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Kitchen & Food Storage.

Welcome to our Kitchen and Food Storage range! Discover innovative solutions to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Find practical products that maximize space and add style to your cooking area. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and embrace the art of organization today! Happy browsing!


How to conquer your kitchen clutter: our recipes for success

We’d probably all like a bigger kitchen. So whatever size space you have, it makes sense to make the most of it.

Kitchens are one of the most used and busiest rooms in your home. They have your cooker, fridge and freezer, plus store all your food, cutlery, crockery, serving dishes – and all your pots, pans, gadgets and kitchen equipment. It’s where you make your tea and coffee, and often where you eat as well. You may have your washing machine and tumble dryer and even your dishwasher all crammed in.

You need to be really organised, maximising every inch of space that you’ve got, so you don’t ‘lose’ things at the back of the cupboard. At A Place For Everything, we give you a place for everything in every cupboard and cabinet, every counter and work surface, in every nook and cranny with our kitchen storage solutions.

We also make the best use of your vertical storage space over every door – from your kitchen door to your cabinet door and even on the outside of your fridge or freezer door. So everything can be neat, tidy and easy to find.

Over-door storage

Store more either inside or outside your kitchen cupboard doors for food, cleaning products, carrier bags and more.

Cupboard & Drawer Organisers

We’ve a full range of stacking and storing solutions from Storage Baskets to . Plus we've kitchen storage for Plate Racks, to storage for cling film, baking paper or tin foil; racks for pots and pans and lids in cupboards. We've even Under-Sink Storage, Fridge Storage; Cutlery Organisers.

Many kitchen items are awkwardly shaped: bottles, condiments, spice bottles etc. – so it’s hard to stack anything on top and all that ‘above space’ is wasted. We’ve clever stacking solutions for inside your cupboard with Mesh Stacking Shelves to secure pots, plates, bowls, cups and ramekin dishes, jars, small bottles, water bottles, glasses and more etc. We even have Under Shelf Baskets that hang down from the middle shelf in cupboards so you maximise every inch of vertical space.

Counters and worktops also need just as much order and organising. So we have Stands, Bins and Baskets for cutlery, crockery, food, fruit, eggs, tea, olive oils, vinegars, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, and kitchen roll.

Plus, we even have plate racks that are brilliantly designed to fit round plates into square corners. Storage doesn’t need to be on the shelf either: we’ve solutions that hang down, so you use the space you’ve got more effectively both top and bottom.

Drawers: If you’ve got one of those ‘shove everything in’ drawers that swallow everything and then hides it, then we’ve great news. Our Drawer Organisers have lots of dividers, so everything has its own special place and nothing gets lost. And see our Cutlery Trays and E-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e Cutlery Trays too, so you can grab the items you want and put them back neatly afterwards.

Don’t forget under your kitchen sink. Yes, it’s an awkward shape with the U-bend in the way, but our clever Under Sink Organisers and Baskets show you how to make the most of your space.

Canisters, Jars & Tins

De-clutter and keep all your food fresh with Canisters, Jars and Tins. We’ve every size of food storage from 425ml, right up to 4500ml and everything in between. You can even store one canister inside another, so everything has its own special place and is easy to find, retrieve and refill.

Even better, many of our storage boxes can be stacked – some even have lipped lids to help with this, so you make even more of your vertical space.

Plus as our kitchen storage solutions are crystal clear see-though, you’ll have no problem finding what you want fast.

Round storage is so space-greedy, so we even have square storage that maximises every inch in cupboards, fridges and freezers – so everything is easy to find and nothing gets lost.

Many of our canisters are airtight to lock in the freshness of your food and ensure that there’s no cross-over of flavour as all the aromas are kept inside. So they’re ideal for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, butter, dairy products, marinades and sauces. And don’t forget them for spaghetti and other pasta, lentils and pulses, flour and cake decorations, sweets, packets, pots, sachets, cereal, biscuits, cookies cakes.

