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£ 16 .00

Sturdy plastic storage container for your Christmas tree. This Christmas tree stand will last a lifetime and keep your tree well watered.

£ 29 .00

Our sturdy XL decorations storage container has 4 card insert trays to hold up to 40 large and 72 small Christmas baubles and a domed lid with bags of room to store tinsel and lights etc.

£ 16 .50

Our 22 litre Wrapping Paper Storage Box includes two internal trays to safely store your gift wrap, ribbons, tags, tape and scissors all year round.

£ 22 .00

Sturdy plastic decorations storage container with card insert trays to hold up to 76 baubles. There's extra space for tinsel and lights plus two handy compartments within the lid to store other delicate decorations.

Displays 20-30 Cards
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£ 20 .00

Neat hanging holder to display your Greetings or Christmas cards

£ 5 .00

Sturdy white fibreboard storage box to store and dispense ribbon. Keep up to 6 spools of ribbon tangle free. Ideal for gift-wrapping and craft projects.

£ 5 .00

Our light & tinsel winders are the perfect solution to that annual frustration of tangled-up fairy lights. Simple, cost effective and illuminating..Ho! Ho! Ho!

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£ 19 .00

Sturdy Christmas decoration storage box with 2 x trays to store baubles and other small ornaments. Folds flat when not in use.

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£ 20 .00

Our robust pop-up storage bag is ideal for lengths of outdoor LED cable lights or fairy lights.

£ 12 .00

Sturdy and compact 24 litre Christmas decorations storage box with 3 cardboard inserts to store 45 baubles.

£ 13 .00

Large enough to hold several rolls of wrapping paper, our new gift wrap storage bag also has plenty of pockets for tape, scissors, gift bags and ribbon.

£ 15 .00

Sturdy storage bag with 3 x card trays to store up to 72 baubles Folds flat when not in use.

£ 79 .00

Over door elfa solution to store your gift wrap, cards, craft name it! Ideal for the back of a door to keep everything in one place.


£ 12 .00

Strong zip-up storage bag with 3 x trays to store baubles and other decorations. Stores up to 48 baubles and folds flat when not in use.

£ 18 .00

Neat idea to clear the clutter of wrapping paper during the run-up to the festive season then simply fold down and store until next year.

£ 7 .00

Ribbon storage hanger with four non-slip bars which swing away from the frame for easy loading and then lock back in place one loaded.

£ 20 .00

Robust pop-up storage bag ideal for storing wreaths, outdoor cable lights etc.


£ 37 .00

Heavy duty large pop-up storage bag with sturdy handles to safely store your Christmas tree until next year. Designed to last a lifetime!

£ 13 .00

Organise your scarves, ties, belts or even larger Christmas decorations in our 12-compartment lidded box. A great solution for a multitude of things!

More about this range

Do you have the same family tradition as us at Christmas? A trip up to the loft to find that dog-eared Christmas decoration storage box. Some of its contents are broken, the tinsel tangled and the fairy lights have stopped working! Not to mention that the Christmas tree stand has gone missing, again!

Don't worry, we've created a tidy range of Xmas decoration storage ideas to save your sanity. We're taking the stress out of putting up the Christmas tree decorations!

Our range of Christmas baubles storage boxes are perfect for delicate decorations and ornaments. Clever storage dividers help store glass and ceramic baubles safely and securely.

Our sturdy plastic bauble boxes are tried and tested. They come with cardboard dividers that offer better protection. They are gentler than hard plastic insert trays, perfect for fragile Christmas decorations.

Are you struggling for space to store your empty boxes once the decorations are up? Choose one of our fold-flat or pop-up decoration storage ideas to save space. We've designed a pop-up storage bag to store wreaths and outdoor Christmas lights as well. We also sell a giant bag to store your artificial Christmas tree safely until next year.

A firm favourite with our customers is our fairy light winder. It has a simple design that avoids tangles, damage, and the inevitable festive argument! Easy to use and cost-effective it's also ideal to use as a tangle-free tinsel winder.

Do you need wrapping paper storage? Our gift wrap storage boxes and fabric bags are perfect for keeping wrapping paper. There's also room for ribbon, tags, bubble wrap and scissors all in one place and quick to hand. Our favourite plastic wrapping paper storage box has been designed to sit neatly under a bed. If you prefer, they can also be stacked two or three high.

Still stuck? Head on over to our Top Tips where you'll find lots of Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas.