Contains everything you'll ever need to keep your home and work life organised and streamlined!

Neat clip to store your stirring spoon and avoid mess on the worktops. A simple idea but a great solution to an age-old problem!

Four miniature egg pails to pop your boiled eggs into An eggcellent gift idea at great price.

Our new inflight comfort kit - an essential for any long distance journey!

Handy idea to store your iPod ear phones, USB cables and laptop power cables neat and tidy.

Space-saving slimline lunchbox to slip into a briefcase or laptop bag without leaving a bulge! It is only 3.5cm wide but can accommodate two chunky sandwiches!

Handy clip to slip onto your car sun visor so you can always have your glasses to hand. Available in 6 colours

Novelty pizza cutter with stand in the shape of a pizza delivery scooter. Choose from red, blue or lime green

Available In Black

A handy little helper to pop inside your cup holder to keep all those cockpit essentials in easy reach when driving. Great for loose change, sunglasses, shopping lists etc.

Silicone Lizard shaped toothbrush holder to add an element of fun to bedtime routines Available in 4 colours and can be suction mounted to any smooth surface including rep-tiles!

Retrieve toast, crumpets, teacakes and Welsh cakes from the toaster without burning your fingers using this handy bamboo toasty tongs. Why did no-one think of this great idea before now!

Sticky-back silicone cable organiser to organise your USB and power cables etc. Pop 2 or 3 on the back or under a desk or how about along a skirting board to bring some order to messy cable spaghetti.

Never have an overcooked egg again (we promise) with this clever little egg that sits on the pan and lets you know when your eggs are just the way YOU want them

A mugs best friend! A pair of handy little bag to pop your break-time biscuit into when feeling peckish.

Handy shoe storage bag to keep 3 pairs of shoes organised and away from knocks and scuffs when travelling. Can be used inside a suitcase or with the handy integrated carry handle to pop in the boot of a car etc.

Pack of 3 handy little chaps to help eliminate mobile phone, iPOD, camera etc. cable clutter. A fantastic way to eliminate cable spaghetti storage! Also a great travel accessory in your suitcase for charger cables.

You asked for a larger version of our popular phone charger holder but for your smart phones and here it is! Ideal for iPhones and other smart phones we're really pleased with the result...

LED light in the shape of a clothes peg. Clip onto the corner of a book for instant illumination.

The official Star Wars lidded travel mug with a 475ml capacity. Choose from Darth Vader, Yoda or Storm Trooper design. Great for a coffee on the move.

Made from aluminium & finished to look just like the real thing, this pill storage box offers a fun-take on organising your daily pills and multivitamins.

Handy hammer which cleverly doubles as a screwdriver set. Comes with a claw hammer head, 2 flat head and 2 Philips screwdriver head tips.

Set of 10 multi-coloured cable tags to organise and identify items in that cable spaghetti under your desk or at the back of the TV

Clever little clip to attach to the inside of a handbag or rucksack to stop your keys getting lost in the depths. Choose from 6 different colours.

Handy case to slip onto the inside of your handbag to safely store your reading glasses or sunglasses Available in 6 colours

Pocket sized travel case with velvet lining to store those expensive new earphones that came with your smart phone! Also makes for a great pill box or for jewellery etc.

Set of 2 sticky-back cable organisers to organise your desktop and stop those USB and charger cables falling on the floor where you can't reach 'em!

Pop-up mini bin to clear the clutter in the car

Suction earphone holder for the back of your phone to stop your cables getting tangled in your bag or pocket.

Animal shaped magnetic cork boards with 6 drawing pins. Ideal for notes and reminders on the fridge Available in the shape of a giraffe and hedgehog.

Choose from 6 bright colours

Forget fiddly garlic presses and graters, the ingenious Garlic Card cuts the fuss and the mess Click to read more...