These two are a perfect pair: our Cheese Storage Box with built-in chopping board, plus our airtight Ryvita® and Crispbread Storage Box to keep crisp breads, plus crackers really fresh.

Don’t forget our canisters for tea, coffee and sugar, plus our bread bins, cake tins and  butter dishes. Fruit and vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, so we have Banana Guards®, Avacado Keepers, Kiwi Fruit Keepers, Parmesan Savers, Watermelon Savers. Plus, we’ve Bins for fizzy drinks, beer and eggs.

Fridge Organisers

Fridgescaping is a trend that is here to stay which is great as UK households throw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste each year; almost three-quarters of which is edible.

Storing and organising your food correctly helps you minimise food wastage and get the most out of your fridge!

We've got a great range of transparent stacking lidded fridge storage boxes, fridge storage containers, meat keepers, cheese keepers, airtight food containers, egg stores, butter dishes and more.

Dish Racks & Sink Area

Dishracks, Dishracks, Drainage Racks, Draining Boards, or even Plate Racks: we don’t mind what you call them, we have them by the plate load! So have them on the side or in the sink, you can drain crockery, cutlery, glasses, utensils and more and have them neatly stored in one place ready for next time. Some are even foldable to save you even more space: ideal for smaller kitchens and caravans. .

At A Place for everything we know that not all sinks are created equal. So we even have a Telescopic Drainer that e-x-p-a-n-d-s to the size of your sink.

Then there are all those other bits and bobs around the sink that aren’t exactly storage, but we think they’re really useful. Such as Soap Dispensers, Drain Catchers to stop food and hair going down the plug hole. Or our Pan Lid Strainer that’s perfect for straining off water from vegetables, pasta and rice etc.

Recycling Ideas

Have the best space-saving solutions you can for for inside and outside your home. Our best-selling Stacking Recycling Bins are made of 90% recycled plastic, right here in the UK. They stack,  save space and help save the planet. So they free-up your floor space and sort all your recycling out on the one footprint.

Other recycling ideas include our Big Compost Bucket to a Mini Tea Bag Compost Bin and our Wheelie Bin Storage Shed.

Spice Racks

When you’re in the throes of a culinary masterpiece, you need all your herbs and spices easily to hand, so you can add a bit here, tweak a bit there until it comes out perfect. So have all your herb and spice pots in one place so they’re easily to hand, to grab and sprinkle.

We have counter-top Spice Racks, plus clever Spice Steppers – rows of raised mesh steps so you can see at a glance the bottle to pick: it’s perfect for worktops, shelves and inside cupboards.

Or store them inside a drawer with our Extendable In-Drawer Spice Rack, then you can keep all your worktops free.

Dried herbs are fine, but nothing beats the great taste of fresh herbs. So we have Herb Pots and Planters for you to grow your own by your kitchen window.

Ok, we can’t resist: we just have to tell you about our favourite Garlic Card. It’s not storage, but is a great… or even a grate… kitchen gadget. You just rub a clove over the bobbly base: it beats fiddly garlic presses and graters, and cuts all the fuss, the mess and the cleaning afterwards as it’s dishwasher safe too!

Wine Racks & Barware

“I like to cook with wine: sometimes I even add it to the food.”

The world would be a poorer place without wine, so make sure that you have plenty of places to store yours. We have Wine Racks in all shapes and sizes from hexagons to honeycombs, with 1, 6, 8, 10, 12, 30, or 90 bottles: that’s enough for several cases of wine.

Plus, as many are stackable, you can have them as small and compact, or as tall as you like: even from floor to ceiling. Plus we do made-to-measure wine racks for you kitchen, pantry, cellar, fireplace under your stairs or anywhere.

So if you’ve got an odd space leftover in your kitchen along a wall, in an alcove or even on the end of your kitchen units, then here’s to the perfect solution. Cheers!

Freestanding or wall-mounted., we even have designer wine racks that appear to balance bottles on a wall. We also love a quirky curly corkscrew, so take a look at our fun Elephant and Cactus Corkscrews.

