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Toy & Kids Storage.

Organize playtime with our stylish toy storage and kids' storage solutions. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy, adventure-filled space! Explore now.


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Giant Lego Storage Drawers - Unisex Bundle
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We’ve the finest toy and kids storage, carefully curated to save you the time and effort. See every type of Toy Storage Boxes and toy storage units. From freestanding, to stacking to wall mounted. We make it quick, easy and fun to clear up their stuff.

Store inside and stack with our giant LEGO storage: kids love these. We’ve Handbridge Storage Cubes: stackable modular solutions for their room and your lounge. Also Kids and Toy Storage to store toys, kids’ stuff and more in their room. Plus, we’ve also unmissable and unusual cool kids’ stuff in our Neat Ideas section.

Take a good look at our Kids and Toy Storage: now they can play and put away the easy way…

Toy Storage Boxes

We have every shape and size of toy box, chest, crate, cube, bag, basket, bench, trunk and tower. Phew! So whatever toys they have we can help store it so it’s neat, tidy and easily to hand.

We’ve kids toy storage solutions in cardboard, canvas, clear and coloured plastic, wood, steamed wood and painted wood, seagrass and wicker.

That’s a lot of choice. But we’ve only selected the best. And while most of it is freestanding toy storage, some of it is wall-mounted storage and quite a lot of it is stackable to maximise your vertical space. So we have Stacking Storage Trunks and Handbridge Wooden Storage Cubes that can have pull out drawers.

Think about what they need. We have. So our lids are kid-friendly. Our Clear Storage Boxes make it easy to see-at-a-glance what’s inside. And unlike some of our companies, our toy boxes have no locks. So it’s easier for your child to play with them, because they’re not out of sight, out of mind.

So if you’re going for stacking toy storage, think about your kid’s age, the size of box they’ll need and whether they can lift it.

Looking for something unusual? Then try our See-through Toy Storage Wall Globes, or our Rotating Layer Storage Boxes.

Having fun is half the fun of storage: it’s so much better for mum and dad as it’s easier to get kids to tidy up.

So we’ve storage boxes and cubes with Blackboard fronts, Hearts, Stars, Sequins, Dinosaurs, Butterflies, Unicorns, Sharks. We’ve even a Football Box with a real net and a pitch inside the box so you can have a game!

Kids’ bedroom and playroom toy storage tends to have brighter, primary coloured designs. If they’re playing with toys in your lounge, then go for our Living Room Kids Storage. This tends to be in more muted colours that are calmer for grown-ups and the boxes have lids so that clutter can be cleared and shut away.

Out LEGO Storage Racks and Brick Drawers are bright, funky primary colours – ideal for their bedroom. But you could choose greys, whites or pastels in our design range for your living room.

See our toy storage blog for more ideas.

Giant LEGO Storage

We’ve specially selected a space-saving and money saving collection of storage. Giant LEGO Storage makes it so easy to store all their things. From functional to fun and funky, we’ve all the style they’ll love at a low price you’ll adore.

Storage Furniture

Clearing the clutter at the end of the day in children's bedrooms is a thankless task, primarily because you know it's going to get messy the next day. Help little ones (and your own sanity) by choosing space-saving children's furniture that's both practical and fun. Our range of kids storage furniture includes toy chests, bookshelves, storage units and more.

Neat Ideas For Kids

On our travels we find fun and funky ideas for kids that are brilliant but hard to categorise.

Ok, hands up, you got us! So they’re not necessarily all storage, but they are solutions to everyday problems.

We can’t resist them and we think that when you take a sneaky peek, then you’ll think they’re really neat too.

Kids will love the look and style, you’ll love the low price and how the clutter free floor space.

Ok so some of it is storage… we’ve clever storage Back Seat Organisers for your car. Balance your sports balls on top of each other with our special Ball Storage Stand. Or try our gorgeous see-through Toy Storage Globes that fix to your wall.

Plus we’ve Wave, Tippee and Speech Bubble–shaped storage. Plus we’ve Emoji Handy Hooks in the shape of hands, to hang up towels, clothes, caps, tea towels and more. We give these a big thumbs up – yeah we said it!

Handbridge Cubes

Modular storage cubes are a great choice for providing stylish storage in most rooms of the house. They're flexible, adaptable and coming from us you know that they're incredibly affordable. The value really stacks up: when you want some more room, just buy some more Handbridge units and pop them on top. As each cube is the same size, it’s easier on the eye and easier to organise as it’s a uniform design. They come with or without drawer inserts: boxes and baskets, so everything is neatly stored away. Uniform and modular it may be, but we still get lots of choice…

Bookshelves & Bookcases

Shelves are life - they are simple, spacious, great value and so easy to put up. And they go everywhere. As we know, children seem to compile hundreds of books over the years so having somewhere practical and stylish to store them all is imperative. Whether it's wall-mounted shelving in the bedroom or a cosy ready corner in the playroom, you're sure to find a way to store those oversized children's books in a way that fits in with your decor.