Terrarium Bottle Plant Starter Kit- 5L

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Terrariums are often thought of as mini-greenhouses - indoor gardens in a sealed container. Ideal for people living in small spaces, those who just simply love to garden or even used to help brighten up the dullest of offices!

Plants can survive in a sealed bottle on recycled air, water and food through the closed micro-system. The plants grow under these special circumstances and adjust their growth patterns over time - the only external factor required is light.

Our Plant Terrarium is self-sufficient and maintenance-free. After you've had fun creating and planting-up, the micro-ecosystem will maintain itself so you generally don't need to add water. These fab 'closed bottle ' mini-gardens will change and evolve over time, any water added during planting-up will simply evaporate and naturally drips back into the soil.

Withered leaves become a food source to help self-nourish the plants and these amazing ecosystems can live for years.

This handy 5L starter kit comes in great gift packaging with a link to the setting up your terrarium in 7 easy to follow steps. The set contains a 5L bottle, funnel, gravel, soil, charcoal, cork and tool.

Dimensions -  33cm x 21cm x 21cm

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