Herefordshire Society Magazine Wants You To ‘Get It Sorted’ With STORE



Herefordshire Society Magazine aimed to answer the aged old question ‘What do you do if you don’t want your de-cluttering to mean binning your treasures’. Here at STORE we have always known the answer is stylish storage! Amazingly 7 of our products were chosen as ‘The Best Ideas Around’

Our Wellington Boot Storage Hooks (1) are great for keeping those muddy boots off the ground but also keeping them out of the way.

Our fun Cactus Wine Rack (2) stores up to 8 of your favourite bottles of wine and is a great talking point for when guests come around.

The Big Hands Grass and Leaf Collectors (3) are perfect for those with green thumbs.

Our Acrylic Earring Store (4) can hold up to a whopping 30 pairs of earrings stopping you from asking ‘has anyone seen my other earring?’

The Seagrass Loo Roll Store (5) not only displays your loo roll in a lovely woven basket but also holds upto 5 spares, leaving you with more cupboard space.

The Brick Wine Rack (6) is great for Big Kid and the Renaissance CD rack (7) adds a touch of elegance to your CD collection.

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