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Top Toy Storage Ideas

How to contain our enthusiasm...

We love toys as kids – and sometimes as big kids too. As kids grow, their toys change, so they end up with a huge collection.

We can be reluctant to give away or sell toys: they remind us of our childhood – of magic, wonder and excitement. We smile when we rediscover an old favourite toy and we can't resist playing with it again.

Some toys and collectables stay with us for life. Many are worth more with their original box. So for many reasons it makes sense to plan to have the right toy storage from the start.

Toy Storage

Presents Present you with a Problem

Parents, family, friends, neighbours and schoolmates... so many people give children toys for their birthday, Easter and of course Christmas – even Santa!

Year after year you've the headache of where to put everything. It can be chaos. But just like in chaos theory, a small change can make a big difference. So we've great solutions to keep their room tidy, to bring back order and to give you back your sanity.

Make Tidying Childs Play

Ask the experts: no not us, well not first off. Ask your kids: it helps them buy into it. Together you can choose what you need and where it should go and get things sorted. Then place an order to have the storage they need with the style they want at the price you love. If you need our expertise to create a specialist solution to maximise every inch of your space, give us a call - we'd be happy to talk to you.

Toy Storage that Lasts

We road-test all our toy boxes, toy trunks and toy storage boxes. It's an excuse to be a kid again, flinging things in, throwing a teenage tantrum or two and seeing what survives. What's left is only the best that takes some beating – literally – and we believe it often beats the quality and value of certain famous Scandinavian brands. So our long-lasting toy storage also means it'll be great storage for clothes etc. when they're older.

Tidy Room Tidy Mind

It's not rocket science to get kids to take on a new neat regime. Rewarding good behaviour creates a tidy routine and teaches them to be organised. It creates a calm place for them to relax, unwind and be refreshed for school – so it helps their development too. Let's get started!

Toy Boxes

At the end of the day, toys need tidying away. Our modular Handbridge Cube Collection is ideal: the standard size lets you can store or display toys – or slide in some storage boxes, trays and baskets.

Pick plains or patterns, neutrals or brights – or opt for fun and funky ideas including hearts, ponies, dinosaurs, chalkboards and even a shark mouth and football stadium.

Top Tip: Make the most of under stairs and attic rooms by stacking storage cubes into 'steps'.

Modular Cube Storage

Handy Open Storage for Fast Toy Tidy ups

Our easy access Stacking Open Toy Storage Trunk swallows up clutter and gives easy to fill and grab-n-go items at your little 'uns level. It eliminates the "you never play with the toy at the bottom of the toy chest" scenario. Plus, as each toy storage cube cleverly interlocks, you can safely stack them to make the most of vertical space.

4 x Stacking Toy Storage Trunks

Co-ordinate or contrast?

Both are right: it's up to you and your children. We have them all to mix it up or match your existing colour scheme. For bright primary colours, these officially licenced Giant LEGO Brick Storage Drawers Lego boxes are brilliant way to tidy the bricks away and to carry them to a friend's house – plus the drawers stack too!

Top Tip: Theme your toy storage in different colour or with coloured stickers – or if they're younger use photos – so at a glance they're easy to identify.

Giant Lego Brick Storage

Tucked away or on display?

Some things are too good to hide: our licenced LEGO Minifigure Display Case shows off their favourite figures and hours of hard work – all free from dust. Plus, they're stackable: just add more cases as their collection grows.

Idea: Vibrant brights or calming neutrals? Can't decide? Then have both: fun, funky colours for their room, but more traditional shades in your lounge...

Lego Minifigure Display Cases

Toy Trunks & Storage Boxes

They're great throw-everything-in solutions, especially for bigger toys. Plus, they're a seat too. Our superb choice from wood to wicker, in neutral colours and natural fabrics make it easy to have them in your living room too.

Top Tip: Looking for storage? Sleep on it: Our 3x XXL-sized Under Bed Boxes swallow 60 litres of clutter.

Toy Trunks & Storage Boxes

Maximum storage, minimum footprint

Secure stackable storage has a smaller footprint, so your child has more room to play, plus it's easier to clean. Or just free up your floor with our versatile Elfa Storage Systems for a bespoke wall solution.

16 Pocket Over the Door Organiser

Off the floor, on the door

Use the back of their bedroom/playroom door – or outside or inside their wardrobe doors. Our 16 Pocket Over Door Organiser and Elfa Door Rack are ideal for toys, teddies and craft items.

Elfa Door & Wall Rack - Craft Room

Storage is good for their health too

We all know treading on LEGO is painful. So let's think for a moment about the health and safety of storage. Storage tidies away trip hazards, plus they reduce surface areas to make cleaning easier, which helps the battle with asthma.

Top Tip: Don't clutter your home with bulky outdoor toys: hide them in our Wooden Garden Chest to keep your garden pristine at the end of play time.

Over to you!

Take a fresh look at tidying away toys once and for all. Everything shown above is part of our extensive collection of toy storage. Need something different? Please call to speak with one of our storage experts.