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New Series of Decluttering Show “Gutted” on UKTV Home Channel

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Good news for those obsessed with decluttering and storage (like myself). A second series of the storage and organisational show “Gutted” is coming to UKTV’s Home Channel in mid January.

In their own words Gutted, “sets out to prove less is more and gives one unsuspecting hoarder the fright of their lives. Nominated by their family (and with their help) the junk lover returns home, puts their key in the door and walks in to discover that everything they own has been removed. All that remains are the bare walls of their house and presenter Mark Durden-Smith, who gives each hoarder 48 hours to get their possessions back.”

Actually there’s a bit more to Gutted than that as the show seeks to show hoarders the less-is-more light and provides some handy storage and organisational tips alone the way.
UKTV is a joint venture between Flextech ( a division of Telewest Cable company) and the BBC and I think the BBC’s involvement in this storage show is reflected in the quality of the programming. My hunch is that by 2011 we’ll see Gutted on weeknights on BBC2 or similar and decluttering will go mainstream.

Tune in to Gutted on Virgin 265 and Sky channel 246. For more details on Gutted and for some handy storage and decluttering tips logon to and you could also win £500 worth of Habitat vouchers.


London Metro Wines about STORE!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Cactus wine racks aren't as prickly as you think!

Did you pick up a copy of the London edition of METRO on 14th December? If not there was a neat little piece which included our new cactus wine storage rack.

We’ve a wide range of wine racks online and in our stores ranging from bespoke solutions for cellars, under stairs etc. etc. to simple stacking wood wine racks at great prices but non so unusual as our green cactus shaped wine rack.