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Home Office.

From office desks and shelving, file boxes and drawer organisers to cable tidies and waste paper bins, we've got everything you'll need to create the perfect workspace.


Now you can make the most of your home office or study no matter what size it is.

At A Place For Everything we specialise in space management. So our home office ideas help you maximise the room you have with minimal effort.

Whether it’s a converted box room, bedroom, or just a space under the stairs, we can help you get it sorted and organised at a price to please the inner finance director in you.

Desks & Shelving

The Desk is the most important piece of furniture in your office, home office or study. It must give you enough room to house your computer or laptop, paperwork and stationery. And that’s before you add any personal touches like photos of your loved ones etc.

At A Place For Everything, we have Desks in all shapes and sizes to suit your office design... Traditional Desks and Pedestal Desks with drawers at the sides, Writing Desks – and even Console Desks that can double up as Console Tables.

They’re also available in a variety of styles to suit you, your taste and your décor. So we have desks in both traditional and modern styles – in solid oak, or high gloss white, or painted to a smart grey colour.

If you want to have an ultra-discreet look, then opt for a Hidden Home Office. This cleverly looks like a sideboard, but is actually office furniture and hides it all away out of sight: the hard drive, printer, paper… everything.

Whether you’re going to be working in a home office, a box room, a corner of your dining room or even in the space under the stairs you can still make the most of it with space-saving solutions.

A Foldable Desk Tray is a simple solution: you just fold it flat when not in use. Or go for a Wall-mounted Desk that folds flat to your wall and frees up all your floorspace underneath too. Or try our Extendable Work Tops that you can pull out for when you’re working and slide back afterwards to save space.

Office Shelves or Book Shelves are just the job to give you’re the storage you need. From wood to metal mesh and over the door storage, we’ve got Freestanding Shelves, or got for Wall-mounted Shelves, so you keep everything off the ground and you keep your floorspace free. They’re perfect to store files, paperwork and awards etc.

Modular Shelves are ideal: you can fill them with baskets or have them open. Plus as your needs expand, you can just add more – or even move them to a different room for a new storage purpose.

If you’re looking for something different, try our Tetris Stacking Shelves. They are also stackable, but just like the Terus game, you can configure them into almost any shape to suit your space. Making your storage fit your space is the idea behind Extendable Shelves that you can minimise or e-x-p-a-n-d to suit your space.

Or go for Ladder Shelves that lean against a wall – or ‘Floating’ Shelves that appear to float in mid-air against the wall as the fixings are hidden.

Filing & Paperwork

Keeping all your filing paperwork in order so it’s easy to locate is now easy. There are multitude of office storage options… File, Magazine and Document Storage, that’s made from fibreboard; Large Card Boxes or Plastic Boxes for suspension or dead files; plus Storage Drawers and Suspension File Storage Boxes.

Modular Storage Cubes are a versatile stackable solution , with or without boxes and baskets. For really important paperwork like passports, contracts, deeds etc., then keep them all secure with VIP Waterproof Document Storage: so even if there is a water leak or a flood then you know your paperwork is protected.

If you’ve got lots of paperwork, then keep it all neat, tidy and in one place with Solid Wood Filing Cabinets that can be neatly organised in suspension files. We have them in beautiful oak, walnut, mahogany. If you’ve got less space or less paperwork, then choose Mini, Multi-filing Cabinets.

Desktop Organisation

Your desk has a finite amount of room. It needs to house your work and everything to help you do it efficiently. From iPads to tablets, mobiles to monitors, paper to paperclips, you want everything to be organised so it’s on hand and easy to get to. So it’s best to make use of your vertical space.

At A Place For Everything we have traditional and contemporary Storage Stations and Organiser Drawers and Drawer Towers.

For smaller items, Tidy Tubs, Storage Caddies and Desk Top Organisers are ideal. Plus we’ve A4 Drawers for paperwork and Storage Trays for odds and ends. Our Apple Organiser is a novel curved-shaped desktop organiser with 7 coloured storage boxes.

From Bookends with storage for reading glasses, to Stands for headphones – there are clever storage solutions. even Headphone Stands for headphones.

Neat Ideas

Our Home Office has to house a lot of stuff from staples and sticky tape to stationery. So you need lots of special places to store everything so it’s easy to access. At A Place for Everything we have Neat Ideas to hold your mobile phone on your wall, to store batteries, cable tidies to keep your cables tangle-free, to organise your drawers with dividers and compartments

Plus we’ve clever unusual stuff like coloured cable tags you can attach to your cables and connectors so you know which one is which and you don’t unplug the wrong one.

We have laptop and tablet trays (they’re also great for propping up a book too) with soft undersides that cushion the contours of your legs.

Plus we’ve books to safeguard your passwords, addresses, to store birthday cards in a calendar, diaries and wedding organiser books: they’re great for you to keep and to give as gifts.

How about this: a Clothes Peg Clip Light: it holds the page open of a book, journal or document and shines a light directly onto the page. Brilliant!

And how about Under Shelf Baskets. You don’t have to use up precious surface space on your worktops and shelves: this maximises your vertical space by hanging down from underneath.

Wastepaper Bins

Just because it holds rubbish, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have style: after all, you have to live with it in your home.

So choose a bin that suits your room, your home and your style. We’ve Wastepaper Bins made entirely from wood.

Plus we’ve Metal Pedal Bins, Designer Bins, Woven Seagrass Basket Bins, plus even Skinny Elliptical Bins when you don’t have much floorspace to play with in your home office.

Looking for something unusual? then try our Star Wars Litter Bin: the handle on the lift has the head of C-3PO.

Media Storage

Music, movies, games: we all really value our leisure time and the enjoyment we get from our favourites. So it makes sense to keep all our DVDs, CDs, video games and vinyl records safe and secure so they’re protected from getting scratched, so you can enjoy them to the full time after time.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have media storage. At The Store we give you great Media Storage whether it’s for your lounge, bedroom, playroom, chill-out room or home office.

We have Boxes with chalkboard ends that kids love. Or go for beautiful Handmade Wooden LP Storage Boxes that look uber-cool with stylish rounded corners. Or go for the tried and tested route with Elfa: either wall-mounted or over the door and all with a 10-year guarantee.

If you’re looking for natural beauty in your media storage, try these solid wood CD and DVD Entertainment Cupboards and Drawers, plus Entertainment and Media Cabinets for your music system – that’s hi-fi if you’re over a certain age – as well as all your gaming gear whether it’s from Nintendo, Xbox, Game Boy or PlayStation

Plus, we’ve beautiful Wooden TV Cabinets with plenty of room underneath for all your remote controlled tech and cupboards to clear away all the clutter of cables and connectors.