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STORE Extend FA Sponsorship Until 2016

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Here at Store we’re proud to announce that we’ve extended our sponsorship deal with the FA side Pex Hill FC until at least 2016. Since starting our sponsorship with the team in 2011, Pex Hill have had 3 consecutive promotions and are now sitting in Division 2 of the Warrington and District League. The team did themselves and us proud last season finishing with 59 points out of a maximum 66, losing just one game and drawing two. With a new kit, new ground and new signings for the 2014-2015 season, we wish Pex Hill FC all the luck (not that they need it) with their quest for aiming for Premier Division success.

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STORE seals major sponsorship deal with FA side

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

We’re proud to announce that STORE has become team shirt sponsors of the Pex Hill Junior Football Club’s Open Age Team.

Pex Hill play in the Halton & District Football League and field teams which age from under 5’s all the way up to the new Open Age Team of big boys, which includes some grizzly faces from the STORE warehouse!

Pex Hill have recently been awarded Charter Standard Development status by the FA in recognition of their standards of coaching, administration and child protection.

Congratulations to our friends at Pex Hill and lets hope that the new Pex Hill grown-ups team can bring home a trophy for STORE this coming season.


STORE Summer Sale NOW ON!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Ups! We can do better than that can't we?!

Good News! The (almost) famous STORE Summer Sale starts this weekend and as is customary we’ve included some big fat discounts with up to 60% off on regular lines and up to 70% where we can.

Also included in the 2011 summer sale is our range of elfa shelving and storage solutions which we’ve slashed in price by a massive 25%, making it the ideal time to sort your wardrobe clutter and other larger scale storage issues.

However, as we always mention and unlike our colleague Gerry’s now infamous quote, “I hope I live as long as the DFS Summer Sale”, The STORE Summer Sale only lasts for a few short weeks so hurry whilst stocks last!

If you can’t come see us in person don’t forget that the STORE Summer Sale and Elfa Shelving Sale is also available online at


New for March – Desktop Clutter-Busters from STORE

Monday, February 21st, 2011

We just had to tell you about a couple of stylish new products that are coming into stock in the next couple of weeks from our chic European cousins…

Mobile phone charges are so boring, so our clever designer friends have come-up with The Solar Tree. This stylish wooden tree is covered in tiny leaf-like solar panels which offer a really unusual take on charging the mobile. Better still it’ll save your electricity bill too!

The Solar Tree will be available in STORE from mid March and retails at £110.  It’s made from solid wood and stands 22cm high. The Solar Tree containers both a USB and mini USB port plus cable.

We also love this neat idea to tidy your desktop and avoid cable clutter. Our new Desk Hub Cube has all the necessary slots to plug your peripherals in alongside your camera SD cards etc etc. It’s a real desk top clutter buster.

Our neat glossy white Desk Hub Cube is available at STORE mid March 2011 for £23

Finally, it may not be one of our famous storage solutions but we couldn’t resist ordering this simple Standby Button too. The button simply connects to your PC via a USB port and is a really strong visual reminder to prompt you to save a bit of electricity when you’re nipping off for a coffee.

The Standby Button is available in STORE from mid March and costs £10


Neat new ideas from STORE for Guest Bedrooms

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Solving customers storage issues in their guest bedrooms has always presented us with something of a dilemma. We’ve looked at several fold-up guest beds designed for occasional use and whilst many of them have clever double uses and fold into neat storage solutions when not in use they always seem to take-up precious storage space in space bedrooms that often have to double as home offices and general storage rooms.

However, we finally think we’ve found the solution in the form of something called the Smooff Lounge Cushy from our Dutch friends at Smooff HQ.  TheLounge Cushy is a super lightweight (just 5kgs) fold-up mattress with a special foam filling that moulds around and supports your body.  We think it’s a great idea for occasional use and for unexpected overnight visitors. Better still the colourful  Smooff can be folded away in seconds and then neatly stored in the bottom of a wardrobe etc. in the morning.

So if you’re looking for a temporary roll-up guest bed that’s super comfy and doesn’t take-up half the spare room then look no further than Smooff.

The Smooff range of roll-up guest beds is available in STORE from 2-week in February and includes both adult and children’s versions


New for Spring at STORE…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
We just couldn’t wait for the launch of our Spring ’11 Storage Solutions collection to let you know about some of our fab. new products that are now arriving from our manufacturers. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so here’s some nice photos to wet your appetite:

Bird Bath Shower Caddy £47

A really unusual take on the traditional shower caddy. Dennis Cheng’s stylish moulded white design allows shampoo and shower gel bottles to be stored upside down for easy access during showering .

There’s plenty of storage space for your other lotions, potions and conditioners as well as a soap dish and hooks for flannels etc.

The caddy has a suction hook at the base to attach to the wall for extra stability and the upper hook has a non-slip rubber coating to protect your shower head.






