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Storage Furniture.

A wide range of fabulous furniture to suit any decor and any room of the house. Whether you're looking for a desk for a home office, a shelving unit for treasured keepsakes or a bench for the hallway, we've got you covered.


3 Tier Kitchen Storage Wagon
3 Tiered Storage Rack - Tower
5 Tiered Storage Rack - Tower
Kitchen Island - Greystone
Kitchen Island - White
Kitchen Island - Cream
Kitchen Island - Grey
Kitchen Island - Black
2 Door Cocktail Cabinet - Roma
Cocktail Cabinet - Hyogo
Drinks Cabinet - Kansas
Drinks Cabinet - Buxton
Home Mini Bar
£139.00    £119.00
Drinks Trolley - Rocks
£189.00    £169.00
Aldsworth Wine Store
£350.00    £332.50
Butchers Block - Aldsworth
£320.00    £304.00
Kitchen Trolley - Prepare
Marlborough Kitchen Trolley
Pinewood Onion Crate
Wooden Potato Crate
Folding Wooden Step-Stool
Storage Unit - Bellwood
Cubiko Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom Console Storage Unit - Margo
Shaker Style Storage Chest


We all need stylish storage in every room. Make sure that the storage furniture you choose it not just fit for purpose, but that it exceeds your expectations. We are the storage experts. So we’ve tested every item and brought you the very best range of storage furniture and shelves for inside and outside.


Whether you have a big or a small kitchen, we have brilliant storage ideas for you to make the most of it. Every item is tested by us, so we know it’s not just fit for purpose. We have Wooden Storage Crates for fruit and vegetables to keep them fresher for longer, plus Vegetable Racks with wicker baskets.

Take a look at our freestanding and wall-mounted units. Our Modular Cube Storage is great for easy-to-grab items, or you can fill them with storage boxes or baskets. Plus we’ve beautiful Wine Racks – and Glass Racks.

Looking for something a bit different? Then we’ve clever Folding Space-Saving Tables and Metal Retro-style Lockers. Plus, we’ve Metal Bar Stools in the shape of a tractor seat – and even the cast iron steampunk Tractor Table to go with it!

Sometimes we all need a bit more preparation space. So our solid wood or veneer Kitchen Trolleys, Butcher’s Blocks and Mobile Kitchen Islands are ideal. Especially as they often have utensil drawers, baskets and shelves. You just roll them out when you need them, lock the wheels or castors, so they’re steady and stable. When finished just wheel them out the way. They’re also ideal for rolling outside for barbecues, garden parties and al fresco cooking.

Our Slimline Kitchen Trolleys are best sellers. They’re clever space-savers and space fillers for those difficult nooks and spaces at the end of the unit. They are perfect for wine, water, tins and canisters etc.

Of course it’s not just about kitchens. We also have Pantry and Larder Storage Furniture including Over-the-door Elfa Racks that save space, plus you can also attach to your wall. We have a free bespoke Elfa design service to maximise the exact space you have, including all those awkward corners.


Now you can maximise the space you have in your bathroom whatever size it is. We have Slimline Bathroom Storage Furniture and Tallboys to suit smaller bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms. Plus Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets and Corner Shelves to maximise your vertical space and save more of your precious floorspace.

We've also freestanding Bathroom Storage Units, plus Under Sink Storage and Loo Roll Holders. They store several rolls at once so you’re never caught short. Plus, let’s never forget Laundry Baskets. You can search for Laundry Boxes, Laundry Hampers, Laundry Bins or even Linen Baskets, we know what you mean.

Whatever style of bathroom you have, we have beautiful high quality storage that you’ll love. So we have modern solid wood designs and modular units painted in white or grey. Plus, we also have oak and walnut natural wood, real wood veneers and wood-effects that are all so easy to wipe down and keep clean. You’ll find many designs of bathroom storage with open shelves, so it’s easy to grab items like towels and flannels, soap and shampoo. We've also cupboards for medicines etc. and seagrass baskets to tidy items away.

Living Room

We have brilliant ways to clear the clutter in your living room. So we have all the traditional pieces of living room storage furniture. Including, Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Nests of Tables and Console Tables. Often they have extra storage drawers and shelves to maximise your storage space.

Plus, we’ve Shelving Units, Storage Cubes, Storage Trunks, Bookcases, Sideboards and Magazine Racks. Not to mention CD and DVD Storage, Media Cabinets, TV Cabinets and Units.

We also like to surprise you. So we have fun and funky items like Beanbags, Rotating Chest of Drawers, Trunk-Style Cabinets, Pig-shaped and Cow-shaped Sideboards. We even have Goose-shaped Side Tables, Ladder-style Shelving and even Tetris Stacking Shelves.

Most of our lounge furniture is made of wood. But we also have some in real wood veneer and occasional pieces in metal too. So you’ll find the storage and the style to suit your home whether it’s a traditional or modern setting.

Oak Furniture

A firm favourite with the British public, oak furniture is everywhere and mediocre examples are found across the high street in those big format stores whose sales seem to be on all year round. Heck, they've got some nice stuff but we're more about the unusual and quality pieces of oak furniture. Much of our range is pre-built and not flat-pack. We choose our supplies carefully and always look for FSC certified oak furniture. We may not have the biggest range but we're sure you'll love the quality as our pieces of oak furniture are built to last.

For The Garden

Furniture for the garden isn't just about tables and chairs. Sure, we have a lovely range of usual garden table sets for your alfresco summer dining but don't forget to check out our fun and practical outdoor beanbags which are great for lazying around on a summers day and can also be used inside when the traditional British weather decides the summer's over.

