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£ 19 .00

Stylish double sided mirror with a splash of STORE magic to make you the fairest of them'll always look beautiful in our mirror!

£ 20 .00

Great quality large lidded box to swallow household clutter. Blankets, crockery, books, toys, you name it, it'll swallow it all and (better than some we've tested and rejected), this box is built to last!

£ 24 .00

You asked for an XXL sized underbed box so we found one! This high quality, low profile box is capable of swallowing 60 litres of clutter and is a must for those with serious storage issues!

£ 13 .00

With a patented double suction cup and a clamp down action, this suction unit really works, hence the name - PowerLock.

£ 17 .00

Clear plastic make-up caddy with a carry handle and 11 handy storage compartments.

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£ 62 .50

Set of 50 decent quality wooden coat hangers at a great low price

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£ 7 .00

Sturdy glossy cardboard boxes in a choice of colours with a punch-out perforated grid on the front to make numbers, letters, an emoji or even a picture of what you're storing inside!

£ 14 .00

Stylish wooden tablet stand. Great for storing your tablet on when using your favourite App or how about as a stylish digital cookbook stand.

£ 5 .00

Great general purpose box from Really Useful Boxes for the contents of your desktop. Ideal size for a ream of A4 paper.

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£ 12 .00

Shower storage caddy for use over a shower door or screen.

£ 20 .00

Slate Grey fibreboard drawer unit to organise and store your CDs or DVDs

£ 16 .00

Pair of bookends with storage space for reading glasses, pens and pencils, scissors etc...

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£ 39 .00

Quality stylish monitor stand with inbuilt storage space from our designer friends in Japan


£ 10 .00

Robust stackable clear shoe storage box drawers to organise your shoes and clothes Stack to suit your space. Smaller ladies shoe box also available.

£ 10 .00

Genius idea to attach to tiles or glass in a shower cubical or bathroom for a near instant towel rail.

£ 13 .00

Polished stainless steel power lock suction corner shower caddy to swallow bathroom clutter.


£ 5 .50

Giant biro lid shaped desk tidy to store your pens and pencils from the creators at J-ME.

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£ 10 .00

Neat glossy plastic stacking box to store controllers, games and DVDs etc.

OUR PRICE £45.00......STAPLES PRICE £65.99

£ 45 .00

Storage tower from Really Useful Boxes with 5 x 12 litre capacity multi coloured drawers.

£ 4 .00

Sticky-back silicone cable organiser to organise your USB and power cables etc. Pop 2 or 3 on the back or under a desk or how about along a skirting board to bring some order to messy cable spaghetti.

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£ 9 .00

Handled plastic storage caddy with 6 compartments. Great for using in the bathroom, bedroom, utility room etc

£ 5 .00

Neat little book to store all of those important passwords and usernames.


£ 3 .00

You asked for a larger version of our popular phone charger holder but for your smart phones and here it is! Ideal for iPhones and other smart phones we're really pleased with the result...

£ 7 .00

Slim space saving version of our best selling wastepaper bin designed by David Quan. Squeeze this elliptical shaped bin into even the tightest of spaces.

£ 10 .00

Two sturdy fibreboard DVD storage boxes with a chalkboard end to scribble down just what you're storing inside. Comes with a free chalk kit.


£ 11 .00

This neat item is ideal for use on the back of a door for a bit of extra wardrobe space or how about in a utility room as a compact clothes airer

£ 10 .00

Generously sized modular utensil holder to store your spoons and spatulas. Available in several colour options.

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£ 15 .00

Set of 5 quality double walled cardboard boxes ideal for moving house and storage.

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£ 8 .50

Transparent drinking bottle with a LEGO knob lid and removable silicone strap. A great drinking bottle for both little and big kids!

New Larger Size!
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£ 11 .01

Transparent LEGO drinking bottle with a classic round LEGO brick lid and removable silicone strap. Great size for the gym this bigger capacity bottle is ideal for BIG LEGO fans