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Organise and Enhance Your Kitchen with iDesign

For over half a century, iDesign have been providing innovative storage and organisational products for use all around the home. Here at APfE we especially love their wide range of kitchen storage products.

Based in Solon, Ohio, the iDesign range is now sold in over 100 countries across multiple continents. The latest collaboration sees iDesign join forces with The Home Eidt team of Clea and Joanna, reinventing traditional organising products and merging it with good design. Not forgetting to keep a close eye on functionality and longevity. Creating new spins on old iDesign favourites we love some of the products they've created together.

Delightful drawers:

Kitchen drawers are so quick to become messy and I'm pretty sure that everybody has that one drawer that is full of absolute junk; 10 wires that you don't know what they're for, a box of matches, takeaway leaflets, a lonely tealight...the list goes on. Well, iDesign offers a great range of drawer dividers and organisers so that you'll be able to grab exactly what you're looking for in seconds. We stock a great range of both wooden and clear plastic, so no matter what your taste is, there's sure to be something to suit. There's also in-drawer cutlery organisers, spice racks, divided organisers and more.

Perfect pantries:

There's something really pleasing about opening your kitchen pantry doors to see a well organised haven. iDesign have an entire pantry range crafted from sustainably sourced Paulownia wood that has been sealed to resist stains, splinters and moisture. There's products to store tins and cans, sachets and pouches, jars and sauces etc.

Fabulous fridges:

Fridgescaping is a massive thing at the moment and iDesign products are ideal for this. Their fridge products are crafted from clear BPA free plastic allowing quick identification of what's where. It's also a great idea so that food doesn't get forgotten about and then wasted. We stock fridge organisers of varying sizes, organisers for fruit and veg, cans of pop, bottles of water and more.

I think it's safe to say that if you're looking at bringing some new storage products into your kitchen, then iDesign is a great place to be looking. Happy sorting!