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Living Room.

No matter what your chosen living room decor is, we're certain that we'll have suitable storage for your space. We've got coffee tables and bookcases, magazine racks and fireside companions as well as photo frames and DVD storage boxes.


The living room is the heart of the home. The place where we spend the most time when we’re not asleep. So it’s the place to relax and unwind, to entertain friends. It’s a place to read, to watch TV, to listen to music, to play games and even to catch 40 winks after a very good lunch or dinner.

So in our living space we need everything that we like to have around us in a neat, ordered, clutter-free way so we can relax and feel right at home. At A Place For Everything, we show you the very best storage solutions to breathe new life into your living room.

Tables with Storage

Living Room Tables are a great way to store everything from figurines for flowers to family photos. At A Place For Everything we ensure that our tables are of the highest quality – they’re all crafted from solid wood – you won’t find any flatpack MDF here.

From classic to contemporary, designer to oriental, industrial to urban chic, we have every style of living room furniture in every colour to suit your room and your taste including high gloss white, oak or walnut.

Or try something ornate and oriental: the Nine Schools Collection of Console Tables with Cupboards and Drawers is beautifully finished with black lacquer and gold leaf.

Have a Lamp Table to brighten up a darker corner of a room, or have a Side Table or space-saving Nest of Tables where you can have snacks and drinks, remote controls and your mobile. We even have space-saving Foldaway Side Tables and a C-shape Side Table with a base that slides under your chair or sofa so it saves space and is closer to you: ideal if you’re eating soup!

Coffee Tables are great for after dinner coffee, afternoon tea and after work TV dinners. They have lots of room for magazines and books and give you room for working on a laptop. Love the quirky look? Then see our Pig or Goose-shaped Coffee Tables.

Console Tables and Sideboards are great for having against a wall and can also be used in a hallway or dining room. They’re a great way to stow away lots of things: plus they give you great display space on top too.

Cubes & Boxes

Our living rooms are full of everything we need for day-to-day living… everything from newspapers and magazines to books and games, jigsaws and cushions, plus rugs, cushions and more. So boxes, baskets, trunks, modular cube storage are a great way to stow everything away so that it’s out of sight.

Made from luxurious leather, woven wicker, seagrass, strong cardboard or crafted wood, they look great on their own, plus they’re wonderfully practical too to clear lounge clutter tree and the tree in Sunday newspaper. Even better, they double up as side tables.

Books & Shelving

Living Room Shelves and Bookshelves: they’re for books and so much more: magazines, newspapers, ornaments, objet d’art, figurines, family photos, flowers, collectable items, pot plants, pot pourri.

Our Shelves and Bookshelves are crafted from solid wood, in white, black, oak, birch, walnut or mahogany. We also have them in cast iron or metal from Elfa.

From traditional to modern, designer to retro, wall-mounted or freestanding – low, tall, wide, slim: we have shelves and bookshelves and bookcases in all shapes and sizes. You can have them wall mounted so you’re saving your precious floorspace – our Display Shelves are ideal for trophies and treasured possessions. Or have your shelves in a unit or cabinet. We’ve magnificent Formal Bookcases with both shelves and cupboards to display and to tidy away.

Our Narrow Tall Bookcases maximise your vertical storage and minimise the footprint. You can even have them on a ladder. See Gallery Bookcases with rails to keep items in place. Or go for a bit of magic: Floating Bookshelves with hidden fixings that appear to float in the air.

Modular Shelves could be ideal for you. You can stack them into any configuration. They make great room dividers which you can access them from either side. We even have Tetris staking shelves that you can configure to the shape you want.

Magazine Storage

Keep all your magazines and newspapers neat, tidy and easily to hand with Magazine Racks. We have some Magazine Racks with Tables on the top for drinks, snacks, remote controls and glasses

Traditional or modern, designer or retro, contemporary, the unusual, the eye-catching and all space saving – we have a great choice for you. Some are woven, some wood, some wire, some wicker. And some come on solid oak with luxury leather. Choose the one to suit your style and your room. We even have Wall-mounted Magazine Racks to give you more room on your floor.

Fireside Accessories

A fireside is the focal point for the living room. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating than the flicking flames of a roaring log fire. We have all you need to make the most of your real fire from Companion Sets and Fireside Tools to Fireside Essentials, plus Firescreens to Log Baskets, Stores and Holders.

Our 4-piece Companion Sets with space-saving vertical stands to hold your poker, brush, shovel and tongs. We even have one to store kindling too.

Keep all your logs dry and neatly stacked. Our traditional and contemporary Log Baskets, Baskets, Bags, Boxes and lidded Fisherman’s Boxes are woven in willow, wicker or rattan to hold logs and kindling

Plus we have wrought iron or black powdered steel Log Stores, Log Holders to neatly store and stack your wood and kindling beside your fire. Plus, we also have a solid Oak and luxury leather version

Neat and tidy, our, Outdoor Log Storage and Boxes help store and season your wood, keeping it covered so it stays dry.

Take a look at our Handy Fireside Essentials. We’ve Metal Firelighter Boxes, Buckets for kindling, coal and ash, plus an Ornate cast iron Firescreen that beautifully silhouettes the scrolling when the fire is roaring.

One of our favourites is a heat powered Stove Fan ‘Windmill’ that sits on top of your stove and is powered by the rising heat to project the heat into the room.

Photo Frames & Albums

Looking for an usual way to store and display your favourite photos, children's drawings from school or that favourite football shirt? We've collated a niche range of picture frames and photo display shelves just for you.

Music & Movies

Keep your music, movies, video games, LPs, CDs and DVDs in perfect scratch-free condition with media storage. We’ve storage for your wall, your tables and the tops of your units and cabinets.

So we’ve Boxes in fibreboard, designer-style with curved edges in solid wood, or simple metal racks – even Guitar Stands. We’ve also CD, DVD and Games Storage Boxes with chalk fronts that kids will love.

If you’re going to have a TV Unit, TV Stand or Entertainment Cabinet, then make it a great one. We have solid wood TV Cabinets and Music Storage, including space-saving versions that fit neatly into a corner.

We’ve Storage for Remote Controls, so they always stay in the same place and don’t decide to play hide and seek behind the cushions,

iPad and Tablet Stands – we think they’re great for books and ereaders – plus Laptop Trays complete with and an adjustable bendy light on top, plus cushioning underneath the tray to mould to the shape of your legs.

With so much tech, it all needs plugging in and charging. So see our clever things like Extension Lead Organisers to unravel the cable spaghetti that’s hiding behind the unit.