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Coat Hooks, Wall Hooks & More.

Here, you will find all kinds of handy hooks, coat stands, and storage to help keep your home tidy and organised. Hooks are helpful items to have all around the house, and we have plenty to choose from. There’s coat hooks, over door hooks, towel hooks, key hooks, as well as coat stands. You’ll never lose anything again!


Flip Coat Hook - Mini
Valet Hook - Melody
Coat Hook - Melody
Shelf with Hooks - Estique
Over Door Hook - Estique
Farringdon Hook Rack
Block - Oak Coat Hook
Wood and Brass Coat Hook
Pirate Wall Hooks - Set of 3
£5.00    £2.00
10 Hook Coat Rack - Meert
Large Curl Coat Rack
£46.00    £19.00
6 Hook Coat Rack - Meert
Wooden Coat Rack & Shelf
Yosemite 5 Peg Coat Hook
£70.00    £50.00
Picket Coat Hook
Vertical Coat Hook - Marrit
TrendingSelf-Adhesive Hook
Buddy Hooks
Swivel Storage Hook


As experts in storage we know that maximising your vertical space helps protect your precious floor space. So our coat Hooks and Racks are brilliant solutions for every room in your home – and outside too.

We’ve hooks for everything in every room. We’ve Coat Hooks and Handbag Hooks for hats, scarves, umbrellas and dog leads. Plus we’ve free-standing Coat Stands for your hallway, cloakroom, office or reception area.

Our handy Key Hooks and Trays mean you always know where they are. You'll also have room to sort your mail and empty everything in your pocket the moment you walk through your door. We’ve also Bathroom Hooks for towels, Kitchen Hooks for tea towels, food, detergents and even your ironing board.

Plus of course, we’ve Over Door Hooks and Racks for coats, clothes, scarves, handbags, jewellery and towels and more.

Check out our Garage Hooks and Racks for tools ladders and more for garages, sheds, and workshops.

Coats & Handbags

We have every type of hook in every material for every room. So we’ve Coat Hooks in wood, solid oak and ash, plus metal coat hooks in galvanised steel. We’ve conventional peg hooks and designer hooks for fashion followers. Check out our swivel hooks and pull-down hooks, plain and multi-coloured hooks.

We’ve hooks for every room: children’s room hooks, bedroom hooks, hallway hooks, cloakroom hooks, plus ingenious angled and spiralled under-stairs hooks. And don’t forget to look at our Over The Door Hooks.

We’ve also handbag hooks to hang inside your wardrobe from the clothes rail just like a coat hanger – or to hang from the edge of dining tables. Looking for something unusual? Take a butcher’s hook at our coat hooks and racks in the shape of ‘hello’. Or see our hooks shaped like bubbles, hands, dogs, stags, or skyscrapers.

Or try our emoji hooks, LEGO hooks or our Tube map hooks.

Over Door

Make the most of every door with our Over the Door Hooks and Racks. They are the simplest, quickest way to have vertical storage: no drilling is needed: you can hang them up in seconds.

While we’ve mainly Coat Hooks, we’ve also great door hooks and racks for clothes and scarves – especially with our pull-down valet hooks. Plus we’ve over the door hooks for towels, handbags and jewellery.

Best of all, they all fit over a standard sized door or a fire door. But why stop there? Make the most of your other doors: we have Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinet Door Hooks.

We have all the Over the Door hooks you’ll ever need. From wood to metal hooks, from traditional to modern, from single to multiple hooks – and from plain to multi-coloured hooks.

Are you renting your property? Then our Over the door hooks could be the ideal solution if you’re not permitted to fix anything to the walls. See our Over the Door Storage Article for more ideas.

