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STORE wins at 2011 Chester Retail Awards

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Congratulations to our team at STORE’s flagship shop in Chester for winning in the Best Independent Retailer category at the 2011 Chester Retail Awards which were jointly hosted by Chester City Management, Chester and Cheshire and Chester Renaissance.

The STORE team scored a perfect 100% on the mystery shopper visits which were made during December and the first few months of 2011.

STORE’s perfect score was judged on: Quality throughout customer service experience; Product knowledge; Sales and Presentation.

Well done team from all at STORE HQ…Keep up the 100% perfect work!


Tips for Storing & Protecting your Winter Woolies

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Spring is almost upon us and now’s the time to sort out and pack away your winter wardrobe and duvet in anticipation of that scorching British summer the BBC weather guys are always promising. Here’s our 2-minute ‘quick guide’ on how:


It’s always worth sending your heavy winter overcoats to the dry cleaners before you store them away for the summer months. Moths are mostly attracted to natural fibres like wool and cotton but they also enjoy a good munch on organic stains so make sure any food spills or stains on coats and winter clothes made from synthetic fibres are thoroughly cleaned-off before storing.


The quickest, simplest and possibly cheapest way to store and protect your winter woollies, suits and overcoats is to protect them in a simple garment cover. STORE’s cotton suit covers are ideal as they allow the clothes to breathe and are also great value, starting at only £3.

For that bit of extra protection a lidded plastic storage box such as our robust crystal clear sweater storage box makes for an ideal container to pop on the top shelf of a wardrobe for seasonal storage. Alternatively, if space is at a premium STORE’s range of vacuum bags are a great alternative and ideal space saver.

And if you’re looking for something suitable to store-away the winter duvet, look no further than our award winning giant under bed storage box or at just £7 our under bed storage chest.


Cedar wood offers a really effective and environmentally friendly solution to help protect your winter woollies from moths and bugs.  Whilst the aromatic sent of cedar is pleasant to people and pets, months and bugs hate it! Our pack of six Cedar Rings offer another really cost effective solution to protect your winter clothes in the wardrobe and simply slip over a coat hanger or can be popped inside a storage box.

For more neat ideas to securely store your winter wardrobe and bulky winter duvets and blankets and save a bit of precious space at the same time, visit our STORE’s or shop online at