Our range of wooden garden storage boxes are a firm favourite and much better than those plastic ones from the DIY store. Use them for storing cushions or how about as a drop-box for parcels from your favourite online retailer? Have you spotted our garden igloo, it's fab for entertaining on colder autumn evenings and makes for a real statement piece in the garden.


Entrance ways into the home are often small. Our Hallway, Porchway and Cloakroom Storage Furniture collection is designed to maximise the space you have. It tends to be slimmer in its depth from front to back and taller too. In this way it maximises your vertical space to minimise the floor space it takes up.

We have Console Tables, Umbrella Stands, Coat Stands, Shoe Storage Cabinets, Hallway Benches, Shoe Benches, Storage Cubes. Plus we've also Telephone Tables, Hallway Tables, Wall Racks and Over-the-door Racks.

Our slimline Console Tables are ideal for hallways, even narrow hallways. They give you room to put your keys and sort your mail on the top, plus put a bag underneath.

Most hallway storage furniture is in wood, but sometimes they are crafted from metal – especially with brightly Coloured Metal Lockers. We have many different styles... traditional and country cottage styles, solid wood and veneer in oak or mahogany. You can have them as freestanding units, on the wall or over the door. Plus, we have boot room style storage too.

For Shoes

You don't have to love shoes or even have a massive collection of shoes to need a shoe storage solution. Whether you're looking for a shoe rack, cupboard or bench for use in the porch, hallway or bedroom, you're sure to find something to suit when browsing through our extensive range. We've tested the best shoe storage solutions around so that we can offer a range of big and small, budget and expensive and smartest and stylish options.


We are storage experts, so we’ve every type of storage shelf and shelving for every room in your home. We’ve Living Room Shelves, Kitchen Shelves, Bathroom Shelves, Bedroom Shelves, Kids Bedroom Shelves, Playroom Shelves, Home Office Shelves, and Utility Room Shelves. Plus, we’ve shelves for your garage, loft and shed – and even outdoor shelving too.

Freestanding or wall-mounted, we have every style from traditional to modern, and designer style. Choose from shelves made from solid natural or painted wood, reclaimed wood, metal, mesh metal, cast iron.

For practical, hardwearing, great value shelves. We also have Wall Units, and wall-mounted Modular Shelving Systems that you can configure to how you want. After all, books, figurines, flowers and family photos are not all the same size, so having flexible adjustable shelves makes sense.

If you’re looking for something distinctive, then try these unusual shelves. We’ve Shelves with Castors, Tetris Stacking Shelves, plus Tepee-shaped Shelves. We've always called them a wigwam, but the tent shape is also known around the world as a wickiup or a wetu. Why not try Ladder Shelves? Don’t worry, they come with secure fixing, so they stay leaning up against your wall! We even have magically ‘Floating’ Display Shelves that have hidden wall supports.

Bookshelves and Bookcases in all shapes and sizes from small, handy sized bookcases, right up to giant ones that come with a built-in ladder. Plus, we have Gallery style Bookshelves for oversized kids’ books or music sheets.

Shelves are brilliant storage and display areas that are quick to put up and excellent value too. Of course they’ll need dusting, so if you’re looking for a more finished look, then go for a cabinet with doors or a box with a lid. Or if it’s for displaying, then consider a display cabinet. 

Office & Study

We have brilliant storage furniture to use every inch of your space for your office, study or home office. We can maximise your room, whether you have a desk or workstation in your dining room, bedroom, box room or under the stairs.

Our storage solutions work just as well for kids’ bedrooms for their schoolwork and homework.

We have open Office Shelves and modular Office Shelving Units for easy to grab everyday items. Or use them to display awards, ornaments or family photos.

Plus we’ve Office Cupboards to clear away all the clutter, the files, the paperwork and documents. Invest in storage so that after a long day, it feels great to shut the door on your office and start to relax.

You can choose from solid wood office furniture or veneer office units or even streamlined and strong metal. Best of all, they’re priced to suit your office budget too.


We all need lots of storage space in our bedrooms. So we’ve specially selected the best Bedroom Storage Furniture that combines style, space and superb value for money. 

They’re made from solid wood like mahogany, plus we have bamboo, steamed wood and reclaimed wood. We've also some plastic bedroom storage and even metal retro-style bedside cabinets and tall lockers. So we've storage to suit your preference, whether you have a traditional or a classic styled bedroom.

So let’s start off right by your bed. We have Bedside Cabinets – although many people call then Bedside Tables or Bedside Units or even Bedside Storage Units. What ever the name, many come with drawers and baskets. At the end of your bed or by a window, try our Ottoman style Wooden Chests. They're great for storing bedding and blankets, out of season clothes, plus shoes, boots, hats and fascinators. Plus, put them in kids’ rooms for toys and teddies, sports equipment and art projects.

Our Modular Storage Cubes have open fronts for easy to grab or to display items. Or just fill them with pull out drawers and baskets for a more fitted look. Looking for quirky storage? Try our Tallboy and New York Loft-style Cabinet with 3 or 5 drawers all with different coloured fronts. Plus, we even have Chests and Cabinets that look like travel trunks – and Kids’ beds shaped like a tent or a house.

Of course it’s not all about bedrooms. We have Dressing Room Storage Furniture too, plus Dressing Tables with room on top and in drawers for all your beauty, make-up and haircare etc.