Coat Stands

Just like with our Hooks and Coat Racks, they come in all shapes, sizes, materials and budgets. We have traditional Wooden Coat Stands in wood and modern Metal Coat Stands in powder coated metal tubing, mirror-finished polished chrome or gorgeous antique brass, plus some stunningly crafted German designs in brushed steel. Life isn’t dull, so take a look at some of our unusual designs too. We have a Flapper Coat stand with pull-down hooks, others with spinning hooks, plus Tree Coat Stands that are shaped like branches.  

Some others are triangular shape and echo the look of The Shard. We even have a Sputnik Coat and Umbrella Stand: no guesses where the inspiration for that one came from. What isn’t rocket science is that we have an exceedingly good range for you to choose from.

And some also have room for umbrellas, shoes, bags and include a bench to sit on to put on and take off your shoes – that’s ideal in your hallway so you can sit down as soon as you arrive home.

Of course it’s a bit of a blurred line between what is a coat stand and what is a free-standing coat rack. Who are we to argue: we just select the very best quality, style and design and offer them to you.

So we do all the hard work so you don’t have to waste time looking anywhere else.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We have hooks and racks that help you make the most of your bathrooms and kitchen – even if it’s a compact cooking area or a bijou bathroom or en-suite.

We have wall-mountable, tile mountable and cabinet mountable hooks. But what if don’t want to drill? Then try these... Our super strong Self-adhesive Hooks are ideal for walls in any room, or tiles and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. They can even go on a fridge, a freezer, a cooker. These stick-on hooks are so easy to install: you just peel and stick: no drilling, measuring or balancing is needed. So they’re great if you rent and you’re not permitted to drill into the walls of your property.

Or try our Hook Over Kitchen Cabinet Towel Bar; our Hook over Radiator Clothes Airers for towels and tea towels, plus our Over Cabinet Deep Baskets for packets, jars, tins, cleaning products and more.

Open your mind to where you can use them: they could easily work in a Utility Room, cloakroom, garage and more.

Fed up with your ironing board always being in the way? We have Ironing Board Storage Hooks to keep them off the floor and on your wall, or inside a long cupboard, or on the back of a door, or even inside your airing cupboard.

Plus, don’t forget our Over the Door storage racks and hooks to make use of room doorways.

Key Hooks & Trays

Unless you are lucky enough to have a manor house or a stately home, then your hall and entranceway could be on the small side. No matter: we have the perfect space-saving solutions for you to put your keys in a safe place so that always know where they are. Plus they often have room for you to sort out the junk mail from the important post that’s popped through your door.

We all have so many keys that we need to have. The front door and back door, conservatory door, the garage, shed, workshop, boat, caravan, office or shop. Plus spare keys for family, friends and neighbours. So it makes sense to have them all neatly stored in one place so they’re easily to hand.

We have wall-mounted Hallway Cubbies, Key Hooks, Racks and Organisers for your keys, mail, mobile and pocket change.

We have key hooks in a variety of styles to suit your style. Key Hooks And Post Racks made of clear acrylic. Sleek metal including cool, contemporary, brushed stainless steel. Or beautiful wood including teak, oak and walnut – or painted in high gloss white.

How about a clever all-weather Acorn or Frog for your garden. It opens to reveal a Spare Key Storage Box in case of emergency.

Garage & Bike

Bike Hooks

Whether you call them Bicycle Hooks or Cycle Hooks, we’ve got six, yes six different Bike Hooks. Ones you can park your bike, hang it from the frame, the wheel or the pedal. Plus we have heavy duty lockable storage bike hooks.

We even have a Bike Lift: a bike hook that lower down from the ceiling so you maximise your space.

Garage Hooks and Racks

For your boot room, garage, shed, workshop or outside, we have Ladder Hooks, Garden Chair Hooks and Garden Tool Hooks, Bucket Hooks, Garden Hose Hooks, Power Tool Hooks, Welly Boot Hooks. Plus we’ve Overhead Hooks and Spring Clips for tools and torches, mops and brooms.

One of my favourites is the Gardeners Coat Hooks: shaped like a spade or a fork with hooks that hang down.