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LEGO Storage.

Add some colour and fun to your storage with our giant LEGO storage bricks and storage heads which have been officially licensed by LEGO themselves. We've also stock a full range of LEGO lunch boxes and bottles, as well as dedicated minifigure display cases.


LEGO: big building blocks make great box storage

Relive your youth and explore our funky range of officially licensed LEGO storage products. From scaled-up Lego bricks to Lego storage heads and lunch boxes and even water bottles, our LEGO storage products add fun and pops of colour into any room in your home.   They’re great for kids bedrooms and playrooms. Plus as they’re oversized, they’re ideal as a retro storage idea or piece of iconic design for a funky studio, apartment or home for big kids too.   You never know, one of our LEGO bricks might even stop the age old problem of finding a rogue piece embedded in your foot!   We’ve made it easier to find exactly what you want. So we’ve created five easy-to-buy from LEGO shops: Giant Bricks and Heads, Minifigure Display Cases, Lunch Sets and Water Bottles, Lego Storage Block Bundles – and Storage Heads.

Giant Storage Bricks

We loved building them as children – and now as grown-ups we can enjoy them all over again in a new way: as brilliant, bright LEGO storage ideas. Our large LEGO storage boxes, blocks and drawers are in up to 18 colours: the original bright primary colours, plus softer sugar pastels too.   Our LEGO plastic storage boxes are the perfect storage units for small LEGO too. They come in all shapes and sizes… from Extra Small to Small to Medium to Large – and in Square, Oblong and also Round shapes.   Each Brick and Head has the LEGO logo on each of the studs on the top. And yes, you can stack them too: we know you want to!   The LEGO storage system is perfect solution for your bedroom or the kids’ bedroom or playroom. Plus in your lounge or home office. The boxes and drawer systems are ideal as toy storage and for storing pens, pencils and colouring pens, plus notepads, small toys and of course LEGO bricks. Plus, they're ideal to have as under-bed storage.

Storage Heads

Our LEGO Storage heads really are 16cm (Small) and 28cm high (Large). Plus they’re available in both male and female versions and some with emoji faces, scary Skeleton Heads and frightening Pumpkin version too. They’re  a great way for kids to clear clutter, plus they’re cool to look at too.   They’re great for big kids too as an iconic piece of design, plus as the perfect place to put your keys, mobile and of course store LEGO bricks and all your small pieces of LEGO, so you find the pieces you need.   Oh yes, of course there’s the LEGO logo on the top of each one – it is an officially licenced product after all – plus as it’s LEGO, you can stack one head on top of another and then another: now that’s what I call a head for heights!

Storage Block Bundles - Save 10%

With so many funky LEGO colours to choose from, our LEGO storage blocks offer endless possibilities.

To make choosing a little easier, we've curated a range of storage brick bundles using our LEGO storage boxes that'll sit beautifully in any decor.

Our most popular giant LEGO 8 stud storage brick really swallows the clutter and when paired with our other storage bricks you'll find some handy sized bundles that are sure to house (well) just about anything you want to store in them be it LEGO, other toys or even paperwork for big kids. Stackable (just like the real thing), we've also paired our 8 and 4 stud bricks with our new range of giant LEGO brick drawers for those moments where you can't wait to unstack your LEGO bricks to get at the content.

Lego Display Cases and Home Décor

Building and creating with LEGO offers hours of fun for kids and AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) alike but displaying your creations without them getting dusty or damaged has always been problematic. New to our range of LEGO Storage is our LEGO mini-figure display case and LEGO Play and Display cases. As the name suggests, our play and display cases offer a great solution both to displaying LEGO creations but also provide hours of fun when wanting to create and play.

Widening the love of LEGO, we've recently introduced an eclectic range of other LEGO branded products that are both true to the core LEGO DNA but also useful around the home including LEGO picture frames, LEGO coat hooks and magnets plus our best selling LEGO ice cube tray that makes perfectly shaped ice cubes in the shape of LEGO bricks.

LEGO Lunch Boxes and Drinking Bottles

Our genuinely licensed LEGO Lunch Boxes are in the primary colours, and many come with handy carry handles. So they’re perfect for sandwiches, snacks, a drink, fruit and more.   Love LEGO? Love Movies? Then look at our collection of officially licenced character and film Lunch Boxes and Drinking Bottles from ‘Star Wars’, Star Wars Rebels’ ‘C-3PO’, ‘R2D2’, ‘Darth Vader’ ‘Batman Movie’, ‘Chima’, ‘Nexo Knights’, ‘Ninjago’ and ‘Friends’.

Show your love of LEGO in the school canteen or office kitchen with our range of LEGO lunch boxes and drinking bottles to add a bit of fun to lunchtimes.  

Wooden LEGO Storage

Recently our LEGO offering has been widened to include our stunning simple wooden range. The wooden collection celebrates Scandinavian design, focusing on simplicity, organic materials, and neutral colours. Each piece is handcrafted from FSC certified solid red oak and embraces the playful spirit of the LEGO universe. 6 pieces are included in the range.