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Supplier In The Spotlight; Extreme Lounging

Extreme Lounging; Who are they and what do they do?

You might have heard of Extreme Lounging, but then again you might not have. Either way, I'm here to shine the spotlight on this amazing company that we're proud to work with.

We've worked with them for a number of years now and we love them for many reasons. We love the fact that they're a UK-based company (just like us here at APfE), producing every single one of their B-bags in their factory based in Yorkshire. They source all of the materials for their luxury beanbags as close to home as possible and strive to make everything they do as environmentally friendly as they can. Not only do they do all this, but year on year they add more and more stylish and innovative products to their already impressive range.

Starting as a family business and stemming from a simple request from Steve Shrimpton's son who simply asked, "Can you make me a bean bag please, Dad?". Steve, who had been running a successful textiles business, set about creating the huge beanbag seat that his son had requested, and B-Bag was born.

The B-Bag is one of the core pieces in their range and is available in 3 different sizes; the mini, the mighty and the monster. It's available in both an indoor and outdoor fabric and there's a great range of colours to choose from. But if a bright beanbag isn't your thing, they've also got you covered with their on-trend suede bag, calming pastel bag or luxury faux leather bag. And if you're looking for the ultimate accessory to go alongside, they also offer coordinating footstools to match all of the beanbags.

Extreme Lounging don't just do beanbags however, they also offer the B-BedB-Hammock and B-Pad Floor Cushion. All three of these products ooze comfort and style and are perfect for adding something a little different to any outdoor space. Again, both of these products are available in a wide range of colours so there's sure to be something for everyone.

So if you're looking to add some extra seating to your home or outdoor space that looks and feels great, then Extreme Lounging is the one!