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Updated: 21/09/2020

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Since the rise of the upcycle, crafting seems to have become more and more popular. That's why we're pleased to offer our range of furniture as well as storage solutions and ideas so that you've always got the right paint brush to hand.

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Upcycling? Upscaling? Crafting is more popular than ever So whether you’re into sewing, knitting, crochet, card making, painting, jewellery making, papercrafts, mosaic making, soap making or even pyrography, here we have a haven of storage solutions to make your heart leap.

Craft Boxes & Storage Ideas

No keen crafter or artists likes a jumbled mess. It’s frustrating. It means that you waste time trying to find the bits and bobs you need, rather than actually creating! So whether you work with paper, beads, sequins, jewellery, ribbon, and paint, pads & brushes, you want to have everything to hand – fast.

We love a bit or sorted order at A Place for Everything. So we’ve Boxes, and Drawers; Trays, Caddies and Cubbies to quickly organise all your art and craft material.

We’ve plastic boxes in every shape, size and configuration, from a massive 120 litres, right down to a tiny 0.14 litre box. Many storage boxes stack to max your vertical space. Others have dividers to section off different compartments into 4, 6, 12, 15, 16 or if you go for our Hobby Storage Box you’ll have 2 trays, 4 litres of storage space and 30 different storage sections. Or go for the ultimate: a 21 litre Craft Storage Box with 2 trays holding 32 separate sections!

We have purpose built solutions too: Knitting Needle and Artist Paint Brush Boxes; Sewing and Knitting Storage Boxes, Scrap Book Storage Boxes; Stacking Drawers, Hanging Rails for paper and fabric, Ribbon Storage Hangers and Ribbon Dispenser Boxes. If you’re looking for something unusual, try our Apple-shaped Storage with 7 x 0.14 Litre Really Useful Boxes inside.

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Craft Room Storage Furniture

If your hobby is crafting or painting, you’ll probably wish you had more space to enjoy it. No matter what size space you have, it’s important not to feel hemmed in, but to maximise the storage of every inch of the room to give yourself more room. So at A Place for Everything we’ve got creative with our storage solutions.

Our Elfa Best Selling Craft Solutions are clever wall-mounted storage for crafter and artists. They use your vertical space well so your floorspace is free. Some even have a desk built into the design.

We even have a Wall-mounted Occasional Desk: it folds down from the wall when you need it and back up again afterwards to save space.

Don’t forget your doors: see them as blank canvases that are waiting to be filled! Our Over Door Elfa Rack is a head to toe height storage solution that fits over the back of a door – or you could easily mount it on a wall too.

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Elfa Craft Storage Solutions

You’ve already heard quite a lot about Elfa in our Craft and artist storage solutions – we’re big fans of the modular system. But it’s good to know that there are other bits and bobs that could help you as a crafter or artist. While our Craft Storage Furniture concentrates on larger complete pre-configured solutions, here we show you smaller solutions and individual pieces and component parts, so you can build a bespoke craft and artist space.

So we have Elfa Storing Boards: These pegboards with hooks and hangers for tools, equipment and more.

So we have vertical Board Wall Mounts, plus horizontal strips that hang off them. Plus we’ve acrylic storage boxes, hooks, shelves and trays that can hang off the strips or craft boards to store all your bits and bobs. We even have purpose made horizontal Hanging Rails so paper or fabric, gift wrap or magazines can hang down and be stored vertically.

Can’t decide what you want? Give our expert Elfa team a call or email and for free we’ll help to design you a great solution that maximises your space.

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