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Environmental Policy


A Place For Everything is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

We're not perfect but we're trying our best to be as green as we can and here's just a few of the ways we're trying to do our bit:


We always aim to source our products as responsibly as possible, for example:

Our stacking plastic recycle bins are made locally in the UK from 90% recycled plastic unlike some we've tested and rejected that are wastefully transported from the other side of the world (and aren't even manufactured from recycled plastic!).

15% of global seagrass resources are facing extinction due to sedimentation from deforestation alongside agricultural and sewage run-off. Accordingly, we insist our seagrass baskets and wicker storage boxes are harvested from sustainable resources. Alongside this we work with niche basket makers and local co-operatives to weave our wicker storage, which we belive is better for the environment, local economic sustainability and allows us to focus on quality products.

Our wooden storage furniture is sourced from sustainable woodland. Much of it is harvested locally in the EU and where possible we always insist on FSC registered products to guarantee social and environmental standards.


Currently, 94% of all customer deliveries are dispatched in recycled boxes and packaging. They may not look as pretty as purpose-made cardboard boxes but we think you'll be more interested in the goodies inside and the fact that we're actually recycling rather than discarding packing boxes

Every single item of plastic, card and paper waste that is generated is sent to our mail-order distribution centre and processed for recycling. Yes it costs us a little more than just bunging our weekly mountains of rubbish in industrial skips but we think it's worth the extra effort

We're also trying our best to avoid using plastics in our mail order packaging and where possible mostly now use paper based product to wrap and protect your deliveries. Hands-up, we do sometimes have to use a little bubble wrap to protect particularly delicate items in transit, but even our bubble-wrap is now made from 30% recycled material and we've made sure to source a product that is 100% recyclable.