom:

Invest in storage boxes and containers to make sure everything has its place. There’s nothing that makes a small bedroom feel cramped more than having too much stuff. A cluttered bedroom = a smaller room.

Get rid of anything that you consider to be outdated, faded, broken, un-wearable or unusable. If you don’t want it – bin or recycle it straight away. You’ll be freeing up your precious space….and your mind!

For items you use daily such as hair straighteners, jewellery, make-up etc. it’s really not a problem to have them on display or readily available for frequent use BUT for other items – like out of season clothes – invest in suitable storage boxes or vacuum storage bags and pop them out of the way (on a top shelf or under the bed) until they’re needed.

Make the most of those spaces under the bed. Even if it’s just a few inches of space, it still offers good storage potential. It’s an ideal place to store unused clothing and extra bedding. There are plenty of long, flat plastic, card and even leather under bed storage boxes on the market to keep everything organised, clean and tidy. Our hardwearing fibreboard Underbed Boxes at just £21 for a set of two are a must for any stylish de-clutterer.

Watch this space for more bedroom storage ideas!


Real Homes – Kitchen Storage Solutions

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Thanks to Real Homes writers for featuring STORE a number of times in their last issue. There was a great article showing our elfa shelving in a bathroom storage setting with a really lovely image of elfa behind some sliding bathroom doors. Elsewhere in the magazine was a range of our kitchen storage solutions which Real Homes suggested were an “easy update for an old kitchen”.

elfa storage solutions for the kitchen


House Beautiful -Top Storage

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

House Beautiful recently branded our mini-greenhouse the “Best Investment Buy” for your garden.

 If you haven’t got a big garden but like to potter around then our mini-greenhouse is a really neat garden storage solution at only 60cm square by 80cm high.