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Garage Storage.

Keep everything in its place in your garage with our extensive range of garage storage products. We've got tool hooks and shelves, bike racks and storage boxes, as well as our modular elfa system for those who want to kit out their garage to use as a workshop.


Half of us no longer use our garages to house our cars, according to a study by RAC Insurance and 4 out of 10 said their garage was so full they could no longer fit their vehicle in.

Over a third of us have turned it into a workshop for DIY and hobbies. And many of have turned it into a gym.

It’s full of paint pots and plant pots, DIY tools and garden tools, decorating kit and ladders, sports and gym equipment, bikes and motorbikes. And then there are all those scraps of wood, fridges and freezers, lawn mowers and barbecues.

Oh and don’t forget your golf clubs, fake Christmas trees, camping equipment, top box for a car, filing cabinet, garden furniture. Phew! That’s a lot to crowbar into a small space.

It’s because people don’t have enough storage space in their homes for all their possessions, so household goods get stored in garages. So let’s have a wide range of garage storage that’s specially designed to maximise our space.

And when we say Garage, our storage systems apply to your shed, a potting shed, garage shed and workshop too.

Hooks & Racks

We’re all looking for ways to store more whether we have a small or large garage. Hooks and Hangers are a great way to use your inner and outer garage wall for ladders, garden hose, power tools, sports equipment, bikes, helmets and skateboards. We’ve tested them all to ensure that they’re decent, robust, durable quality.

Plus, if you’re storing your ladders and other items outside, see our heavy-duty Lockable Storage Hooks to keep them secure.

Hooks don’t have to be wall mounted. Some hooks can be hung from the ceiling. Overhead Hooks and Racks are ideal for ladders, planks of wood, parasols, curtain rails, pieces of cornice or beading,

Don’t forget to see our stainless steel Elfa Wall Storage for superb storage solutions that are guaranteed for 10 years.

Tool Racks & Storage

Hooks and Racks (above) are great for many things, but these Tool Racks are a special type of garage shelving unit with peg boards to store power tools, garden tools, screwdrivers, spanners, rakes, forks and much more.

It’s important to have a place for everything and to have everything to hand. So our clever indoor/ outdoor Elfa Tool Grippers are ideal for holding garden tools like spades, shovels, forks and rakes etc. as they simply clip in and can be just as easily pulled out.

If you prefer Garage Storage, take a look at Racks, Boxes and Trays to store all your tools from spanners to screwdrivers, pliers to planes, plus nuts and bolts, screws and nails etc.

There are different shapes for different items: so they can be clips, hooks or stands: whatever the tool, we’ll have a way to store it for you.

Bike Racks

Bikes are bulky and valuable. So it makes sense to secure them from theft, but also have them with easy access, so it’s not much of a hassle to get them out of your garage. So here are some ways to gently and securely store your family’s bikes so they’re not buried at the back of the garage.

On your wall, from your ceiling and on the floor: at A Place For Everything we have Bike Racks that take up the minimum of space. You can secure them by the top bar, the handlebar, or the wheels. We even have Double Bike Racks so you can overlap them to save even more space.

We can store them horizontally or vertically from the wheel. Plus we even have a Bike Lift that raises them up to the ceiling, so you have all your floorspace free underneath.

Shelving & Drawer Systems

Some things don’t suit hooks, so Shelves and Drawers are the best solution. As well as Cubby Storage Shelves for grab and go items, we’ve Wire Racks in starter kits and best-selling solutions from Elfa. So now you’ve at least a sporting chance of getting your car into your garage, even if it’s not a low-level sports car.

Plus a clever Wall Store that lets you store all your plastic boxes onto shelves so you can choose whichever one you want and pull it out straight away, rather than having to take off each box from the top to get to the bottom one.

Garages are cool, so they’re also great for storing vegetables: so we even have Wooden Veggie Store Drawers.

Elfa Garage and Workshop Storage

Known for their clever modular shelving and storage solutions for over 60 years, elfa's range of new garage and workshop storage solutions are ideal for both home and commercial use. Choose from our range of handy hooks and hangers to neatly store garden tools in a shed or garage or mops and brushes in a utility room etc. Add our totally adjustable shelving to store the big stuff and you're done! If you're looking for more of a tool storage solution, why not try our pegboards (also known as tool boards) and add our specialist hooks and hangers for your workshop tools such as spanners, screwdrivers etc. Complete with our elfa part bins that both clip into the pegboards and sit on our handy elfa tray shelves.

Boxes, Bags & Buckets

Bits and bobs, odds and end, nuts and bolts: there are so many fiddly pieces that we all need for DIY, decorating and craft hobbies that we sometimes need Boxes, Bags and Buckets to put them all in so they’re easy to store and to find.

So take a look at these plastic boxes from tiny sizes, right up to 120Litr XXL Mega-roller Lidded Roller Storage. Or go for Storage Boxes with built-in divider compartments so you can put things away and find them just as quickly.

Some storage is specially made for certain items. You can get all these here: Bauble Boxes, Christmas Decoration Boxes, VIP Document Boxes, Household Tool Boxes… plus Waterproof Boxes, Kindling Wood Boxes, Craft Storage Boxes.

After the festive season, we’ve Bauble and Christmas Decoration Boxes, plus Bags for Christmas lights trees and wreaths.

Plus we’ve even Garden Furniture Storage and Metal Buckets for coal, ash or kindling wood.