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“Lots and Lots of Storage” says Samantha Cameron

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Samantha Cameron loving lots and lots of storage!

Eleanor Harding and Beezy Marsh report in today’s Daily Mail that the PM’s wife is taking her husband’s austerity measures to heart and shopping in IKEA.

Great news but here at STORE we were more interested to see the content of her shopping basket which was described by Samantha Cameron as “lots and lots of storage”. It sounds like Number 10 may need a little decluttering and it’s great to see that Sam Cam is having a good sort-out but we were a little disappointed to see that she wasn’t buying British in these tough economic times. There are several fab British storage solution emporiums in London and of course little ole STORE here in the north  and online with plenty of fab storage solutions which we’re sure would be ideal for Mrs C.