Hallway Storage For Coats

Keep your hallway clutter-free with a great storage piece that has been designed to store your outdoor wear. From coat stands and coat racks to coat hooks and pegs, we've got an extensive collection which includes a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

Coat Stands are a key piece of furniture for a hallway. You, your family and your guests all have to put your coats somewhere – and since most homes don’t have room for a cloakroom, and you don’t want them all piled on the post at the end of the bannisters, then a coat stand is this answer.

It holds them vertically, so it doesn’t take up much room. Plus, many options also include storage room for umbrellas and walking/ hiking sticks too – see the Umbrella Stands section below.

At A Place For Everything we have a great collection of freestanding Coat Stands, Racks and Rails, plus wall-mounted Coat Pegs and Hooks. Usually made from wood or metal, they come in all shapes and sizes from the conventional to the contemporary, the fun to the funky.