When you have a party on the go, wine, beer and soft drinks all need cooling down fast, especially if it’s a party or a barbecue in the sun. So Wine and Champagne Coolers are just the trick. Smart enough for the most discerning of guests, they have a polished finish and carry handles so that you can plonk your plonk anywhere.

See our space-saving Kitchen Furniture for more ideas with built-in wine racks.  We have solid wood freestanding kitchen furniture units with racks for your favourite tipple. Many have drawers, that are ideal for corkscrews, mats and napkins.

Gifts, Gadgets & Organisers

We love quirky ideas at The Store. We’ve everything from snail-shaped orange peelers to Lambretta Pizza Cutters, guitar-shaped wooden spoons to a Tomato sauce gun, fishbowl-inspired wall-mounted fruit bowl. Plus, we’ve even 6cm diameter ice-cube makers (perfect for summer) and you'll discover everything from giraffe and hedgehog cork board fridge magnets to tractor bottle openers.

Yep, you’ve got us: we know that a lot of these things aren’t storage, but we love them just the same and we think you will too.

Or add a beautiful touch to after dinner coffee for guests or a loved one with our Cappuccino Stencils Clicker: you can dust your favourite coffee with chocolate powder in the shape of a leaf, swirl, heart, face, star or snowflake

Some look fun but everything has a practical purpose, whether it’s our silicon hand grippers, so you can lift the lids on casseroles and saucepans without burning yourself.

We love the magnetic holder that sticks to your fridge or freezer and holds lightweight items like rolls of foil or cling film: how clever.

We love gadgets and gizmos, so look at this: No more squabbling, ‘share envy’ or declaring “You cut and I choose” when carving up cakes, tarts and puddings. Our Cake Portioner helps you neatly divide it up in up to 12 pieces, so everyone gets the same.

Bread Bins & Kitchen Bins

Bread shouldn’t be kept in a fridge: it dries it out, impairs the flavour and texture so it quickly goes stale. It’s best to keep your bread in a bread bin.

Take a look at our space-saving Expandable Bread Bin that keeps your bread fresher for longer. It expands to the size of your loaf, has an integral cutting board with handy notch markings on it so you always cut even slices. Plus as you take out slices, you can contract the bread bin so there is minimal air surrounding it.

From traditional enamel and steel bins in charcoal or white, we also have modern, funky designer-led bread bins in funky red or lime.

Space Saving Furniture

If you’ve got a compact or unusual shaped kitchen, then space-saving furniture can give you lots of extra space to prep, to store and to do more. 

We have Slimline Kitchen Trolleys, plus larger Kitchen Trolleys and Butcher’s Blocks and even a Vegetable Store. These are brilliant mobile island units for giving you extra workspace, plus they’re packed full of storage underneath. Best of all, they’re usually with castors on: so you can just roll them out when you need them and roll them back out the way afterwards.

Make the most of every spare inch in your kitchen. We have super-strong baskets, boxes, crates and drawers for storing vegetables onions and potatoes. Plus, our freestanding Kitchen Storage Units and Shelves in wood or metal simply flow up your wall, while others fix to your wall, so you’re freeing up your precious floorspace underneath.

If you love the farmhouse kitchen or country cottage look, then you’ll love our Tractor Table and Tractor Seat Stool: it’s rustic steampunk at its best and made from genuine tractor parts. 

iDesign Kitchen

iDesign was founded almost 45 years ago as a housewares design company with the goal in mind to offer reasonably priced, innovative storage solutions for the home.

They offer an extensive range of thoughtfully designed products that provide tidy solutions to declutter and organise your kitchen and pantry.

The latest collaboration sees IDesign join forces with The Home Edit team of Clea & Joanna. Reinventing traditional organisational products and merging them with good design and fab. interior styling. All whilst keeping a close eye on functionality and longevity.

Ranking over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, iDesign's hook-up with TheHomeEdit team really has produced some great new ideas to declutter and organise with style. The range includes drawer organisers, wooden pantry organisers, plastic storage bins, stackable storage baskets and so much more.