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Fireside Accessories.

Our range of fireside accessories provides a selection of handpicked products which we think are fireside must-haves. From log baskets and log holders, companion sets and fire screens to matchboxes and lidded buckets, you're sure to find that missing something from your fireplace.


A fireside is the focal point for the living room. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating than the flicking flames of a roaring log fire. We have all you need to make the most of your real fire from Companion Sets and Fireside Tools to Fireside Essentials, plus Firescreens to Log Baskets, Stores and Holders.

Our 4-piece Companion Sets with space-saving vertical stands to hold your poker, brush, shovel and tongs. We even have one to store kindling too.

Keep all your logs dry and neatly stacked. Our traditional and contemporary Log Baskets, Baskets, Bags, Boxes and lidded Fisherman’s Boxes are woven in willow, wicker or rattan to hold logs and kindling

Plus we have wrought iron or black powdered steel Log Stores, Log Holders to neatly store and stack your wood and kindling beside your fire. Plus, we also have a solid Oak and luxury leather version

Neat and tidy, our, Outdoor Log Storage and Boxes help store and season your wood, keeping it covered so it stays dry.

Take a look at our Handy Fireside Essentials. We’ve Metal Firelighter Boxes, Buckets for kindling, coal and ash, plus an Ornate cast iron Firescreen that beautifully silhouettes the scrolling when the fire is roaring.

One of our favourites is a heat powered Stove Fan ‘Windmill’ that sits on top of your stove and is powered by the rising heat to project the heat into the room.

Companion Sets / Fireside Tools

Whether it's for a traditional open fire or to sit next to a contemporary log burner, our range of quality companion sets is sure to offer something to suit your taste, decor and budget.

Log Baskets

Choose wisely! Firelogs are heavy and we've tested and rejected a number of rattan log baskets that look the part but don't stand up to the test of time. Our range of quality wicker log baskets and kindling baskets are both pleasing to the eye and practical. Built to stand the test of time, our log baskets come in a range of sizes for the small occasionally used wood burner all the way up to something more substantial for those using their fire on a daily basis throughout the winter months. We hope our range has something for everyone from the traditional looking log basket for a Victorian fireside, to more contemporary log baskets for a modern fireside.

Fireside Log Stores

A handy alternative to the traditional fireside log basket, our log stores appeal both to the practical and aesthetic. Well made, these robust log stores are built to stand the test of time and come in various sizes.

Firescreens & Fire Guards

They're not the prettiest of items but it's wise to purchase carefully when choosing a fireguard or firescreen. Our range of fireguards is both heavy-duty and practical but above all robust enough to protect little ones from straying too close to the fire.

Handy Fireside Essentials

We've collated a small range of stylish items that we call handy fireside essentials. Keep your matches and firelighters stored safely away in our metal storage tins which are used to stop matches from getting damp. Ash buckets and dustpans and brushes for the fire, we've thought about that too and chosen products that are more than practical. Our handy canvas log bags and log carriers offer a helping hand when it comes to bringing in the logs from the outside. We've even added a fun marshmallow toasting fork for those cosy winter evenings.

Outdoor Log Storage

We don't all have the space or the outdoor buildings to store piles of logs. That's why we've brought in this small range of outdoor log stores. Our traditional wooden boxes make for a perfect spot to store bags for logs from the petrol station for occasional use fires and log burners. Whilst our larger log stores offer both a practical and decorative space.