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YO! Home, a Space Saving Home for the 21st Century?

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Ex of Dragon’s Den and famed for his Yo!Sushi and YOTEL brands, Simon Woodroffe’s innovating again and this time it’s YO! Home, which he’s launching at the 100% Design show on 19th September.

At just 49m², 100% Design report that Woodroffe’s new YO!Home concept provides “pioneering and intuitive living space” that’s about the size of a squash court. Aside from living and sleeping space, the space-saving YO! Home boasts a full sized kitchen with pantry, a guest bedroom, an office space and (they say) “plenty of room for hidden storage”.

Perhaps we can expect something similar to Woodroofe's New York YOTEL from the new YO!Home

Woodroofe tells 100% Design that “YO! Home can be transformed into a number of different rooms through sliding walls and the touch of a button. It can be as simple or as complex as the person living there wants it to be.” He goes on to sugget that YO!Home will be “the precursor to the launch of new build apartment blocks and office block conversions in cities around the world.”

Being lovers of ‘making the best use of space’ through innovate storage and decluttering products we’re really looking forward to seeing YO! Home unveiled. Woodroofe does have a tough job on his hands though to organise effective use of living and storage space within a squash court sized void, especially in light of RIBA’s recent “Shameful Shoebox” comments on the size of UK’s housing stock.

Good luck Mr Woodroffe, we’re all for compact affordable houses here at STORE as long as there’s plenty of sensible storage space. We can’t help thinking however that we’ve seen the YO! Home concept before in the shape of Joe Colombo’s Total Furnishing Unit back in 1971.

YO! Home, Simon Woodroffe’s homage to Joe Colombo’s Total Furnishing Unit  will launch at 100% Design show in London on 19th September 2012.


Organised Living Aberdeen

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Congratulations to our friends ex of Howards Storage World in Scotland who since the Howard’s Storage World (HSW) company exit from UK market have formed a new storage store in Aberdeen called Organised Living.

Organised Living Aberdeen is to retain the old Howards Storage World  Aberdeen shop which can be found at number 4 First Level Mall in Union Square Aberdeen AB11 5RG and for Scots with storage problems, an Organised Living Online store is also up and running. We’ve already taken a peak at the offering and there’s some fab storage solutions for Aberdonian’s to choose from both in the Organised Living Aberdeen Store and also via Organised Living online.

Alternatively for those who can’t make it to the Organised Living store in Aberdeen there’s always little old STORE to shop in at


“Lots and Lots of Storage” says Samantha Cameron

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Samantha Cameron loving lots and lots of storage!

Eleanor Harding and Beezy Marsh report in today’s Daily Mail that the PM’s wife is taking her husband’s austerity measures to heart and shopping in IKEA.

Great news but here at STORE we were more interested to see the content of her shopping basket which was described by Samantha Cameron as “lots and lots of storage”. It sounds like Number 10 may need a little decluttering and it’s great to see that Sam Cam is having a good sort-out but we were a little disappointed to see that she wasn’t buying British in these tough economic times. There are several fab British storage solution emporiums in London and of course little ole STORE here in the north  and online with plenty of fab storage solutions which we’re sure would be ideal for Mrs C.


UK homes branded “Shameful Shoe Boxes” by RIBA

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We’ve been saying it for years (see our article What’s in Store for Storage) and now a new RIBA study agrees with STORE that new-build homes in UK are too small and lack adequate storage space.

small doesn't have to mean cramped with STORE's fab storage solutions!

RIBA’s new Case for Space report estimates that the floor space of the average 3 bedroom home in UK falls 86 sq/ft short of its recommended size. That’s 8% smaller than guidelines suggest which RIBA feels leaves us Brits with “shameful shoe box homes” as compared to our European neighbours. Homes in Ireland are 15% bigger whilst our Dutch neighbours enjoy homes that are 53% bigger and in Denmark new homes are almost an amazing 80% bigger on average than UK.

In a separate survey RIBA found that 58% of home owners claimed they did not have enough space for their furniture and over 70% were frustrated that there was not enough storage for their possessions.

Former director-general of the CBI, Sir John Banham is to conduct a RIBA enquiry next summer which will feed into the government’s controversial proposals to alter planning rules. RIBA wants consumers to get better information from estate agents and house builders such as floor space to be included in marketing material and floor plans to include furniture, so that people can get a clearer idea of the size of a property.


Howards Storage World to open store in Buchanan Galleries Glasgow

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Good news for Scots with storage problems! Our friends at Howards Storage World (HSW) are moving their UK store to Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. Howards are locating next door to the Build a Bear Workshop store on level 4 of the Buchanan Galleries at 220 Buchanan Street G1 2FF.

Howards Storage World UK will offer the best of Howards Storage World in Australia but with a Scottish twist and we’re really looking forward to seeing the smart new Howards brand in Glasgow.


Howards Storage World for sale

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Fancy getting into the world of storage retailing? Antipodean retailer Howards Storage World (HSW) is selling-off their Sydney shops for £95,000. The price includes all of Howards fixtures and fittings and over 7-years of goodwill.

Better still included in the Howards Storage World Sydney business are 2 x retail stores within the city’s major shopping centres. So if you’re £95k Pom looking for a fresh start down-under, why not give our friends in Australia a call.


Are your seagrass baskets responsibly sourced? Seagrass is facing extinction.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

The BBC’s Nature Editor Matt Walker reports this week that Seagrass Net has just completed it’s first global survey of seagrass finding that nearly 15% are at risk of extinction. Over sedimentation via runoff from watershed and deforestation in developing parts world alongside nutrient overloading from agricultural and sewage run-off is causing massive decline. Add to this the effects of seafloor dredging and seagrass is globally at risk.

Are your seagrass baskets and storage boxes being made from responsibly harvested resources?

