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Is “Be More Organised” your New Year’s Resolution?

Monday, December 27th, 2010

This time last year I wrote a post mentioning that there’s a school of thought amongst professional declutterers that says you should try to treat your space with a little more respect if you really want to take control of your clutter. 

The theory goes that the inside of your home is a reflection of you and the organisation within should reflect the life you want to live.  Getting organised and decluttering your pad could therefore be the answer to enjoying the space you live in this New Year and maybe also allow you to take a little more control of your life.

With this in mind, if you’re one of the 21% of UK residents who’s New Year’s Resolution is to be a bit tidier and more organised in 2011 here’s a few tips to help:

Just be You!

Some of our shop customers looking for storage solutions to solve their clutter problems confuse being organised with being perfect. Others confuse being organised with being neat. There’s also plenty of neat freaks out there (including myself!) who are also disorganised. What you actually need to strive for is simply being neater than you are currently.

Doing something practical to declutter your space whether it’s your office desk or your entire home is going to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself this New Year but if you’re not the kind of person who’s going to keep things super-tidy then don’t pretend you’re going to change overnight. Instead try to find small simple ways to effectively manage the clutter you create on a daily basis. For example, something as simple as a small plastic storage box or container to store and manage the daily post is simple but very effective.


The Three Box Rule

Whether you’re intending to spend the entire weekend tackling a room full of clutter or simply wanting to reorganise your shoe storage collection, start your de-cluttering in bit sized chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t try and re-organise the entire house in one go but concentrate your efforts in one area trying not to “zig-zig de-clutter” by moving things from one space to another creating even more mess!

The 3 Box Rule is a great trick we often share with our STORE customers and it goes something like this:

When decluttering and reorganising a room, put each item you move into one of three cardboard boxes,

Definitely Keep Box – This is the “I’m 100% sure” temporary storage box for items that are definitely being returned into the space you’re decluttering.

Attempt to Sell Box – Would you rather continue to hoard that shiny new squash racket you’ve not used in the last 2-years since trying to get fit or have the cash? If you haven’t used it in the last 12-18 months then it’s time to go! Ebay, car-boot sale, postcard on the notice board at work, etc. etc. just be decisive and be realistic…you’ve never used it so let someone else enjoy it and you can enjoy the cash!

Charity / Recycle Box – Have a good look through your Attempt to Sell box and be realistic, some of your decluttered items may just be a bit too tatty to sell. Instead, why not take them to the local charity shop or donate them to your local primary school etc. and if they’re just tatty or worn-out then recycle.

But my New Year’s Resolutions usually only last a month or two

Wrong!…Last year Sheila’s Wheels car insurance undertook a survey of 2,000 UK residents that suggested our will power ran-out on average in less than 12 days! If you think you’re going to falter try reading my post on Staying Organised after you’ve Decluttered or follow this simple tip which I gleaned from a storage professional across the pond:

Think of that pile of unopened post or stack of untouched paperwork on your desk that needs organising in the same way as you think of your kitchen sink. Most of us (even STORE’s warehouse manager Kevin) have a natural tolerance for how long we leave dishes cluttering-up the sink and draining board. For some people it’s a day or two and others can’t stand to go to bed at night without doing the washing-up. Have this same tolerance threshold to your household post or paperwork: open, read, action and decisively discard or file and you’ll notice the differences within a few days.

The more you perform this simple decluttering task, the more your awareness will grow of better organisation and the longer your New Year’s resolution to be a bit more organised might last.

This transferable organisational skill can be used in other areas of your home too and over time you’ll naturally become more conscious about what you bring into the house and indeed what you spend your hard earned pennies on. You see, decluttering and reorganising is a money-saver too!

Finally, a very Happy & Organised New Year from all at STORE !

2010 January Sale NOW ON!

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Happy Christmas everyone! We hope you’ve got the turkey in the oven and were pleased with the sock and smelly set you got under the Christmas tree?

Just a quick update to say that the (almost famous) STORE January starts online today!

We’ve discounting some fantastic items for you this year from our regular stock so why not take advantage of the lower VAT rates and buy now online at before VAT rises on 4th January 2011.

Seasons Greetings & have a lovely Christmas Day from all the team at STORE.


LivingEtc Magazine features STORE

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

January’s Living Etc. magazine which is out now has a great article titled Room to Grow. The feature talks about space planning a child’s bedroom and thinking about designing their room so there’s literally room to grow.

Some of STORE’s children’s storage solutions were mentioned including our fab overdoor monkey hooks. Living Etc suggest that when choosing children’s wardrobes,

…size is everything. Small wardrobes that coordinate with nursery furniture may look cute but fill-up quickly as your child grows.

We agree and rather than choosing something bulky and with a fixed height clothes rod why not consider building our elfa shelving into a children’s fitted wardrobe, cupboard or alcove. The beauty of elfa is that as a totally modular storage solution it’s can be adapted as children grow and their needs change.

For more great storage ideas for children’s bedrooms from STORE, click here


Good Housekeeping’s Great Tidy-Up with STORE

Monday, December 20th, 2010

January’s Good Housekeeping magazine has a room-by-room guide to storage solutions called Get Ready for the Greatest Ever Tidy-Up in which they suggest that:

“What better time to give your home a good going over, streamline your living space and clear out the clutter.”

We agree and as almost 21% of UK adults will be making it their New Year’s Resolution to be a bit more organised in 2011, watch this space for a few New Year’s decluttering tips from our resident storage solutions expert Simon Glanville as we draw nearer to 1 January 2011.

As ever, thanks Good Housekeeping for all the mentions of STORE products in your January issue. Our storage solutions seem to be mentioned in every room and we’re really proud to have mentioned so many times. There’s everything from our clever elfa shelving all the way down to our dish racks.


Countdown to the STORE January Sale

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I mentioned on the blog this summer that we’re quite the traditionalists here at STORE and unlike several Chester retailers who’s Christmas decorations went up at the end of October (you know who you are big Chester chain store!) we’re proud to say that the lovely STORE Christmas lights were illuminated just last week by STORE celebrity Beth Daniels.

Ups, I think we can do a little better than that!

The same is true of our almost famous STORE January SALE which unlike some sales, only lasts but a few weeks and is set to have some really juicy discounts on regular lines with over 65% off many storage solutions and up to 85% off where we can.

However, this year we’re offering our online customers the chance of a sneak preview in advance of our shops reopening after Christmas. So, when you’ve opened your pressies on Christmas Day and are stuffed with Turkey & Quality Street, why not pop the PC or iPAD on because our online sale goes live on Christmas Day morning. That’s right folks, the poor old STORE web team get to press buttons and write their funny php scripts on Christmas Day so you can snap-up some tidy storage solutions.

HURRY! The STORE January Sale starts online on Christmas Day morning and in our stores from 11am when doors open on Sunday 2nd January 2011 BUT unlike our colleague Gerry’s now infamous quote, “I hope I live as long as the DFS January sale” the STORE January Sale only lasts for a short few weeks so hurry whilst stocks last!


DailyCandy spies STORE

Monday, December 13th, 2010

DailyCandy, the authority on all things food, fashion, and fun saw fit to mention little old STORE of Chester today in their e-newsletter.

Once known as the “New York-only insider’s newsletter” the now global trendsetters at DailyCandy spotted our Giant Lego Storage Boxes suggesting that if you were a Neat Freak then “tidying up will be a snap with [our] Lego brick storage blocks


Easy Living Christmas Issue with LEGO storage boxes

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Our Giant LEGO storage boxes were photographed in the Christmas edition of Easy Living this month. The festive mention suggested that we should all “forget modern minimalist Christmas decorating and return to tradition by bringing accents of bold red into the home”

We’d never thought about using our fab storage boxes in this way but they do look rather nice!


Top 10 Toy Storage Boxes – The Sunday Mirror

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Did you spot us in The Sunday Mirror this week?

STORE was mentioned 3 times in their Top 10 Toy Storage Boxes.  Our famous LEGO storage bricks were in there alongside our animal storage boxes and our huge toy skip.

Thank you Sunday Mirror, we’d have been happy with 1 out of 10 but to have three of our toy storage boxes in your top 10 is fantastic!


Tesco feature us in their gift guide

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Tesco’s FOOD Magazine Christmas edition features several of our fab kitchen storage solutions in their festive gift guide.

It’s really nice to see that even the mighty Tesco appreciates our range of stylish storage solutions when it comes to Christmas gifts. Thanks Tesco!