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UK homes branded “Shameful Shoe Boxes” by RIBA

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We’ve been saying it for years (see our article What’s in Store for Storage) and now a new RIBA study agrees with STORE that new-build homes in UK are too small and lack adequate storage space.

small doesn't have to mean cramped with STORE's fab storage solutions!

RIBA’s new Case for Space report estimates that the floor space of the average 3 bedroom home in UK falls 86 sq/ft short of its recommended size. That’s 8% smaller than guidelines suggest which RIBA feels leaves us Brits with “shameful shoe box homes” as compared to our European neighbours. Homes in Ireland are 15% bigger whilst our Dutch neighbours enjoy homes that are 53% bigger and in Denmark new homes are almost an amazing 80% bigger on average than UK.

In a separate survey RIBA found that 58% of home owners claimed they did not have enough space for their furniture and over 70% were frustrated that there was not enough storage for their possessions.

Former director-general of the CBI, Sir John Banham is to conduct a RIBA enquiry next summer which will feed into the government’s controversial proposals to alter planning rules. RIBA wants consumers to get better information from estate agents and house builders such as floor space to be included in marketing material and floor plans to include furniture, so that people can get a clearer idea of the size of a property.