Seagrasses are important habitat for manatees, sea turtles, and fish such as sea horses and Seagrass Net director Profession Frederick Short told the BBC that:

” Seagrasses are both direct food for important species and as they break down within the coastal ecosystem, they are part of a vast food web that provides food to many organisms within the coastal ocean, including many commercially and recreationally important species.

Unfortunately, being submerged in the ocean they are rarely directly seen except by swimmers or snorkelers.”

Prof Short’s findings are to be published in the journal of Biological Conservation but before you purchase a cheap seagrass basket online it’s worth checking whether the retailer is responsibly sourcing it’s seagrass baskets and boxes as we are here at STORE.


Peace, Love and Storage

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

We’ve got to hand to IKEA , their new TV advert and associated Facebook campaign “Peace, Love and Storage” really made us chuckle. The ad pitches two sets of stand-up comedians from each sex against each other debating whether men or women are messier. The whole sketch takes place on a comedy club stage but within an IKEA room set full of storage solutions and a slightly seedy neon sign above the action flashing “Peace, Love and Storage”. Throughout the sketch each of the comedians’ demonstrates IKEA’s natty storage products as they sum-up the evidence for each gender being the tidiest.

"Peace, Love and Storage" IKEA's new TV ad

Thank you IKEA for your excellent storage products and indeed your very amusing new ad campaign. You’ve some great storage solutions albeit that we think we’ve got some great storage products here at STORE too!


What’s in store for storage?

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Last September I wrote an article for Architects DataFile Magazine titled “What’s in store for storage?” Whilst it was primarily a paper aimed at encouraging architects to include more storage space in the homes they design, some really interesting stats. came out from the research and I thought it may be interesting to publish an extract here on STORE’s blog:

In the last 30 years, UK home ownership has doubled. Whilst those in Parliament may be cooing at this statistic, living and functioning in 21st century homes, which are being built 40% smaller than those of 80 years ago, presents one major dilemma for architects: how to use that space – or lack of space – effectively.

Those in Whitehall may have to shoulder some of the responsibility for our cramped living conditions with planning policy insisting on more densely packed housing, but property owners must also take some of the blame.  Consumers are acquiring more and more possessions compared to previous generations, for whom the must-have bargain was secondary to the functional necessities in the home.

Smaller spaces are a real challenge for architects, but the answer may be simpler than it seems.  Consumers are actively seeking flexible, timesaving storage solutions, but, in light of the ongoing credit crunch, at an affordable price.  As a result, there is, in fact, a rare opportunity for architects to easily and cheaply deliver the storage solutions that clients want.  There are a growing number of brands in the home storage and de-cluttering arena, developing interesting products to solve the storage / clutter and space dilemma.

The growth trends in the storage market are no longer in the products aimed at solving a simple issue, such as where to store an umbrella or bunch of keys.  Instead, the demand is for more comprehensive, whole room solutions.

Wardrobes and compact dressing rooms are important to the future of the sector, as is an organised utility room or effective boot room storage – straightforward ideas that few architects are currently incorporating into their designs.

Gone are the days of satisfying a client with a simple clothes rod and shelf inside their wardrobe.  Modern wardrobe storage systems have to be flexible and adapt to the customer’s ever changing needs – for example, the most desirable wardrobes have innovative and efficient storage spaces for shoe storage, clothes rails and accessories, while remaining compact and maintaining the ability to add or change the space whenever this is required.

Increasingly, value buying is at the top of the consumer agenda.  The savvy consumer is now demanding more for their money – everything they buy must have a real use and worth.  Despite, or perhaps because of, the pressures of the current economic climate, the ‘throwaway’ culture for cheap goods is in decline – homeowners are now looking for products that combine good quality with reasonable prices and, in terms of homeware in particular, that will stand the test of time.

Home storage solutions have to work harder, be multifunctional, and be cleverly utilised in all available space, yet they must still look great.  The market leaders in the affordable and attractive home furnishings sector are, as might be expected, the ever innovative Scandinavians, who continue to produce a plethora of good quality, well engineered modular storage ranges such as elfa shelving that satisfy not only this need, but also the requirement for a stylish yet cost effective solution at the same time.

Midway between the ‘cheap and cheerful’ and exclusive high-end design, sit the ‘middle shelf’ brands, which offer quality, simple yet stylish storage solutions at an affordable price – ideal in the current property market, which is forcing architects and developers to make homes look fantastic on a tighter budget than ever, given that price rises are no longer guaranteed, or even expected.  Among these are one or two real gems, offering great modular products that look equally at home dressed-up inside a fitted wardrobe or dressing rooms or in a raw functional state within a utility room, pantry or garage.

However, whatever the state of their finances, it will be difficult for consumers to let go entirely of the aspirational look that has dominated home makeover and property development programmes for so long.  The key ingredients demanded by the current market are flexibility and value, but style will always have a part to play, particularly to get optimum prices when the time comes to sell.  To impress developers and end users alike, effective storage solutions are something to be considered as an integral element of any project  – and not just an afterthought.

This article was first published by Simon Glanville in the Architects DataFile Magazine, September 2009. Simon Glanville is the Managing Director of Förvara Ltd, Elfa® distributor UK. Förvara Ltd is a group company of STORE, specialists in home storage and organisational products.


Board Game Storage Boxes

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I came across a great toy storage idea during one of my North American storage pilgrimages recently called The Game Saver. Sadly not available in UK yet (don’t worry I’m on the case) The Game Saver is a board game sized plastic storage box with internal dividers designed to store and protect your 1980’s edition of Monopoly and other family favourites after the dog-eared cardboard storage box has worn out.

If you can bare to watch it, this Stateside video clip from the nice chaps at shows the board game storage box AKA The Game Saver in action: