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How to Organise your Drawers

Are your drawers a nightmare?

How to organise your drawers so they're not so scary?

From brushes to bobbles, belts to bracelets, bibs to babygrows - we all have lots of bits and bobs in our bedroom, kitchen, home office that we need storing away. Plus, of course we all have THAT drawer, with everything else in!

From junk to jewellery we've superb solutions so you can find exactly what you want, whenever you want.

What's the drawers' big draw?

Tidying feels good. It's deeply satisfying to transform everything from a mess into being organised and easy to find. Your friends will be impressed when they pop round and everyone can relax...order is restored, chaos becomes calmness, stress is soothed, tempers are tamed - and for a fraction of a price of a messy divorce!

Here we'll show you the best drawer organisers that will work for any drawer...

Where do I start?

Well, like most storage projects, we use a proven three stage formula: Clear out, Clean out and Sort out...


Remove everything from your drawer.

Top Tip: Have cardboard boxes or a large table ready for the contents.


Clean out the drawer and clean the contents that you're keeping so it goes back in tidy and fresh.


Donate to a charity shop or recycle anything you're not going to use anymore.

Measure up.

Measure the height, width and depth of your drawer.

Add drawer liners.

You could just add some sturdy lining paper, thick brown parcel paper - or even old wallpaper. They also help protect drawers from scratches, dents and marks.

Our easy-to-cut-to-size Elfa Shelf Liner works well and makes it easy to wipe clean dust and spills.

Use Dividers.

Our Drawer organiser dividers are so versatile; just cut them to fit any size drawers. These 6 plastic organisers are like double-sided combs that link together to section off and sort out mess.

Use Drawer Organiser Sets

Our 7-piece drawer organiser sets, in two sizes, fit any standard 60cm or 80cm drawer in your home office, bedroom or kitchen. Got different sized drawers? Just arrange the boxes the way they work for you.

Top Tip: For deeper bedroom and home office drawers, try using old shoe boxes.

Our sturdy square or rectangular fibreboard drawer organisers are road tested by us - like everything we sell. So we know why they cut the mustard and divide up bedroom or home officer drawers brilliantly. Choose from Grey/Blue or two-tone Pink.

Ideal to stop ties and belts rolling around when opening/closing drawers - plus stop them unravelling in a snake-like mess that jumbles up everything in the drawer when you pull them out.

Top Tip: Roll ties from the thin end first. Roll belts so you end up with the buckle on the outside.

Our 5-Piece Set is a drawer organising star - well lots of stars actually! So it can sort and store anything from clothes to craft supplies, baby stuff to beauty care, toiletries to stationery.

Our Peggy Kitchen Drawer Organiser has a handy peg board system that expands to neatly store pans, plates, bakeware, plastic storage containers and more.

Flex to fit

Many of our storage solutions are e-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e to fit the width of depth of any standard size drawer.

Our sturdy plastic Set of 2 Expandable Drawer Organisers extend from 33.7-51.4cm to partition any standard size drawer from front to back.

Our In-Drawer Extendable Spice Rack from iDesign keeps your little jars close to hand. Try organising by sweet or savoury, herbs or spices or even alphabetically.

Top Tip: Store spices in a drawer away from heat and light - not next to the cooker - to protect them from being destroyed.

See our extending cutlery tray organisers in small and large in Bamboo Wood or Plastic.

Our Reo Cutlery Tray isn't expandable, but it does add a pop of colour and brightness to your kitchen drawer.

Our see-through plastic Set of 2 Expandable Organisers and our acrylic 2-Compartment Organiser are ideal for sorting messy drawer of kitchen utensils, cutlery, make-up, pens, stationery, napkins and more.

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Top Tip: Use your imagination and see the potential in every piece. So if it's shown with kitchen utensils but your won't it for your hair brushes, straighteners and curlers then go for it: if it fits, it works!

Storage that stacks up

We love Stackers: they're modular multiple layers of trays and boxes for stacking all your jewellery layer-by-layer - ideal for popping in a drawer.

We've Stackers for rings, earrings, cufflinks, brooches and bangles, necklaces and watches. Everything with its own place!

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Top Tip: Polish away the tarnish on gold and silver jewellery so they're in tip top shape, before you pop them into your Stacker.

Top Tip: Put everyday items on the top layer so they're easy to hand.

Our felt-lined Stackers Glasses Cases have a cleverly designed raise 'bridge' in the middle to keep your glasses facing upright. It's also recently been featured in a write-up by a co-founder of Banton Frameworks Jamie Bartlett about the best sunglasses and spectacle organisers.

How to fold clothes for your drawers

Stack flat and clothes get crushed or creased. Plus the ones underneath are a hassle to retrieve and threaten to mess up all the others.

Here's a simpler way ; stack vertically like a filing cabinet - the Marie Kondo way! You can see and reach every item. It folds all clothes into rectangles of the same size/shape. It's so simple with our step-by-step guide...

  1. Lay out your item flat: eg a t-shirt. Fold one half into the middle, plus the sleeve back, so the side silhouette is straight and there's a straight line down the middle.
  2. Fold the other side in. Your t-shirt is now a long rectangle

    Top Tip: If you've long sleeves: fold them down the rectangle and back up, so they're within the rectangle.

  3. Fold the rectangle so it's almost in half
  4. Fold it again either in half, or a third if it's a long item.
  5. Stand it upright and store it inside your drawer organisers

How to fold a long sleeve shirt