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Elfa Shelving.

Elfa offers a quality modular storage solution for use in any room of the house. It's flexible, affordable, stylish and strong. Browse our complete all-in-one shelving solutions, or for a bespoke solution try our elfa components.

Did You Know?

Elfa have a worldwide reputation for high quality, modular and adaptable storage systems to help create endless storage possibilities. Whether you're looking to fill an entire walk-in wardrobe, add some Elfa shelving to a home office or neaten up the shoes in the hallway, the Elfa storage system has been helping families to restore order for over 65 years.

As well as the Elfa storage systems listed in the Best Selling Solutions we can design a customised solution to fit most spaces regardless of any height, width and depth restrictions.

Please email or call 01244 680 501 with details of your space and we'll happily work-up a space saving Elfa storage solution.


Elfa gives you brilliant flexible, modular storage for every room in your home all backed by a 10-year guarantee. If you’re new to Elfa, our Starter Kits and Best-selling Solutions are great value complete all-in-one storage solutions. Or if you want a bespoke storage solution, try our Elfa Storage Components: these are the kit of parts to create the storage you want for the space you have.

Best Selling Solutions

That’s why we have these Elfa Best Selling Solutions are the perfect way to begin. You can see just what it looks like. For your floor, your wall and for your door, each one has all the component parts you need and it’s easy-peasy to put together with step-by-step instructions.

We have Elfa storage for everything you have from books to boots, clothes to crafts, music to media, and from linen to luggage, and from sports equipment to doggy day care.

The great thing is that they’re so versatile. Even though it’s a complete kit you can add to it as much as you want – or even use it for storage for a another purpose in a different room: so think outside the Elfa box.

We have them for your work and your hobbies with Kits and Sets for your Office, Home Office, Garage, Workshop and Craft Room.

For downstairs we have them for your Hallway and Cloakroom, your Boot Room, and your Kitchen, Pantry and Utility/Laundry Room.

Upstairs, there are specific Elfa sets and kits for your Dressing Room, Dressing Table, Bedroom and for inside your Wardrobes.

Shelving Components

These are the building blocks for all Elfa There are nine categories of components:

1) Top Tracks and Wall Bars

These horizontal Top Tracks are the only item in the range that needs fixing to your wall – so the rest of your wall isn’t peppered with drill holes. You then just hang vertical Wall Bars down from these tracks and everything else simple clips in. So simple, so easy, so Elfa.

Not all walls are created equal. So there are Screw Fixing Kits are solid or hollow walls. For a cleaner, smoother, more finished look, there are Top Track Covers which cover up the screws, plus Wall Bar Covers. It’s so easy to cut them to fit with scissors.

2) Elfa Brackets and Clothes Rails

No need for drilling, these Brackets and Hanging Clothes Rails just click into the hanging Wall Bars

3) Solid and Ventilated Shelves

Ventilated Mesh Shelves and Baskets are versatile for any need and as they’re made from mesh, they allow everything to breathe: so they’re especially ideal for food, towels, bedding and clothing.

Solid Wooden, Melamine and Metal and Shelves and Trays are strong and robust: plus they stop anything from falling through.

Shelf liners are available for mesh shelves to stop items from falling though. They’re ideal also for as drawer liners.

4) Décor Wooden Storage

If you love solid wood then you’ll love our décor and facia range from Elfa: in Birch, Walnut, White or Grey finish to give you Elfa storage more of a finished look of furniture. Solid Wood Drawer Fronts, Drawer Dividers plus even Trouser Glides, so that it’s easy to remove trousers from hangers and they help prevent creases too.

Plus there are Wooden Jewellery Boxes with compartments and lids to keep out dust. Plus nickel, bronze or leather handles

5) Gliding Drawers

Choose from a wide range of gliding basket drawers to suit almost any height, width and depth. They’re all in Platinum or White Elfa finish. Choose from open wide-mesh drawers for air circulation; or tight-mesh drawers. Or go for solid translucent polypropylene lidded drawers to protect whatever you put in them from dust and sun damage.

6) Accessories.

These are finishing touches that can bring the whole ensemble together and give it a fantastic flourish.

Take a look at everything from Mirrors and Mesh Baskets to Hooks and Hangers – and from Drawer and Shelf Dividers to Shoe Racks and Under Shelf Storage. There are Rails and Runners to Trouser Gliders Tie & Belt Racks.

7)Traditional Twin-Slot Shelves:

THE STORE: We also carry a large stock of traditional Spur compatible twin-slot Elfa uprights that can be screwed directly to the wall (the old fashioned way!) as well as twin slot solid brackets, bookends and white melamine shelves for offices, libraries, stockrooms, book shelving etc. If you can't find the sizes you require below, please contact our Elfa shelving and storage hotline on 01244 680 501 or email us

8) Freestanding Shelving System:

THE STORE: If fixing your Elfa system to the wall is simply not an option, try our Elfa Freestanding shelving system instead. Elfa Freestanding has all the functionality and flexibility of the wall mounted Elfa system but with 'no screws required'. In a matter of seconds everything can simply be clipped into the handy freestanding Elfa feet and uprights listed below. All our shelves, brackets, gliding basket drawers, trouser organisers and other neat Elfa accessories are compatible with this clever new system, so choose your freestanding essentials here then add whatever components you need to create your perfect Elfa solution.

9) Garage and workshop:

THE STORE: We can help organise your workshop, garage or utility room with our new range of Swedish made Elfa Garage storage. Used alone or within a wider Elfa shelving project, our tool storage hooks, parts storage bins and hangers will keep your workshop looking as organised as any professional garage. Our neat new Elfa Garage storage system is great for utility rooms too making clever use of space for mops, brushes and ironing boards etc. Our customers also suggest using it for sports gear and garden tools etc. and as usual with Elfa, everything is compatible with our modular standard Elfa shelving.

10) Garage+

Finished in matt grey, our elfa Garage+ system incorporates the simplicity of elfa’s unique easy-install hanging modular shelf system with the functionality of robust workshop storage cabinets and a handy work bench. Wall-hung and lockable or free-standing, the well-made professional grade cabinets slot neatly into any elfa configuration but can also be used alone in your garage or workshop. Choose from individual elfa components or make use of our FREE elfa design service to create the perfect garage or workshop storage solution.

Elfa Starter Kits

You could put together a bespoke design with all the component parts. But we realise that sometimes it’s not easy to know where to start. So our budget, entry-level Elfa Starter Kits are the ideal way to begin, to see how it all works and to use it as a springboard before enjoy the versatile beauty of Elfa in every room and for every need in your home.

Our budget-based started kits give you a complete in the box solution that’s cost effective – so they cost a lot less than if you bought all the separate component parts. Plus, you can use it as a starting point to build on to fit your space. Plus as your needs change, you can even repurpose it for another need in a different room.

Elfa Shelves to store everything in every room, plus and Elfa Hanging Starter Kits with rails for clothes on a hanger. These are solutions that can fit on your wall, inside your wardrobe or in an alcove: they move everything off your floor so you have more room to move around.