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Hallway Storage.

Hallways are often the first thing you see when entering a property. Shoe racks, umbrella stands, coat hooks and benches all make great additions to keep your belongings expertly organised and easy to grab.


Our hallway is like a train station: it has a lot of comings and goings.

It’s a place where people change their footwear. So when you come in from outside, you change into your slippers so that you don’t bring dirt, mud and muck into your home. Coming in from work and taking off your shoes is also symbolic of work finishing and relaxation starting. So it’s your change station in your home where you store all your footwear for both inside and outdoors.

It’s the place for more than shoes though. It’s for everything else too – dog leads and poo bags, umbrellas, walking and hiking sticks, hats, caps, scarves and gloves so that we’re protected from whatever the weather throws at us wherever we go.


Choose shoe storage for your hallway that’s right for you and your needs. If you want a grab and go budget version, then open Shoe Racks are the way to go. They save you money over other options, but they tend to be lower to the ground and mean that your shoes will need dusting from time to time. Some designer-style racks even ‘float’ on walls with hidden fixings.

Closed Shoe Cabinets if you want a more formal look and a discreet piece of furniture to house your footwear. These tend to be higher, using more of your vertical space and you tend to be able to store more shoes. Typically they have pull down drawer fronts and the shoes are stored at a slight angle – to save space – on racks inside.

Some Shoe Racks are Shoe Benches: you can sit down as you put on or take off your shoes and boots

At A Place For Everything we have the full range of Shoe Racks, Shoe Cabinets, Shoe Benches, plus we also have handy storage for walking boots and wellies too. See our Shoe Storage Collection for the full range.


Coat Stands are a key piece of furniture for a hallway. You, your family and your guests all have to put your coats somewhere – and since most homes don’t have room for a cloakroom, and you don’t want them all piled on the post at the end of the bannisters, then a coat stand is this answer.

It holds them vertically, so it doesn’t take up much room. Plus, many options also include storage room for umbrellas and walking/ hiking sticks too – see the Umbrella Stands section below.

At A Place For Everything we have a great collection of freestanding Coat Stands, Racks and Rails, plus wall-mounted Coat Pegs and Hooks. Usually made from wood or metal, they come in all shapes and sizes from the conventional to the contemporary, the fun to the funky.

Hallway Furniture

Even though your hallway is your home’s change station, it can house more than just shoe storage and coat racks. So it’s worth looking at having some furniture that’s not only practical, but is also a beautiful sight for guests who you welcome through your front door.

At A Place For Everything we have great Shoe Storage – see above – plus other storage that’s great too… Storage Benches, Storage Trunks, Modular Storage Cubes with baskets. some are traditional, others modern, some full of urban chic with reclaimed wood that’s been distressed or upscaled. Plus, some ooze designer appeal – we even have a Sausage Dog Bench and a Bull Dog Bench.

Console Tables and Sideboards and Telephone Tables are all useful hallway furniture. They typically have a narrower depth from front to back so they can fit into hallways, but still give you ample room to get past.

Have them as a great way to display and array of flowers to welcome your guests, or a fabulous display. They’re great for keys, so there always in the same place; for sorting the post that’s popped through your door; and for putting your bag underneath when you come in. They usually come either open underneath, or with a single shelf, or with two cupboard doors to discretely hide things away.

Radiator Covers are a great way to discretely hide away unsightly heating, plus they give you a handy storage shelf on top. We love Stair Baskets – they’re shaped to fit over the step to give you great extra storage that’s handy for both upstairs and down.

Keys & Phones

When you come into your home, you want to put somewhere your things, your phone, your keys, a place to sort out your mail or post that’s popped through your door, a place to put your bag.

At A Place For Everything we have all the solutions from a simple Hallway Shelf, to handy Hooks. Some fix to wall, some hook to wall, and some are phone cubbies. And remember, Key Hooks for keys also can be used as hooks for coats, jackets caps and hats and vice versa.

Plus we have more unusual ideas too: an outdoor ornamental Frog that opens up where you can hide a spare key. Have you ever struggled to find the right key on a key ring or in your bag? Then try making them easier to identify. We have eye-catching Key Caps – colourful covers in the shape of guitars.


For your hallway or porchway, Umbrella Stands are a piece of furniture that we all need, but we rarely think about. Usually they are freestanding and come within a coat stand – see our Coat Stand section above. They almost always have a drip dray to protect your floor.

At A Place For Everything, we have Umbrella Stands in traditional dark wood, plus in white gloss, willow, wicker, rattan, steel and even cast iron. We have traditional shaped umbrella stands, golf umbrella stands, plus ladies’- and handbag umbrella stands.

If you’re looking for something unusual, see our Owl-shaped Coat and Umbrella Stand.

If you love umbrellas, we have a couple of great ones: an Autumn Umbrella and a Kids Umbrella with a peek-a-boo window to see where they’re going.

Door Stops

As your hallway has lots of comings and goings, sometimes you just want to prop your door open, especially if you’re moving things in and out of your home. So it makes sense to prop open your door with a heavy weight or a wedge.

At A Place For Everything, we have every type of Door Stop and Door Wedge you can imagine including solid wood. If you want something fun then try our novelty Doggy Door Stops and Racing Car Door Stops. Or for designer style, go for Stainless Steel Door Stops, and heavy aged Leather Animal Door Stops.