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Bathroom Storage.

Our bathroom storage range offers simple toothbrush holders to storage cabinets and everything in between. We've got products which can be used freestanding, screw-mounted or suction mounted meaning there's something for everyone. Our stylish offering has been designed to maximise every inch of available space.


Bathrooms tend to be bijou in British homes. So we’ve clever ideas to maximise every inch of space so that it appears more spacious and is certainly more welcoming even without mirrors . They also look brilliant in bigger bathrooms too: lucky you.

Cabinets & Units

We can help you store your shampoo, soap, shower gels, toothpaste, toothbrushes towels and a ton more! We have all the storage to pack a lot into a small space.

So let’s start with the basics. We have Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Units in every size and shape including ultra-slim ones. These can fit neatly and discretely out of the way in a corner, or next to the sink or toilet or even over your bathroom door. Plus, we have special under sink storage units, so you’re using the existing footprint, rather than taking up more floorspace.

Of course, Bathroom Cabinets and Units aren’t just for the floor. You can free up your floorspace and still have great storage, by having them on your wall. We have mirrored bathroom cabinets, Corner Shelf units and Shelf Ladders. We even have special slimline Loo Roll Storage, so you can keep your spares out of sight, but close to hand.

Some cabinets are open: so you can just grab and go with an item. Others have drawers or cupboard doors, so you can keep them dust-free and discretely out of sight: so they’re perfect for personal care items and medicines etc.

Usually they’re in crisp white – or in gloss white or gloss grey – so they’re easy to keep pristine clean and looking their best year after year. Often they’re in a smart shaker style.

If you’re looking for something different, try our designer-style Bamboo, Walnut, Oak Veneer or High Gloss Grey Bathroom Storage, or even two-tone Oak and White Cabinets.

Or weave the beauty of wicker and seagrass baskets into your bathroom: they’re breathable, have a large surface area so they dry quickly and

Modular bathroom storage cubes and stacking bathroom drawers are smart ideas: you can add to them as your needs change – just stack them on top – and they’re easy to swap into a different room for a new purpose too.

Ladder Rack and Shelves give your bathroom a step up in style – yeah we couldn’t resist saying that – and are increasingly on trend to hold towels or open shelves.

Our Towel Rails come in traditional wood, chrome or stainless steel and are freestanding, wall-mounted or hand over the door, plus we even have suction towel rails that stick directly onto tiles, so no drilling is needed. See our radiator towel rails.

We’ve also made it easy if you can’t decide: we’ve bundled together key bathroom furniture into 2 and 4-piece sets that save you £££s over the individual prices.

We have clever designer bathroom solutions too. We love the round rotating chest of drawers: you can pull out each drawer to the side, or push them all together into a neat column. Or go for our painted steel Retro Locker Cabinet.

Bath & Shower Caddies

There’s nothing nicer than coming out of a shower or bath and having a towel that’s dry or toasty warm. So we have Towel Rails and Towel Shelves, Towel Racks, Radiator Towel Racks – some people call them Radiator Clothes Airers – whatever you call them, we have them.

You want your bathroom to be neat and tidy, so we’ve bathroom boxes, bags and baskets, plus shower caddies to hold sponges and flannels, shampoos and conditioners, razors and loofahs, shower gels and slippery bars of soap.

Shower Caddies and Shower Organisers neatly keep everything in one place. There are different options to make them easy to put up too. You can screw them, glue them and sometimes you can just stick them to your tiles with suction pads, so no drilling is needed.

There are also caddies that fit over the top of the shower head, plus caddies on adjustable tension rods that you can extend from the corner of the bath or shower to the ceiling.

Most importantly they’re guaranteed to be rust resistant. Yes, you did read that correctly: when you buy a bath or shower caddy from The Store it’s guaranteed to be rust resistant.

Toilet Roll Holders & Bins

Do you call it a Toilet Roll Holder or a Loo Roll Holder: either way we know what you mean. From chrome stands to woven seagrass baskets, we’ve great ways to keep all your spares so you’re never caught short. Some have them on show: others are discretely hidden and dispense them one at a time.

Freestanding, or York Loo Roll Holder clips over the side of the cistern: a very clever use of space, we like that .

Plus, we’ve Bathroom Bins with open tops, closed pedal lids, designer bins, woven bins.

Sink Accessories

It’s important to have everything easily to hand by your bathroom sink. So we’ve great storage solutions for your hygiene, your dental care and to remove make-up.

So as well as Electric Toothbrush Holders and Electric Toothbrush Charging Stations, you can also add some colour to your teeth: we have vibrant brightly coloured Toothbrush Holders in the shape of an Owl, Bear, Boat, Chipmunk, Spaceman, Giraffe, Flamingo and Dinosaur that stand on a surface. Plus, we’ve Lizards that stick on the wall,

Looking for designer style? Try the Sono Collection in silk matte grey: it comes with a soft-touch tumbler, tray and soap dispenser. Or see our sleek designer soap dispensers that simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

Taking off your make-up? We have Cotton Pad, Cotton Wool Balls and Cotton Bud Holders too.

Towel Rails

The radiator's always been a firm favourite for storing and drying towels in the bathroom or on the landing but blocking the heat on a winters day isn't always ideal. Neither is screwing a towel rail to the wall through expensive tiles or in rented accommodation. A free-standing towel rail offers a perfect solution to air and dry towels but a firm favourite in our new collection is the towel ladder which simply and easily leans against a wall and provides both an effective space to dry but also offers a pleasant aesthetic.

Short on space in the bathroom? Then think about using one of our over door or back of door towel racks. If you're worried about drilling into expensive tiles then consider using one of our robust suction storage solutions for towels such as our towel ring or an adhesive towel hook next to a shower cubical so you can quickly grab a towel when exiting the shower or bath...they really work.

Above all, it's important to consider quality when buying towel rails. Choose one of our rust-resistant towel rails or racks that'll stand the test of time and if you're screwing it in, not need replacing in a year or two like some cheaper alternatives on the marketplace.

Storage Essentials

Whatever you have in your bathroom, we have a great way to store it – we have a place for everything. So we have Storage Trays, Storage Caddies, Boxes, Jewellery boxes, Cosmetic Organisers, Boxes for lotions and potions, Wall Hooks, Hairdryer and Hair Straightener and Hair Bobble Storage. Plus, we’ve Make-up Organisers, Contact Lens Storage Cases, Over Door Hooks, and even First Aid Tins,

Some of the storage has lids, some are open and some have special storage compartments, Quite simply, we’ve storage essentials for our bathrooms when we’re getting ready for bed, getting ready to go out and getting in the shower or bath.

Laundry Baskets

If you’re going to have a place to put your dirty clothes before they go in the wash, then at least make sure it looks stylish and attractive. At A Place For Everything, we’ve handpicked the very best, canvas or nylon Laundry Bags, wooden or plastic Laundry Boxes and woven Laundry Hampers and Baskets made from wicker, rattan, jute or hessian.

Need to save space? Then take a peek at our space-saving Corner Laundry Baskets. Plus, you don’t want to get your washing in the wrong pile, so we have a Laundry Sorter so you can separate out your light from your dark washing.

We’ve traditional and contemporary designs to suit your taste and room. Plus, we even have a fun-Laundry Bin shaped like a washing machine! We stock other storage baskets too along wirth a range of IKEA style cube storage.