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Bedroom Storage.

From coat hangers and clothes rails to underbed boxes, clothes storage, wardrobe storage solutions and make-up tidies, we've got everything you need to keep your boudoir clutter-free and expertly organised. Give your bedroom the attention it deserves. It is after all the room in which we spend most of our time.


Our bedroom – the place we spend more than anywhere else – after all we spend a third of our lives asleep. Our bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we can shut the door and escape the stresses and strains of the day and utterly unwind. So it makes sense to create a haven or harmony as that helps you feel calmer and more relaxed and refreshed.

So having the right clothes storage can make all the difference as it helps your wellbeing. At A Place For Everything we take clothes storage extremely seriously. As bedroom storage experts we’ve tried almost every solution out there. So we’ve done all the hard work for you. If we sell it, then you know it’s not just great, but great value for money too.

Here we show you the best ways to maximise your storage space in your bedroom, your dressing room, your kid’s bedroom and even your spare guest bedroom.

Clothes Storage

Wardrobes can quite often become a dumping ground for all manner of clothing items - and sometimes non-clothing items! That's why it's essential to have some key pieces for storing clothes in an effective manner. Across our range of wardrobe organisers you'll find garment covers, multi-level sweater organisers, shoe organisers, drawer organisers and so much more. Clothes organisers are a wardrobe organisation staple, allowing you to find what you're looking for at a glance.

Boxes & Underbed

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. While you can’t have storage on top of it, you can make the most of the storage space underneath.

Our Underbed Storage is available in fabric, fibreboard, hessian, willow, rattan, seagrass and hyacinth. We also have storage boxes with lids in clear plastic so you can immediately identify what’s inside. Our underbed storage goes right up to 120 litre XL size on rollers so it’s easy to pull out and push back under your bed.

We can help you even further with Vacuum Packs for your underbed storage. These let you suck all the air out, to shrink down your bedding and out-of-season clothes so you can fit more in. Some vacuum bags come within storage trunks and boxes for a really neat finish. Vacuum Bags are also ideal for travelling, to maximise how much you get in your suitcase.

If you’re looking for purpose made bedroom storage for your floor or even inside your wardrobe, see our Hat Boxes, Shoe Boxes and Duvet and Blanket Storage Bags, plus Woven or Wooden Clothes and Bedding Chests. Or try our Modular Storage Cubes with removable wicker baskets.

Clothes Rails & Hanging Organisers

Hanging your clothes means that they stay crease free and they’re ready to wear straight away. At A Place for Everything we have both freestanding Clothes Rails, plus Hanging Organisers to help you make the most of your rail, whether it’s freestanding or in your wardrobe.

Clothes Rails are brilliant handy extra storage for your clothes when you run out of wardrobe space; or you want a portable rail on wheels for a spare bedroom; or because you’re renting. Some tenants or students are not allowed to screw anything into a wall, so freestanding clothes rails are the perfect solution.

We have simple, budget Clothes Rails, right up to luxurious and designer-led rails: take a look – you’ll be surprised how ingenious they are. They come in metal, wood including Scandinavian light wood – and we even have some Velvet Clothes Stands.

Here’s an ingenious idea to hang clothes at an angle for under the stairs, or in an attic room under the eaves. Our Zebedee Clothes Hanging Rail has a clever spiral that lets you hang up clothes, but prevents them from slipping down the sloped rail.

Garment covers: They’re not just great for travel. If you have freestanding clothes rails, it’s worth looking at our long and short Garment Covers. They help protect your clothing from sun damage, dust and moths. We have short lengths for suits, jackets and trousers; plus longer lengths for ball gowns, coats and maxi dresses etc. We even have Clear Garment Covers for fast and easy identification.

One all-in one solution is our Canvas Zip-up Wardrobes: great for spare rooms, student digs and for storing out-of-season clothes.

Not everything you hang down from a clothes rail has to be on a hanger or even have to be clothes. Our Hanging Organisers hang down from clothes rails – both inside a wardrobe and on a freestanding rail. So you can use the vertical space to hang sweaters, tops, folded clothes, scarves, shoes, hats, jewellery, handbags and accessories. Plus some of them can even hang down from your bedroom or wardrobe door.

Jewellery & Make-up

We all know that having make up that’s easy to hand saves time. If you’re going out the last thing you want is to scrabble around trying find a particular eyeliner or lip gloss so you end up flustered, frazzled and super-stressed when you’re supposed to be going out and enjoying yourself.

So it makes sense to have all your make up sorted, so it’s all in the same place every time. At A place for Everything we have Caddies, Trays, Drawers, Cases, Boxes, Stands and Organisers with dividers,

We have In-drawer Jewellery Boxes that expand to fit the inside size of your drawer of your dressing table. Plus we’ve freestanding and travel Jewellery Boxes, plus Stands and Stacking Boxes from Stackers® for charms, bracelets, rings and earrings, glasses, sunglasses and watches.

Looking for Make-up Storage? Then try our clear acrylic Make-up caddies, organisers, and trays for nail polish, brushes, lip gloss, eyeliners, plus Cotton Wool Pads, Balls and Cotton Bud Storage.

A clever design is our 3-in-1 Spindle Storage boxes for make up or jewellery : it has triple layers that fan out where they’re all held together at one corner.

Coat Hangers

OK, for starters coat hangers aren’t obviously just for coats. You can hang almost any item of clothing. Plus, we have different styles for scarves, pashminas, ties, belts, bags, handbags and hats.

Our Coat Hangers and Clothing Clamps come in all shapes, sizes and materials… wood, plastic, velvet, chrome and rubber. Rubber? Well, Rubberised Coat Hangers to prevent clothes slipping. We also have Rubberised Trouser Bars to prevent then slipping off.

To save space, try our Multi-trouser Hangers: they hold up to 5 pairs on 1 hanger. Or go for wardrobe Rail Hooks and Over Door Hooks. Formal for you and fun for kids: we have special fun and funky Children’s Coat Hangers too.

Neat Ideas

OK you got us. Hand up: we confess – these are not really all storage. But we still think they’re great and we wanted to share them with you and they are bedroom related… well… sort of. Take a look and you decide…

We have Magnetic Curtain Tie-backs for bedroom curtains (see what we did there). Plus we’ve also have iPod and Book Storage solutions – and even a portable, rechargeable, wire-free, Mains-free Table Lamp: ideal when your plug point is miles from your bedside table.

So we have Drawer Organisers with adjustable section dividers for shirts, scarves, ties, belts, watches, jewellery and more. Ideal for chests of drawers and dressing tables.

Wardrobe Storage

It’s not just your bedroom or dressing room floor where you can maximise the space. Try inside your wardrobe. As well as all the boxes we’ve talked about already, we also have special Shoe Shelves and Shoe Drawers, plus Wardrobe Storage Drawers.

Elfa is our multi-talented solution maker for every room and helps here too. So we have Mesh Storage Kits, or entire Elfa storage solutions with racks and shelves that you can fix to the inside of your wardrobe or an alcove or have them freestanding.

And don’t forget your bedroom door: we have clever Over Door Storage solutions to use this often overlooked piece of storage space.