Clear the Clutter

There's no time like the present for a good spring clean and we've got a great range of products to provide storage for the bits and pieces that make the cut. From storage crates and seagrass baskets, waterproof boxes and underbed boxes to storage chests and towers, you're sure to find the perfect storage solution.

The Problem

If you’re working or learning from home, then you may have everything jumbled and not have enough space to think.

The Solution

Clear the clutter and give your brain a bit of breathing room. So the enforced home time could be the perfect opportunity to get things sorted once and for all.

Maybe you need to clear the dining room, spare room, garage, workshop or even your attic to make space for working and studying.

Kitchen: Maybe some of those items in your kitchen cupboards are past their sell by date or simply will never get used.

Paperwork: Or maybe it’s a great opportunity to sort out all your paperwork – or even go paperless.

You can keep all your really important documents in one place with waterproof VIP document storage boxes for passports, wills, deeds, contracts etc.

Whatever you want to achieve, help is available. From Underbed Storage Crates to Stackable Storage Trunks, now is a great opportunity to stow, stash and stack. And because it’s usually see-through, you can spot at a glance what is inside. Plus, there are fun, Colourful Storage Boxes too.

Hotboxing: Turn your home into a home office for all the family. You may need to take turns using your workspace. One way to help this is for each person to have their own hotbox, where they can pack everything into it when they’ve finished working, so the workspace is clear for the next person.