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Versatility of Elfa Shelving for Your Home

In the world of professional organising, finding the perfect storage solution is key to transforming cluttered spaces into functional spaces.

Zebedee Any Angle Clothes Rail featured on Dragon’s Den

Friend of A Place For Everything and long-time supplier of Zebedee Angle Clothes Rails, Diane Challender gave a great pitch of her (almost) famous clothes rail – Zebedee.

Christmas Gift Guide 2023. Shopping For Everyone On Your List

Have a read over our Christmas gift guide for 2023 with ideas to suit everyone on your gift list.

Unwrapping the Art of Gift Wrapping: Adding a Touch of Organisation to Your Presents

The festive season is approaching fast. It will be here before we know it. And, unless you thrive on scrambling around on Christmas Eve searching for presents, finding that crumpled-up wrapping paper in the back of the cupboard and untying the now knotted ribbon that should be making your presents look abundant….rather than abysmal…you’d best read on.

How to Declutter Your Wardrobe and Get It Organised Like a Pro!

How to organise and enhance you wardrobe to get it organised like a pro.

Created in 2015 - Pebbly

Taking an in-depth look at Pebbly.

Back to School

Getting sorted for heading back to school, college or university

Organise and Enhance Your Kitchen with iDesign

How to organise and enhance your kitchen with our wide range of innovative products from iDesign.

Making a Splash

Storage pieces that also add a pop of colour to any room.

Making The Most Of Outdoor Space; No Matter What The Size

Making the most of your outdoor space, no matter what the size.

75 Years of Smart Storage

Taking an in-depth look at elfa including who they are and what they do.

Supplier In The Spotlight; Extreme Lounging

Taking an in-depth look at one of our amazing suppliers; Extreme Lounging.

The New Edit: May 2023

Putting the spotlight on my top 5 stylish storage products featured in The New Edit for May 2023.

Small Space Storage Solutions: Creative Ideas to Save Space

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization with these tips on maximizing storage in small spaces. From under-bed storage to using the back of doors, these solutions will help you save space.

Where to start decluttering and how to stay organised

President of The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, Sian Pelleschi offers her top tips on how to declutter and then stay organised.

Why Do Kids Love LEGO?

We all have our very own Lego brick memories. So, what is it about Lego that captures both our hearts and our imaginations?

Discover the upside of downsizing

It can be difficult, daunting and downright emotional to let go of possessions you've built up over time. We've proven top tips to make downsizing simpler.

How to organise everything in your home with Elfa

With Elfa we will show you how easy it is to sort out and store everything in every room in your house. We are elfa fanatics and here's why you will be too...

How to get organised with Shelving

Shelves are life - they are simple, spacious, great value and so easy to put up. And they go everywhere. We have 1000's of shelves in every shape and size!

How to store Christmas Decorations

We all want our Christmas decorations to be easy to find, easy to pack away and easy to protect from breakages, damage and dust- Spruce up your storage!

Smart Ways To Store Things On The Back Of A Door

You have lots of doors around your home, so why not put them to good use?

How to Organise Your Wardrobe

Do you have wardrobe envy? Do you struggle to find the item you want? Do you secretly crave after having a well-organised wardrobe - you are not alone!

How to Organise Your Spare Room

Do you have guests coming to stay? Do you want to create a permanent or occasional guest room? We have superb storage solutions for every sized room!

How to Organise your Drawers

From brushes to bobbles, belts to bracelets, bibs to babygrows - we all have lots of bits and bobs in our bedroom, kitchen and home office that need storing.

How To Clear Kitchen Clutter

We love our kitchens being the hub of the home. But it's hard to balance the practical with the beautiful. We show you how...

Top Toy Storage Ideas

We love toys as kids – and sometimes as big kids too. As kids grow, their toys change, so they end up with a huge collection. Here's how to make tidying toys child's play...

How To Store Shoes

If you're like me, you’ll love shoes. We've tested the best shoe storage, from smallest to biggest, cheapest to dearest, smartest to most stylish...