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Home Office Storage.

Home office desks, storage boxes, food containers, homeschooling accessories - we've got you covered. You'll find lots of useful products to help make your extra time at home that little bit easier.

Office Storage

Create a new workspace. It’s great if you’ve got room for a new desk by converting a bedroom into a home office, but what if you don’t have a spare room? Don’t worry: there are still many clever options such as Compact Desks or Folding Desks which save space.

Keeping everything tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind – well it certainly leads to calmness rather than frustration with everything everywhere, plus it’s easier to clean and de-dust.

Any place will do. You may want to create a new workspace in an alcove, or under the stairs, or convert a bedroom or your garage, shed, workshop or even in your loft, into a temporary or permanent home office.

Try hotdesking: You may want to embrace hotdesking: where you share the space and put all your things into a portable box to take to and from the desk, so when you’re finished it’s free for the next person: see Clearing the Clutter below.

You’ll find everything you need to keep your workspace organised. File and Magazine Boxes, In-drawer Organisers, Desk Top Stackers for pens, pads, papers, plus Cable Tidies and Tags.

For more substantial home office solutions, try Stackable Office Drawers, plus Space-saving Workstations: desks with a small footprint, Foldable Desk Trays that can stack flat against a wall after use. Or Wall-mounted Desks that fold up flat against the wall afterwards. Plus, there are even Trays for Laptops and Tablets, that double up for your TV dinner too.

Modular Shelving: Elfa make super strong interchangeable solutions for every room, including your home office, that are guaranteed for 10 years. You’d have one horizontal rail and everything hangs down from it, so your wall isn’t peppered with holes. Add to it, adapt it or even take it with you into another room. Elfa has special home office solutions, bookcases and over the door racks too that all maximise your vertical space whilst minimising the floor space they take up.

Home Schooling

The Problem

Exams off, clubs closed. But learning needn’t stop because the school, college or university gates are closed. More and more pupils and students are being taught online. So just as you may be working from home now as part of your job, they may need to learn at home.

The Solution

Having your own workplace is key. Keeping it tidy and organised is equally important. So many of the solutions are the same as the ‘I need to work from home’ products, so it’s worth checking those out.

Plus, we have Desk Organisers with funky stars on, colourful official LEGO Storage, plus fun Bookcases in the shape of a Tippee, or speech bubbles – and don’t forget about chilling out with indoor/ outdoor Beanbags.

Arts and crafts: to keep everything neat and tidy there are numerous storage drawers and trays with lots of compartments for everything from crayons to colouring, crochet to card making, sequins to sewing, painting to papermaking, mosaic making to soap making.

Stocking Up

The Problem

Storing food and stocking up – it’s a natural survival instinct. Lockdown could last weeks or months. We’re also only supposed to shop for the bare essentials. And you can’t rely on a home delivery.

Plus, you’ll be eating lunch and snacks and drinking coffee and cans at home now, rather than at work or school.

So all our extra food, drink and cleaning equipment needs storing and the packaging needs recycling afterwards.

The Solution

Think outside the kitchen box. If you’ve run out of space in your kitchen, larder or pantry then get creative. Consider storing tins, packets and jars in your garage, shed or even the boot of your car. I remember Delia Smith saying that you can quite happily keep cheese cool in the boot of your car. Just make sure that it’s in sealed containers, canisters and tins.

See Canisters, Jars & Tins. There is every size of food storage from 425ml, right up to 4500ml and everything in between. They’re airtight, to lock in freshness, plus many can be stacked and they’re almost all crystal clear see-though, you’ll have no problem finding what you want fast. Or try square storage – better than space-greedy round storage – to maximise your fridge, freezer and cupboard space.

See Cupboard & Drawer Organisers, so you can maximise every inch of space and make it all easy to reach too – yes, even with under the sink organisers. From stacking shelves and stepped shelves to extending shelves and hanging undershelves that can hang down from your wall shelves and cupboards. And don’t forget over the door organisers for your kitchen door, back door or even over a kitchen cupboard door.

See Space-saving Furniture with Slimline Trolleys that fit neatly at the end of work units to Freestanding Shelves or even Butcher’s Blocks with storage underneath.

Outdoor Space

The Problem

Being copped up, day in day out for weeks at a time can turn you stir crazy. While you can go out to exercise in the park, you may want to choose isolation in your garden.

The Solution

Coronavirus could be the opportunity to make the most of your garden.

From tidying up Outdoor Storage to growing herbs and vegetables in Planters, from watching nature relaxing on Garden Furniture to enjoying a al fresco dining at a Bistro Table, and from catching some rays to watching the sun go down, there are brilliant ways to enjoy your outdoor space. Even after dark you can still enjoy your outdoor space with Lighting and Swedish Fire Logs, Square Fire Baskets and Globe Fire Pits.

Work, study or just relax in an Outdoor Igloo – you can isolate yourself in your own outdoor space.

You could teach children about nature by encouraging them to grow seeds, or have feathered friends flock to your garden to enjoy your Bird Feeders. Or you could even teach them about with an indoor garden with a Terrarium: a plant that grows in a bottle.

Clear the Clutter

The Problem

If you’re working or learning from home, then you may have everything jumbled and not have enough space to think.

The Solution

Clear the clutter and give your brain a bit of breathing room. So the enforced home time could be the perfect opportunity to get things sorted once and for all.

Maybe you need to clear the dining room, spare room, garage, workshop or even your attic to make space for working and studying.

Kitchen: Maybe some of those items in your kitchen cupboards are past their sell by date or simply will never get used.

Paperwork: Or maybe it’s a great opportunity to sort out all your paperwork – or even go paperless.

You can keep all your really important documents in one place with waterproof VIP document storage boxes for passports, wills, deeds, contracts etc.

Whatever you want to achieve, help is available. From Underbed Storage Crates to Stackable Storage Trunks, now is a great opportunity to stow, stash and stack. And because it’s usually see-through, you can spot at a glance what is inside. Plus, there are fun, Colourful Storage Boxes too.

Hotboxing: Turn your home into a home office for all the family. You may need to take turns using your workspace. One way to help this is for each person to have their own hotbox, where they can pack everything into it when they’ve finished working, so the workspace is clear for the next person.

Staying Safe

The Problem

It’s important to keep all your sanitising cleaning products, medicines and First Aid essentials in a safe, secure place that is easily accessed and is easy to wipe clean after every use.

The Solution

Store them all in purpose made boxes, bins, tins, kits, caddies and cabinets – so you can have them on a wall, or a shelf or portable to go with you.