It's easy to do

Create your own Elfa basket tower in this section by following 4 easy steps:

  1. Select a pair of Elfa side frames in either white or platinum that are the right height and depth (front to back) for your space. There's several heights available (44cm, 74cm and 104cm) and a choice of either 44cm or 54cm depths.
  2. Add a pack of matching Elfa T&L crossbars to join the top and bottom of the side frames. These come in widths of 35cm, 45cm or 55cm.
  3. Now you've got a frame in a size that suits you, all that's needed to finish your Elfa basket tower essentials is the addition of Elfa's sliding baskets...
  4. Select the number of Elfa baskets required to fill the frame. As an example a frame with 7 horizontal runners (74cm high) will take 1 x Elfa shallow basket and either 3 x Elfa medium or if you prefer, 2 x Elfa deep baskets.

    Tip: By purchasing an extra set of Elfa T-shaped cross bars for the top of your tower you can join multiple Elfa basket towers together to create an even taller solution to suit your space.
Diagram showing how to put Elfa drawers together