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Created in 2015 - Pebbly

Established in 2015, Pebbly is a French brand offering sustainable, functional and aesthetic products essential for entertaining and cooking.

The design of their products is carried out in Bordeaux by a team of talented French designers whose primary focus is on natural and sustainable materials. They favour glass, wood, bamboo and most recently organic cotton. These materials have been selected for their durability, functionality and environmentally friendly qualities.

Pebbly are participating in the transition to more eco-responsible consumption by offering storage solutions and reusable containers allowing people to have somewhere to store produce that they've purchased in bulk.

We love all of Pebbly's products but I think our favourites are the wide range of glass storage canisters that they produce. Each canister has been crafted from Borosilicate glass which is ideal for food contact as it's free of BPA and phthalates and it doesn't retain odours or stains. The containers are square in shape making the best use of cupboard space and the clear glass allows the contents to be easily identified.

They also offer a range of other eco-friendly products such as reusable organic cotton product bags, compost buckets, mixing bowls and more.

We're really pleased to support the manufacturer of all of these products who are a partner of the 1% For The Plant Collective. They are committed to donating 1% of their annual turnover to associations working on the frontline to support vital environmental causes.