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Laundry & Utility Storage.

Don't compromise on style when it comes to products for the laundry and utility room. Our range of clothes airers, cleaning caddies and laundry bins have been designed to look good while making day-to-day tasks that little bit easier. We've also got a range of pet food storage and accessories for your furry friends.

Clothes Airers, Dryers & Horses

Our clothes, towels, bedding – they all need to be dried after washing. And until we have the warmth and reliability of our weather – even in summer – then we all need Clothes Airers, Clothes Dryers, Clothes Horses and Drying Racks.

At A Place For Everything we have drying solutions in every shape and size – and almost all of them are space-saving foldable or retractable designs so they store away neatly when not in use. Choose from traditional Wooden Z-Frame Foldout Designs to contemporary white plastic coated or white painted Metal Dryers. Plus you can have them freestanding or wall-mounted or door racks that can hang from the door or cupboard door.

Some fold, some extend, some pull out. But coming from us, you know that they’ve all been severely tested so they’re strong, robust and of decent durable quality.

If you want more direct heat: try our best-selling Extending Radiator Clothes Airer that e-x-p-a-n-d-s to the width of your radiator – especially ideal for bathrooms.

If you have a lot of washing done in your home, then see our Large Clothes Airer that is large enough to hang up a full load of washing.

Tidy Utility Room Ideas

At A Place For Everything we have brilliant time-saving, energy-saving and patience-saving storage ideas so you can whizz through your washing in no time. We’ve all the Storage Boxes you need for cleaning liquid and sprays, powders and tablets, shoe shine polish and even Recycling Bins.

If you’re short of space in your laundry room – who’s really heard of a large utility room – then make the most of every square inch on your floor, on your walls, in your units and on your door. Try the Elfa Door and Wall Rack: it has all the Elfa 10-year guaranteed quality and innovative storage space you’ll love and it maximise your vertical space. Or try the Elfa Best Selling Utility Room Storage Sets.

Ironing boards are awkward and cumbersome, but they needn’t be. With a low cost Ironing Board Storage Hook, you could hang it on a wall, on your utility room door, or inside, if you’ve got a long cupboard, you could hang it on the inside, outside of the door, or even on the side of the cupboard. If your immersion heater is inside a cupboard, you could even hang it in there too.

We also have an Iron & Ironing Board Store with a built-in storage unit to house your iron and cleaning products, so it keeps it neatly out of the way: no more trip hazards!

Accidents happen. Whether in your kitchen or utility/ ironing room, you’ll thank yourself for having a First Aid Box or First Aid Tin to hand.

Under the sink is underrated as a storage space. whether you have a large or small utility room It’s understandable: cleaning products get shoved in there and often forgotten as it’s awkward to fit around the U-bend and pipes. But having a basket on rails is a clever problem solver. An Elfa Easy Glider Basket and Elfa Universal Runners and Baskets lets you slide out everything you need whether it’s under the sink or in an cupboard.

If you’ve got bits and bobs in drawers, then get them sorted quickly with a Drawer Organiser Set: it has different compartments that you can configure to suit the width and depth of your drawer.

Laundry Bins

A Laundry Bin, Bag, Basket, Hamper… what do you call the place you put all your dirty washing before washing – or all your clean washing after it comes out of the machine? Whatever you call it, at A Place For Everything, we have plenty of storage solutions to suit you, your style, your décor and your budget.

Choose from strong, flexible wooden or plastic Laundry Boxes or nylon or canvas or nylon Laundry Bags. Or weave the beauty of wicker, rattan, hessian or jute through your home with our Laundry Baskets and Hampers. Looking for a bit of fun? We’ve a Laundry Bin shaped as a washing machine!

We’re always told to ‘Wash dark colours separately’ so we’ve a Laundry Sorter so you don’t get your dark washing mixed up with your light. Is your room tight? Then see our space-saving Corner Laundry Baskets.

Pet Food Storage

Storing pet food can be a problem. You can’t leave it outside as it may encourage vermin. You could keep it in a garage, but then it’s a hassle twice a day to go and get it. So you’ll probably keep it in your home. Chances are that you’ll want to keep it separate from your own food. Pet food often has a strange odour that might be manna for a moggie or doggie, but isn’t to our taste.

So why not keep them in a special tin or bin? We have Pet Food Bins, Pet Treat Tins and plenty of fun furry ways to serve their dinner with traditional white stoneware bowls. Plus 'Hungry Dog' and 'Cat That Got The Cream' bowls too. There are even Cast Iron Wall Mounted Dog Bowls that are ideal for both inside or outside your home. We also have Stacking Recycling Bins that let you sort out your packaging and your waste food.