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YO! Home, a Space Saving Home for the 21st Century?

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Ex of Dragon’s Den and famed for his Yo!Sushi and YOTEL brands, Simon Woodroffe’s innovating again and this time it’s YO! Home, which he’s launching at the 100% Design show on 19th September.

At just 49m², 100% Design report that Woodroffe’s new YO!Home concept provides “pioneering and intuitive living space” that’s about the size of a squash court. Aside from living and sleeping space, the space-saving YO! Home boasts a full sized kitchen with pantry, a guest bedroom, an office space and (they say) “plenty of room for hidden storage”.

Perhaps we can expect something similar to Woodroofe's New York YOTEL from the new YO!Home

Woodroofe tells 100% Design that “YO! Home can be transformed into a number of different rooms through sliding walls and the touch of a button. It can be as simple or as complex as the person living there wants it to be.” He goes on to sugget that YO!Home will be “the precursor to the launch of new build apartment blocks and office block conversions in cities around the world.”

Being lovers of ‘making the best use of space’ through innovate storage and decluttering products we’re really looking forward to seeing YO! Home unveiled. Woodroofe does have a tough job on his hands though to organise effective use of living and storage space within a squash court sized void, especially in light of RIBA’s recent “Shameful Shoebox” comments on the size of UK’s housing stock.

Good luck Mr Woodroffe, we’re all for compact affordable houses here at STORE as long as there’s plenty of sensible storage space. We can’t help thinking however that we’ve seen the YO! Home concept before in the shape of Joe Colombo’s Total Furnishing Unit back in 1971.

YO! Home, Simon Woodroffe’s homage to Joe Colombo’s Total Furnishing Unit  will launch at 100% Design show in London on 19th September 2012.