Mackintosh Side Table £245

Teddy Luong’s lidded coffee / side table is finished in a high gloss white wood. It has a removable lid to store all that everyday clutter that seems to hang around the lounge and there’s a neat cut-out on the outside to store your magazines, TV guides, remotes etc.

The glazed windows are frosted to provide just the right about of privacy to hide the clutter inside and we predict this glossy white unit to be a real hit with STORE’s clutter conscious customer base!

Sticks Coat Hook £29

Luciano Lorenzatti’s moulded hook offers a refreshingly unusual take on hanging-up your coat in the hallway. This stylish espresso coat hook has branches to hang the families coats, scarves and bags on that neatly fold back when not required…great for use where space is tight!


New at STORE – Handbag Storage Solutions

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

We seem to have had a thousand requests over the past few months for a space saving handbag storage solution that can be simply popped into the wardrobe to store those oversized handbags and clutch-bags etc. So we set to work to create something that was both simple and reasonably priced. Better still, what we’ve come-up with is a handbag storage solution that’s also going to save you a fair bit of space when it comes to bedroom storage.

Save precious wardrobe storage space with STORE's new and exclusive vertical Handbag Organiser at just £12

Exclusive to STORE, our new Handbag Organiser is made from cream canvas and simply hooks over your wardrobe clothes rail.  Rather than cluttering-up several wardrobe shelves or worse still cramming your handbags next to your shoes at the base of a wardrobe we thought that this handbag storage solution should offer the best solution to saving precious wardrobe space. By thinking vertically the solution we came-up with allows you to store up to 10 handbags in a very small space. Ok so it’s not super stylish, we’ll leave your handbags to that job but at £12 it may just save you a fair bit of wardrobe storage space.

Hanging Canvas Jewellery Store, £12

Fresh with the idea of a hanging handbag store for the wardrobe in our minds we also set to work to solve another storage problem that we’ve had lots of feedback from our STORE customers on. Whilst we’ve dozens of jewellery storage ideas for rings and necklaces etc. in STORE we’ve never found a decent storage solution for hair bobbles, scrunchies, hair slides, and all that costume jewellery that doesn’t really require pride of place on your lovely jewellery tree.

The solution was to design a Hanging Store to organise these items inside your wardrobe just like our Handbag Organiser. Finished in the same sturdy cream canvas we hope you like our new 72 pocket double sided Hanging Jewellery Store which again we’ve be able to put into production for just £12.

Alongside these two new fab. products for our New Year collection we’ve added a matching Under Bed Shoe Store with different sized compartments for shoes and winter boot storage plus a matching cream canvas low profile under bed duvet store to store the summer duvet  or how about for out of season clothing.

2010 January Sale NOW ON!

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Happy Christmas everyone! We hope you’ve got the turkey in the oven and were pleased with the sock and smelly set you got under the Christmas tree?

Just a quick update to say that the (almost famous) STORE January starts online today!

We’ve discounting some fantastic items for you this year from our regular stock so why not take advantage of the lower VAT rates and buy now online at before VAT rises on 4th January 2011.

Seasons Greetings & have a lovely Christmas Day from all the team at STORE.


Countdown to the STORE January Sale

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I mentioned on the blog this summer that we’re quite the traditionalists here at STORE and unlike several Chester retailers who’s Christmas decorations went up at the end of October (you know who you are big Chester chain store!) we’re proud to say that the lovely STORE Christmas lights were illuminated just last week by STORE celebrity Beth Daniels.

Ups, I think we can do a little better than that!

The same is true of our almost famous STORE January SALE which unlike some sales, only lasts but a few weeks and is set to have some really juicy discounts on regular lines with over 65% off many storage solutions and up to 85% off where we can.

However, this year we’re offering our online customers the chance of a sneak preview in advance of our shops reopening after Christmas. So, when you’ve opened your pressies on Christmas Day and are stuffed with Turkey & Quality Street, why not pop the PC or iPAD on because our online sale goes live on Christmas Day morning. That’s right folks, the poor old STORE web team get to press buttons and write their funny php scripts on Christmas Day so you can snap-up some tidy storage solutions.

HURRY! The STORE January Sale starts online on Christmas Day morning and in our stores from 11am when doors open on Sunday 2nd January 2011 BUT unlike our colleague Gerry’s now infamous quote, “I hope I live as long as the DFS January sale” the STORE January Sale only lasts for a short few weeks so hurry whilst stocks last!


First Aid Storage Tins…Now in Stock

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

We just love this new red-cross shaped first aid storage box at £12  from our friends across the pond. Neat and compact, this storage box is ideal to pop in a kitchen drawer to store plasters and wipes for all those everyday bumps and grazes.

If you’re looking for a first aid tin that’s got enough storage space for all the paraphernalia of a major A&E department then choose our metal large First Aid Tin…..If you simply want to store a few plasters and aspirin then this cute red-cross storage box is ideal and better still won’t make your kitchen cupboard look like an episode of Casualty!