Fibreboard Storage Boxes

Fibreboard storage boxes are a great choice when it comes to clearing the clutter. We've got fibreboard boxes dedicated to storing CDs & DVDs, hats, files & paperwork as well as large, underbed and divided boxes for more general storage.

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Fibreboard and cardboard boxes and baskets – acid-free, ethically sourced, and Swedish made in great choice of colours.

They’re surprisingly robust – with many having reinforcing studs to make them an incredibly strong, plant-friendly storage solution. So they hold and store a multitude of items around the home to clear clutter.

We also have specific Fibreboard and Cardboard Boxes for Hats, CDs and DVDs, Office Organisers, File Boxes, Magazine and Newspaper Boxes.

Plus, when you’re moving home or wanting to store more in your attic, we can help. We’ve a Set of 5 Cardboard Boxes that are double-lined for extra strength, so they’re really robust and safe storage.

Fibreboard and Cardboard Underbed Boxes are a planet and pocket-friendly way to store everything from clothes and shoes, bedding and blankets to throws and towels.

Some Cardboard boxes even have frosted fronts, so it’s quick and easy to identify what you need with the minimum of fuss.