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Nightmare before Christmas? – How to organise the family home for guests

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

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The festive season is almost upon us, indeed a quick jaunt around your local high street and you’d probably be forgiven for thinking it was Christmas Day next week. I’m afraid us retailers are always good and early at getting organised for Christmas but are you ready for the family and perhaps also a few unexpected guests descending on your space during the Christmas holidays?

Here’s our 5 minute guide to getting your home neat and organised for Christmas:

Deck the Halls…

…with shoe racks and overdoor hooks.

cost effective shoe storage at just £12

There’s nothing worse than tripping over piles of shoes to get to the front door. Invest in  an inexpensive extendable shoe rack to temporarily store guests shoes and when they’ve finally gone (let’s hope it’s before the New Year!) you can pop it under the stairs or in the bottom of your wardrobe…no-one can have too much shoe storage.

Likewise a cost effective over the door hook is an ideal place to store guest’s coats and scarves if your hallway coat hook is already bulging with the family’s winter coats. It looks neater than hanging a huge pile of coats over the banister or even worse the sofa and can be removed in the New Year when your pad is returned to an oasis of calm and organisation.

Clear the Clutter when Company Calls

Picture the scene, it’s Boxing Day afternoon, several dozen of the kids new toys are carpeting the lounge floor, there’s extended Christmas TV guides and weighty Sunday newspapers all over the sofa and probably a box of chocolates that you want to keep to yourself and not offer to the unexpected guest who’s about to ring the door bell!

Lidded storage cubes make for a great clutter swallower when company calls and are great to use as temporary storage for toys, magazines etc.  Keep one close to hand for extra storage and whilst we don’t advocate the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality, if you’re after an instant clutter clearer then our faux leather or pandan storage cubes are ideal. Better still they make for attractive side-tables to rest all those additional glasses of wine, cups of tea and turkey sandwiches you’re about to make.

Guest’s Glad Rags

Your guests are going to need somewhere to hang their clothes in the spare room and if like many guest bedrooms we’ve seen, you’ve crammed the place to the gunnels with your own clothes then we think we have the answer. Forget garment rails and canvas wardrobes, you can even forget our fabulous elfa wardrobe internals, unless you’ve got the room they’ll just clutter the place-up even more. Instead opt for an over the door (no screws required) valet rail. Capable of holding a couple of suits, party dresses and other clothes from the weekend suitcase, this simple temporary solution is going to give you what you want (extra wardrobe storage space) without the hassle.

Great for guest bedrooms, our over door valet rail in a brushed silver finish is just £20

Bathroom Bliss

At only £10 this corner shelf makes for a great bathroom storage solution

If you’ve invited company for the festive season, chances are your bathroom is going end-up covered in lotions, potions, travel wash-bags and get really cluttered. The age old solution to a cluttered bathroom is to simply pile all the shampoos on the side of the bath but this tends to look messy and is not ideal when you’ve got guests.

Instead opt for a simple clutter-clearer like our Mesa Bath Organiser. Granted, it’s not the prettiest storage solution in our range but it will help keep your bathroom looking a wee bit tidier. Better still, this clever bathroom caddy is simply affixed with suckers so is quickly removed when life is returned to normal after 1st January.

Kitchen Nightmares

Too many cooks, too much booze and not enough worktop space. A common question asked by STORE customers is just how they can regain more kitchen work surface and clear the clutter. It’s an even bigger problem at Christmas with generous portions of extra food and bottles of plonk all over the place.

Simple storage solutions work best in the kitchen and the key is to think vertically.  Try stacking shelves inside cupboards to free-up additional space for extra tined food or plate storage.  You’re also going to be generating a lot more recycling with all those sweetie wrappers and gift wrapping paper, so go for a set of stacking recycle bins with a small footprint rather than a huge metal recycling bin.

It may sound bizarre but our range of bathroom storage caddies are ideal to stick to kitchen tiles for storing spices, salt and pepper etc. and keep the work surfaces clutter free

Finally, why not invest in a small additional wine rack to pop in a porch, garage or under the stairs for all those extra bottles that’ll be sunk over the festive period.

Oh, and it’s around 15-20 minutes per pound for cooking the turkey or around 45-50 minutes per kilo in modern money.

Have an organised Christmas!


First Aid Storage Tins…Now in Stock

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

We just love this new red-cross shaped first aid storage box at £12  from our friends across the pond. Neat and compact, this storage box is ideal to pop in a kitchen drawer to store plasters and wipes for all those everyday bumps and grazes.

If you’re looking for a first aid tin that’s got enough storage space for all the paraphernalia of a major A&E department then choose our metal large First Aid Tin…..If you simply want to store a few plasters and aspirin then this cute red-cross storage box is ideal and better still won’t make your kitchen cupboard look like an episode of Casualty!


Giant LEGO Storage Bricks on ITV1’s This Morning

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Did you spot our fantastic new Giant LEGO storage brick boxes on ITV1’s This Morning today?

You had to be quick because Phil and Holly were running out of time but we were delighted to see our new Giant LEGO storage bricks on ITV alongside our (slightly freeky!) Giant LEGO Man storage head.

We love this new range of storage boxes and thanks to the power of happy customers have added 5 new funky colours to the range since we exclusively launched these officially endorsed boxes a couple of  months ago.

Watch this space as we’re also going to be manufacturing a range of lunch-box sized LEGO brick storage boxes in early in 2011 alongside some other (exclusive to STORE) LEGO storage ideas.


How to organise the morning routine

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

We’re forever getting asked by our STORE customers how they can better motivate a disorganised partner to get out of the house quicker in the morning. The answer is a combination of good storage and good routine. If you’re forever losing your car keys or mobile phone when dashing out of the house in the morning then invest in a simple tray  to pop by the bedside, on a hallway window sill or on the kitchen table.  Train yourself that that’s the place the keys, mobile phone etc. should always be stored immediately after you walk through the front door at night and finding them the next morning may just be that little bit easier.

But how do you organise someone who just simply has no idea about timekeeping in the mornings? Whilst searching for our neat new range of travel accessories this summer we stumbled across another neat organisational solution that may just be the answer.

Apparently the average UK householder  spends 8.5 minutes in the shower each morning and simply by organising your time a little better with the help of our new Shower Coach you could save over 31.5 litres of water each week and a lot of gas or electricity used to heat your water. Better still it’s a great way to organise your morning routine, saving precious time to get to the bus stop for the 8.05am and make sure your utility bill’s a little smaller each quarter.

our 5 Minute Shower Coach just may be the answer for a disorganised family member who likes to hog the bathroom


Your Home features our Giant LEGO Storage Bricks

Monday, November 1st, 2010

We’re so proud of our exclusive giant LEGO storage bricks which are just like the real thing but ten times the size and with storage inside they make for great kids toy storage boxes.

Your Homes Magazine loved them so much they wanted to include them in their monthly “Must Do Jobs” article this November suggesting that our Giant LEGO storage bricks are:

“a great incentive to turn over and new leaf and keep the little ones organised”

We couldn’t agree more but we’re also selling lots of these Giant LEGO Storage Bricks to big kids too so they can rekindle their youth and declutter their pad with a tower of retro LEGO storage boxes.