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Bigso Box.


Bigso Box of Sweden design, manufacture and market a wide range of storage solutions for both the home and office with a commitment to sustainability.

10 x File & Magazine Box
Soft Underbed Storage Box
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Travel Shoe Bag
Back SoonSet of 4 Storage Boxes

About Bigso Box

Developed in 1963, Bigso have produced storage products made from recycled fibreboard. In the beginning the main emphasis was on that these products would be tucked away in wardrobes and loft spaces. Originally Fibreboard was seen as an economic solution for a range of storage needs in both homes and the industry. More than 50 years later, this has developed on a larger scale with Bigso’s products fast becoming a major decorative feature in the homes and offices all over the world. The ease and flexibility of their productions processes have allowed them to adapt to new trends in the marketplace and allows them to create new products to fit in with the needs of the public. Integrated into their strategy and operation at all levels is their commitment to sustainability. Applying a product-life cycle approach to manage the environmental impacts, and using renewable, recycled and recyclable materials is a cornerstone in their strategy. Increased energy efficient lowers the carbon footprint as well as keeping the costs down for purchasing.

Bigso Box of Sweden