Extreme Lounging

What better thing to do at the end of a busy day than to fall into a comfy beanbag from Extreme Lounging. There's a wide range of colours, materials and sizes to choose from with beanbags suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A great accessory that also doubles up as additional seating.

Chilling out has never bean so much fun.

  Bean bags: we love them. There’s something irresistibly squashy and uber comfy about them. They feel sooo comfy and supportive as they perfectly contour our contours.   Our Extreme Lounging Collection of indoor and outdoor Beanbags, Bean Bag Chairs, Bean Boxes and even a Double Hammock makes it so comfy to chill out whether you’re reading, watching TV or YouTube, gaming, hanging out with friends, sunbathing or looking after baby.

Bean bags are the perfect home accessories. They're a great way for you, for them and for the whole family – even your pets to relax. They’re cool in the bedroom, playroom, conservatory, or lounge as additional seating space when you’ve lots of friends and family over for festive celebrations and other occasions and you’re all sat down after a big meal.

For little ‘uns and big kids They’ll adore how they look and feel, you’ll love our low prices.

Bean Bags have grown up. Sure we still have them in funky shades and vivid brights. But we also have them in more traditional luxurious colours like browns, blacks and greys.

Tested to perfection. We’ve tested and rejected so many, so we only bring you the best, the softest, safest, most comfy and the best value.  So the moment you sink into their sumptuous comfort, you’ll feel yourself utterly unwinding – so it could become your favourite chair from day one.   Lightweight, so it’s  movable furniture to go anywhere. Plus, as it’s so squashy, it’s easy to fit around other items when packing up the car if you’re staying away for a few days.  

Beanbags come in all shapes and sizes.

Sure you can have the traditional balloon shape. But we also have them as a B-Box box-shape that is ideal as a footstool too, or as a Bean Chair with  armrests  that’s as comfy as traditional Fatboy Original giant bean bags, but in the shape of an uber comfy chair. We even have a Beanbag Lounger.

For you, for both of you. Beanbags are wonderfully self-indulgent: cosseting and cocooning your contours. But they don’t have to just be for you. We also have a Monster B Beanbag that you can share with your friends when you want to chill out.   

Feel-good fabrics

Our beanbags come in a whole range of brilliant fabrics. Some are made from luxurious faux-leather: this is arguably better than real leather as it saves you money, saves you having to feed it with treatments throughout its life and saves you from having to giving it special treatments if there any spills: they can simply be wiped clean.

If you want it to be even cosier, then try our Mighty-B Sheepskin Beanbag Chair – which is also known as The Furry One. There's no faux fur here, it's Made from furry-sheepskin. It’s insanely snug and like getting a big hug from your favourite cuddly bear.

Beanbags are the best way for mum and baby to relax. Whether you’re a mums-to-be or a new mums who are breastfeeding, a beanbag or bean chair helps you stay really comfy.  

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor: it’s the safest place for them. So it makes sense for you to be comfy on their level too. The bean bags also mould to the shape of a baby so they are blissfully comfortable – helping them be blissfully quiet too.  

Chill-out outdoors

We have special weather-resistant, shower-proof, fade-proof Outdoor Bean bags too – of course you can still use them inside. They’re great to connect with nature and make the most of your garden as you feel the sun on your face. Then just lounge on your patio, decking or back to nature on your grass – my family even put them on the trampoline and have a chill-out with friends.

Want to take the weight completely off your feet? Then try our B Hammock. It has a tremendously strong, sturdy metal frame, assembles in seconds and lasts a lifetime. Best of all, the hammock is wide enough for two of you to share… so you can both gently rock in the sun. It’s waterproof too, so you can leave it outdoors or quickly unhook it too.

Plus, our place in the sun costs you a lot less than a Fatboy Hammock – we know that it will delight the inner bean counter in you.

Our Beanbags and Bean Chairs are great for gaming.

Our gaming bean bags look amazing and feel fantastic as they perfectly mould to your contours. So you can enjoy all the excitement and stay comfy however many hours you’re playing for.

Plus, you’re lower to the ground. So if you’re driving in a video game, you sit with your legs forward, just as you would in a real car. The squashy supportive shape feels like you’re in a bucket seat in a sports car or a go kart so you feel closer to the action.